The Daily: September 30th, 2020

I feel like I’ve been playing peek-a-boo with the sun this week. Today it has returned. It also brought temperatures that are about 15 degrees lower than they were before yesterday’s rain. Dare I hope that autumn is here to stay?

Yes I dare.

So today I walked and I started thinking about what needed to be switched before fall really sets in. This weekend, I’m flipping the wardrobe and putting the summer clothes away. Luckily this past weekend I did a grand purge and anything that won’t make it through another summer was removed. Oh the sweat stains. There are only so many times you can wash something before the white salt line becomes more or less permanent. Several of my garments reached that stage.

They will now find future use elsewhere, mostly for dusting and other cleaning purposes, but a few to be cut out and sent on as quilting squares to a friend who quilts. I cut them into flat more or less rectangular pieces and threw away the stained bits. So not all the cloth went to waste. None of the garments removed from the closet are donation worthy.

It’s sort of a strange game I’m playing. Its called “Will the garment wear out before I reach a smaller size.” I know not as catchy as Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, but I’m sure as soon as I get my own theme song it will really take off. This round, things wore out. I’m hopeful that the next time I play the size change will take the lead.

Today I remembered to write things down in my food journal. I also realized I needed to move the post it note reminding me to log into the food journal around so that it doesn’t just become part of the background and thus something i ignore.

Over all it has been a pretty quiet day. Tonight I start sorting my nail polish. I’ll be getting rid of any that are now past the age of usefulness (i.e. clumpy or dried out) and then figuring out what colors I need to pick up as replacements. The two things I always seem to get for the holidays are new nail polishes and at least one pair of fabulous shoes (usually debuted on New year’s Eve).

I might only pick up one new pair of shoes for the holiday season, but I will pick up a new nail polish for each major event from Halloween on. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years are guaranteed their own polishes. Sometimes holiday gatherings get there own, but that mostly depends on how full the one drawer I allow my nail polishes to fill is at the moment. It is surprisingly not a very big drawer.

Which is sort of by design. I also only really seem to buy nail polishes in mass once a year. The rest of the year I may pick up one for a special occasion if I have nothing that matches, but otherwise I go a bit nail polish crazy once my gardening is done for the summer and my hands start to recuperate.

A few years back I picked up an Autumn Spice scented nail polish from Revlon which smelled like allspice and nutmeg that I wore for thanksgiving. Thus far it has been one of my better holiday picks. I like the color and the scent is really nice. The polish only lasts about two days without chipping unless you get a really good top coat to go over it though.

This year a really good top coat is going on the top of my list. I tend to forget to put that on the list and now I am down to a clear gloss that has the tendency to peel off entirely and take the bottom color with it as my only top coat. I’d tell you what it was so you could avoid it but it had a run in with a spilled bottle of red a while ago and I can’t read the label any more. It is definitely time for it to go.

I somehow suspect I won’t be getting any additional colors this year beyond my four annual picks (and top coat) as there won’t be as many gatherings to attend in person. Still, even if New Year’s eve ends up being me and my baby splitting a bottle of champagne while sitting on the sofa in our pjs, New Years eve will have a fantastic nail polish and a great pair of shoes. They may not go with a t-shirt and pajama pants, but that is hardly the point.

So the weather has changed and cooler temperatures and more time indoors has started the holiday planning and list making process. For now it is under control but by mid October I will be in full holiday planning mode. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t decorate until it is holiday appropriate. As this weekend is the first weekend in October the Halloween decorations and pumpkin carving will be done. Mid- November brings out thanksgiving and then December 1st Starts the Christmas Decorations. I will not be rushed on my decorations.

My neighbors started decorating for halloween two weeks ago. Admittedly i think it was more an ‘if you build it they will come’ sort of moment as they seemed to hope if they put out the skeleton decals and hay bales than the heat would magically break.

But even though I don’t decorate just yet, I am beginning my shopping battle plans. This year I have to mail presents to fourteen different US states and three separate countries. So planning is a necessity. Surprisingly most of my gift lists are made, I just need to pair them with sales and scheduling as well as the things I usually pick up for either me or the house at this time of year. then i have to figure out the ordering schedule.

But scheduling shipping and purchasing is for another day. Tonight there is nail polish to contemplate and tomorrow begins the hunt for the New Year’s Eve Shoes.

So my darlings, that is a snapshot of my world today. I know i veered off of health and fitness there, but hopefully you didn’t find the side trip too onerous. As a further aside, Ole Henriksen is having a sale. You can find it by clicking the link. If you do and then buy something I make a very small commission. I am quite fond of their toners and I am currently liking their banana primer. It smells exactly like banana candy.

EXCLUSIVE early access to Ole Henriksen’s Friends & Family. Plus, get 25% off sitewide (everyone else gets 20%!). No code needed. While supplies last. Ends 10/5/20.

Showing my hands a little Tough Love

Starting in the spring my hands face massive abuse.  Even when wearing gardening gloves, the weed pulling digging and various other garden chores tend to take their toll.  Truth be told, while I start off each spring wearing the gardening gloves, at some point I forget about them and often work bare handed.  A lot of the time it’s because I just happen to be in the garden notice a weed and pull it thinking it’s just one, why get the gloves? Then I notice another one and another and then I’ve spent half an hour pulling weeds.

So I use hand creams and lotions and enter every summer knowing that no matter what polish I put on my fingernails I have at best half a day before chips abound.  I also know that my nails will consistently break. 

As the summer winds down and the garden chores end for the year, I break out the pumice stones, the hand cream and the nail file.  I spend a few weeks without painting my nails with polish and only applying nail growth concoctions designed to make my nails grow long and healthy.  I also reach for the cuticle oil because everyone knows a bad hangnail can easily wreck a good manicure. Then once my nails are in tip top condition I sort through my old nail polishes, indulge in buying a few new ones and indulge my love of nail color.

At least until it is time for spring planting once again.

This year I received an EiR NYC Tough Love Cuticle Cream (retail $12) in on of my Petit Vour boxes. While I usually use a liquid oil, I was game to try a solid one and it arrived at the perfect time.  I knew I needed more cuticle oil but had not yet purchased it.  It’s almost like they peeked into my calendar. Order nail products was listed right after prepare garden for autumn/winter.  So with mulch piled high over spent garden beds and my dehydrator drying out a veritable boat load of paprika peppers destined for my spice cabinet, it is time to try out this new cuticle cream.

According to the product page…

For cuticles or other rough patches that need some tender care and love, this balm is a saving grace. Based in shea butter for a lift of heavy-hydration, it’s full of dutiful ingredients that help with stressed-out skin – like neem oil, which holds antifungal properties, and arnica, a known aid for aches, bruises, and swelling. Rub this into cuticles, elbows, or any other small problem areas that could use some extra care.

Key Ingredients: Vitamin E Oil – Boosting collagen production, a connective tissue that keeps skin elastic, Arnica-Infused Olive Oil – Helps to naturally stimulate your body’s healing processes. It can help reduce pain from cuts and bruises, Neem Oil – Deeply penetrates skin to restore moisture and enhance elasticity.  Helps stimulate collagen production to heal cracks caused by dryness.


Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit*, Beeswax, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Cymbopogon Martini (Palmarosa) Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Oil, Melia Azadirachta (Neem) Seed Oil, Arnica Montana Flower Extract*, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract*

Eir NY+C

So I opened the metal tin and began to use the product.  Surprisingly it smells exactly like the Speak all natural deodorant.  It’s a little strange.  It also has the same feel to it when you touch it which took a little getting used to.  I kept thinking ‘you don’t put deodorant on your nails’ and then having to remind myself it was the cuticle cream. Once I got past that, I was fine. 

This year all the pandemic based hand washing has caused me to use more hand cream in general to defend my skin so even though my fingers were rough and beaten up, I had no torn or painful cuticles. I actually paid more attention to my hands this summer than I usually do.  However my cuticles still needed some focused attention.  There are however no dramatic before and after pictures.  They looked fine before and just felt a little dry, now they still look fine but feel softer and much healthier. 

I actually enjoyed using this product.  Usually when I reach for something for my cuticles it is a liquid oil. I have on occasion spilled it and made quite a mess.  This was easy to keep beside the bed and use just before going to sleep.  If I knocked it off the night stand it didn’t matter because it was a solid so it couldn’t spill.  While it did make my fingers greasy as I rubbed it into my cuticles I just used my product covered finger tips on my elbows which were happy to absorb any product I applied.  Once rubbed into my cuticles, my fingers didn’t leave any stains or oil spots on the bedsheets or pillow cases either which was a big plus.  Over all it wasn’t a bad product to start my nail care and repair sessions for the season.  And while I have been using the product nightly for several weeks there is still plenty in the container to see me through the winter. (It’s hard to tell with the picture but there is a substantial divot in the center of the cream from where I rubbed my fingers.)

For $12 I could see keeping this product around.  Personally I would prefer a nicer scent to it, mostly because when I sleep I often curl my hands up near my face and so I tend to smell my hand products as I drift off. This scent wasn’t the most appealing to follow me into slumber land, but it wasn’t terribly bad either. If perfumes aren’t really your thing then that may not be an issue for you.  If I didn’t sleep with at least one hand by my head it wouldn’t be an issue for me either.  It is a good solid product made with organic ingredients that does exactly what it claims. The container is durable metal and the solid prevents it from spilling. Over all, a really nice addition to my night stand and nail repair routine, plus another fine product from my Petit Vour Beauty Box.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box


Testing out Dream Skin Care and Perfect by Dior

I was gifted a bottle of Dream Skin Care and Perfect Moisturizer from Dior by Influenster to test out and review. I know it feels like a while since I have done a moisturizer review. I spent much of the summer testing out samples which at best lasted two weeks so there were moisturizer reviews every couple of weeks for a while.  But this is a full sized bottle (1.7 oz retail value $120). So I used it for the full month, putting it to the test with my skin to see how it performed.

So let’s get into it shall we?

The complete age-defying skincare and perfecting emulsion, to be applied as the last step of your skincare routine.

With its beneficial skin-perfecting action, the Dreamskin emulsion helps recreate naturally exquisite skin while fighting visible signs of aging: wrinkles, dark spots and redness appear minimized. Day after day, the skin’s texture is refined and smoother. Skin is radiant.

This perfecting emulsion fuses with the skin instantly thanks to a unique* complex of moisturizing ingredients. Its skin-perfecting action helps refine texture and pores appear tightened. Progressively, dark spots and redness appear faded and the complexion is more radiant. The skin is more beautiful, even when bare.

Apply the Care & Perfect emulsion at the end of your skincare routine, for perfect affinity with your foundation. Results from this skincare are instant and lasting – after 7 days and 28 days – and visible on bare skin with the naked eye.

Also available as a refill, Capture Dreamskin Care & Perfect skincare is included in Dior’s efforts to improve the environmental footprint of our products.





Okay, those are some bold claims.  But before we break them down, a few words about packaging.  I know the image looks a little blurry but it is because of the dual layer of the outside packaging.  The letters are printed on the outside and then sort of reflected against the inner layer so although it looks lovely in person, my photos are a bit on the blurry looking side where the letters are concerned. 

The pump after the full trial, no clogs at all.

The bottle itself feels luxe in the hand.  It also feels durable, which is nice as the outer casing is reusable.  It is only the inner portion that you replace.  I like the fact that there is less waste, should I want to reorder it.  I would also think that there might be a cost reduction if you are only buying the refill versus the entire package but I am not 100% certain of that since I could not find the cost of the refill.

I will say the cap does fit a little loosely.  When you pick up the bottle, if you pick it up by the cap it is likely to pop off and drop the bottle.  So you have to lift from the bottle not the cap.  However if you have mobility issues with your hands it is very easy to open as the lid lifts with relative ease and no extra exertion needed.  While I like the ease of opening, I wouldn’t mind seeing something like a magnetic cap.  In other words I almost dropped the bottle several times. But that is not a deal breaker. And in some cases the ease of opening might actually be beneficial. It is just something to keep in mind.

Also with the packaging, there is an easy to use pump.  I am actually in love with this pump.  It didn’t clog.  It didn’t stick. And the best part is that it limited the amount of product dispensed.  Two pumps covered my face well.  A third pump covered my neck and upper chest.  What I like about this is that the pump is designed for multiple skin types.  My skin right now is normal, leaning slightly towards oily.  If I were more to the oily side, I could just use one pump and not worry about having excess product.  If I leaned towards dry skin I could use more pumps.  I know this sounds like a silly thing but there are several pumped moisturizer products where one pump is far too much product so I end up moisturizing my face, neck and chest and then use the excess on my arms. I always feel like I am wasting product. Don’t get me wrong, I like moisturizing my arms, but with a $120 product, I kind of like to conserve it for my face.

Two pumps

Okay so we have talked packaging, now it is on to the product. For my skin, two pumps covered my face and a third added my neck and upper chest into the coverage area. As you can see from the photo, the cream is slightly pink.  As directed, I added this as the last step in my skin care routine. The scent is the classic French skin care rosy scent.  If you hate rose, you might not like it.  However the scent was very mild, in fact much more mild than the Nuxe products I tried a while back.  To my nose it pinged as less Rose and more French Skin Care scent. While on the floral side, it also smells fresh and clean rather than cloying. I happen to really like this scent, but if you are not a fan then this product is probably not for you.

I just really happen to like the scent.

The moisturizer absorbed really well and did not feel greasy.  From the first application my skin felt super smooth to the touch.  In fact, I really wanted to keep touching it.  Interestingly, while my skin felt moisturized, because of the tint to the moisturizer my skin also looked as though I applied a layer of primer to it. Not a heavy primer, but one I could wear with just a dusting of powder over.  And to be honest, there were several days in the past month where I did just that.  On my no makeup days I tend to just apply a layer of primer and powder, along with lip balm and mascara (because I can’t resist) and call it a day. 

With this moisturizer I didn’t need to add the primer.  When I applied foundation, I still used a pore filling primer, but I think this moisturizer gave it a little boost. For me any color was unnoticeable, it disappeared as I massaged it into my skin. I tried removing just the moisturizer with a toning pad and there was some tint on the cotton round so there may be a tint, it just matched my skin so well I didn’t notice. If you have darker or less pink undertones to your skin than I do, I would test a sample before buying to make certain that it didn’t leave a tint you didn’t want.

For me any tint was an added bonus, but again that may be my skin tone. Like the scent, that’s an individual call, just something to be aware of.

But temporary coverage isn’t the same as results.  The earliest I would see results, according to the product page is seven days.  Yeah, I can’t with any good conscience say that happened.  But also I didn’t really expect it to.  It generally takes about thirty days with any skin care product to be able to see results.  There may be results but I think it would take much sharper eyes than mine to see them. At the thirty day mark, it did start to see improvement and my skin felt soft and silky when I woke up rather than after I put the moisturizer on.  I also noticed an improvement in the fins lines around my eyes.

The refill insert inside the reusable bottle was very easy to remove from the main packaging

I did start this moisturizer trial at almost the same time I started the Timeless Skin Care Hyaluronic Acid Serum trial. (I have been using the Dream Skin for about six weeks).So technically my before and after photos for the trial would be the exact same.  I think that the two products helped each other out. These were the two main skin care products for the month and for the past month I have had really great skin.  I continued using this moisturizer past the month long trial of the HA Serum because I wanted to see which was doing what.  I did start using a Timeless Vitamin C serum (the review of that will be around October 19th) but I set the HA Serum aside. 

What I noticed is that the line in my forehead (what I call my personal stress crack) didn’t shrink any more than it had, but my skin stayed clear. The lines around my eyes still looked less prominent. I think much of the line reduction was the HA Serum, but some of it might be down to Dior.  Neither really did much for some of my skin pigmentation from acne scars or sun damage.  However this was a really good light weight moisturizer.

Let’s look at those claims again shall we?

… refine texture and pores appear tightened. Progressively, dark spots and redness appear faded and the complexion is more radiant. The skin is more beautiful, even when bare.

Did it refine the texture of my skin?  I would have to give that a yes.

Dark spots and redness appear faded? I’m going to have to say no to the dark spots but yes to the redness. 

Complexion is more radiant? I would have to go along with that.  I certainly feel like my skin looks better than it has in a long while.

Skin is more beautiful, even when bare?  I think it is.

On the negative side, it is more of a day cream.  After a couple of weeks to test how it was performing I found that at night I needed something heavier on my skin.  Not every night, but several times a week. So I switched to using a different cream at night and this during the day.  Personally I don’t mind as it makes the moisturizer last longer. To be honest I have no idea how much moisturizer is left in the bottle.  There is no gauge and I forgot to weigh it at the start of the trial.  It feels lighter, but it also feels like there is a lot of moisturizer left. While the package keeps the product safe from light and air, it makes monitoring it difficult.

As a day cream this product makes my top ten list. I really enjoyed using it and will use it until every drop has been taken from the bottle. And yes, I have begun periodically dropping into the Dior site to see when they will have refills available and to judge the cost.  To be honest, I enjoyed the product enough and I think the volume of product is enough that I can actually justify the cost.  It is a luxury moisturizer that deserves it’s luxury price. At the same time, I love the fact that the bottle is reusable and that I can reduce waste, even with a luxe product by picking up a refill.  Somehow that makes my luxury splurge feel less wasteful. And to be fair, if there is one skin care item I will splurge on, it is my moisturizer.

The Daily: September 29th, 2020

The rain has returned. So I am doubly glad I spent extra time outside yesterday. it may have thrown my schedule off, but as I’m not leaving the house today, I can catch up. It seems like that is generally the autumn cycle. except that this year I’m not making up for the lack of outdoor walking with the gym. This makes me a little bit nervous. I also realized I’ve fallen back into the habit of thinking I know how many calories I am eating instead of diligently recording them.

I know that is not good.

But I got busy and forgot. I need to get back into that habit. especially as I am still without the scale.

Today is kind of an off day in general though. My baby doll is home today. And not working from home, just home. His allergies have stopped him up and made him grouchy and persnickety. So he took a sick day so as not to inflict himself on his co workers.

I love the fact that whenever he feels sick or out of sorts he forgets where things are located in the house. Thus far I’ve been asked where we keep the tea (in the tins marked Tea oddly enough), where we put the honey (In the pantry next to the syrups), how to make oatmeal, where the cough drops and tissues are as well as where his favorite blanket is. I’m not supposed to call it his binky because he claims it isn’t, but the moment he feels even slightly our of sorts that is the blanket he wants to get.

So there have been many interruptions. He refuses to let me do anything like make the tea or oatmeal or even get all of the things out for him because he insists he can do it himself and he doesn’t want to cause trouble. So I get the stop and start day and he feels he managed to suffer stoically in silence as I got on with my work. And yes he thinks the twenty plus interruptions are actually him suffering stoically in silence while leaving me alone to work.

But we’ll have an early dinner so he can take the allergy meds his doctor gave him, they knock him for a loop and cause him to sleep early and deeply. Then tomorrow he will be back to his old self. So I’ll probably be working late this evening and normality will resume in the morning. At least he really is very good about having only one day of down time. As the ragweed still has me a little stuffy I kind of envy the one day take down. but such is not my fate.

Today is more about making sure tea with honey gets where it needs and less about making sure I burn my calories. I am making a conscious effort to log in what I eat today though and I’ve put a post it note reminder on my monitor for tomorrow. I need to get back into the habit of writing things down. If I have gained weight in my month without the scale, I’m pretty sure the lapses in recording are part of the reason. At this point while I am a little worried about what the scale will say I am sure that the reality of it will help steer me back onto the right track.

So before I once again leave you to locate the some how missing tea canister again (its amazing how magically disappearing that canister is) here are a couple of fun specials you might be interested in.

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Happy shopping, I’m off to find the tea tin. I’m pretty sure it ran away with the honey in a blatant attempt to out do the dish and the spoon. lets hope nothing tries to beat the cow jumping over the moon. I’ll be back tomorrow when my baby doll is back to normal and the chance of rain looks like it’s a slightly lower percent of possibility.

Trying out Erno Laszlo’s The Original Black Soap

I’ll admit, I had my doubts.  It has been a long time since I tried using a bar of soap to wash my face.  And the dull black bar didn’t really do much to inspire confidence.  The Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar, also labeled The Famous Black Soap, arrived in an Allure Beauty Box. I’ve tried the Erno Laszlo makeup removing cleanser (which was really good) that comes in a pump and it had a similar color so I wasn’t ready to judge it by its appearance. Also I have a fondness for their under eye masks.  So since I’ve tried and liked skin care products from the Erno Laszlo Company before, I was willing to go on a little faith.

I will say, because I saw a few reviews in passing, this bar has been around a long time so for many it is a familiar and well loved product.  There seemed to be some disagreement about formula and scent change.  While I may have tried this soap at some point in the dim dark past, as I believe my mother once had a membership with them (I think it was the only way you could get their products at the time), I don’t remember it well enough to compare it to the current bar.  This review is solely based on using this product now. This is not a comparison for what once was or what might have been.

It all begins with the cleanse – the essential first step to skincare success. Shop Erno Laszlo cleansers today!

So what is this soap now? According to the product page…

Our iconic Laszlo-original cleansing bar boasts the uniquely therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea mud, a mineral-rich miracle of nature, to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin.

To begin our commitment towards sustainability and doing our part in the circular economy, our packaging has been updated to feature 0% plastic.

We are committed to formulating without ingredients that do not meet the Erno Laszlo clean standards. Formulated Without: Phthalates, Parabens, Sulfates Mineral Oil, and Petrolatum

Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water (Aqua/Eau), Silt (Dead Sea Mud), Charcoal Powder, Parfum (Fragrance), Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Tetrasodium EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Evernia Prunastri (Oakmoss) Extract, Benzyl Cinnamate, Benzyl Benzoate, CI 77489 (Iron Oxides), CI 77289 (Chromium Hydroxide Green), CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide).
Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.

Erno Laszlo website

I will say right off that the package, a cute little paper wrapper, contained an ingredients list that matched the website. So if they changed the formula it wasn’t with this bar. Although I do appreciate that they let you know which is the most current list and which you should pay attention to. I’ve tried products before where the package and the website didn’t match on the ingredients list and there was no mention of which was the more up to date (printed or posted).  For me, I really like knowing that.

Fresh out of the wrapper bar on the left and the bar after two weeks of use. In case you are wondering the paler spots are not mold they are where the soap bubbles dried on top of the bar after use.

So dry, the bar had only a light scent that sort of came and went.  I wasn’t sure the scent was from the soap or something I had the soap next to, to be honest.  Then I got the soap wet.  The scent increased.  Oddly enough, it smells like black tea. I was expecting something more earthy and maybe mud like in the scent. I was even sort of expecting the odd almost lack of scent from the charcoal as in skin care it sometimes swallows scents.  Maybe tea scent is the parfum ingredient added.  Either way I liked it.  When I used the bar in the morning it sort of reminded me of waking up in my grandparent’s house. If the morning didn’t smell like black tea at that house then something was seriously wrong.

Because it has been so long since I have used a bar of soap (as opposed to a liquid, oil, gel or cream) to wash my face, it took me a little while to adapt. The first thing I realized was that you not only have to wet the soap down (which I did automatically) but you really need to splash a little water on your face first to help get things started.  According to the directions you are supposed to rub the bar on your face, using the corners to massage the planes of your face. 

I tried that, because it was recommended. To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of this approach.  I preferred rubbing the bar of soap between my hands until it lathered and then rubbing the suds onto my face with my hands.  I know I lose the rounded corner massage element, but as I use a vibrating cleansing tool on my skin while the soap is on there, I think it makes up for it.  I did try the soap without the tool as I know not everyone uses them so I can compare the experience.

bit of a mess on the sink

But first the soap.  So it is scented like black tea.  It foams, but not a whole lot and the foam from the soap looks grayish black and to be honest, like dirty water.  Applied to the face any sort of exfoliation efforts were so gentle as to feel non-existent while rubbing on the face.  There was no harsh scratching or beads or seeds. This was not a physical exfoliate. When rinsed off the skin, the skin did feel as though it had been exfoliated.  My skin felt soft and super clean.  It was the sort of clean that made me want to wait a while before applying any moisturizer to the skin so I could just relish in the soft clean skin for a little while.

As good as it was on it’s own, I have to say, using the vibrating skin massager with this soap made it better.  I think they just worked really well as a tag team.  You don’t need the tool to get the soap to perform, but if you are using one, this is a great product to use it with.

contained on the plate it doesn’t bother me so much.

There is a little bit of a mess with using this product. There are dark dribbles in the sink that are easily rinsed off, you just have to remember to swirl a little bit of water through the sink to clear them out.  The product doesn’t leave any soapy residue, wither on your skin or in the sink so you don’t have to scrub.  I originally put the soap on the sink beside the faucet where whatever product I use to wash my face usually lives.

The black smears on the side of the sink and the drips leading from it down the sink kind of bothered me so I moved in a small plate.  It keeps the dribbles at bay and even though there are black smears on the dish it bothers me less than on the white sink.  I think it is because of the busy pattern of the plate to be honest.  The eye is less drawn to the schmutz.

My one regret with this bar is that I didn’t measure it before I started my trial.  I’ve been using it for about two weeks now, ever since I finished my Purlisse cleanser, and while the brand imprint on the center of the bar is less sharply cut, I don’t think the bar of soap has gotten all that much smaller.  The comparison photos are posted above (but with no real reference scale since I didn’t think before I usd the bar of soap.). While I normally wash my face with my standard cleanser in the morning and evening, this bar was so gentle I was able to use it for my mid-day post workout rinse off with no noticeable issues.  While I like my post workout Olay Gentle cleanser, it is really nice to be able to just use one cleansing product.

There are two sizes of soap that Erno Laszlo sells.  One is the 100 g bar (retail $38) and the smaller 50 g size (retail $23). The 50 g size is the one that came in the Allure Beauty Box.  I am curious to see how long the bar actually lasts.  I suspect that it will last for quite a while, in fact it might just last as long as a bottle of liquid style cleanser.  I would like to point out that I also keep it by my sink rather than in the shower.  I do have an oil makeup remover that I keep in the shower, but it is in a pump. 

I wouldn’t leave this bar cleanser in the shower as I think the shower spray might cause it to disappear faster than it needs to. This is a sink facial cleanser not a shower one. As always the final question is would I buy this product to use again.  The answer is use.  It is a good non drying cleanser that leaves skin soft and smooth.  I like the scent and I like the effects.  And once I managed to contain the dribbles in the dish instead of having them streak the side of my sink, I even got used to the color of the bar. It is definitely a product I would use again.

While Erno Laszlo products can be purchased on the Erno Laszlo site they are also available on the Look Fantastic Site. Today starts the Exclusive! 15% off Sitewide Sale on Look Fantastic. Just use code EXCLUSIVE15. The offer is good from today through October 5th.

Facetory Four-Ever Fresh Subscription Unboxing

As I’m sure everyone who has even poked their head in to peruse one of my posts realizes by now, I have a fondness for facemasks.  It is an equal opportunity love and it lead me to Facetory.  They have several face mask subscriptions.  One, which I get, is the 4-ever Fresh subscription, which as you may have guessed sends four sheet masks out to you each month for $8.90. There is also the Seven Lux for$19.90 each month where you get seven sheet masks and 1-2 bonus items, which are skin care related (like non-sheet masks). Finally, there is the seasonal Lux Subscription level for $49.95 each quarter where you can receive five to six skin care products plus 5-6 sheet masks.

Four-ever Fresh Subscription!

While I love this subscription, one of the things I like about this service is the fact that I can pause it at any time.  If you go to your subscription page and click the delivery options button, you can see a list of several months lined up.  Each month has a button where you can click skip this month. You click it and boom, you’ve skipped a month no muss no fuss.  If you decide that maybe you were wrong, you can easily reverse the decision as long as the billing date has not passed.  Your billing date is the date you subscribed.  So I subscribed on the 18th of the month so every month after I am billed on the 18th and my subscription is sent a few days after billing is complete.  So you can decide when in the month you want to receive the subscription.  I really enjoy those options along with the fact that I get to try so many different sheet masks.

Seven Lux Subscription!

This month in addition to the four masks of the subscription there was a fifth bonus mask.  So in case you look at the photo and count five, that’s why. Your vision isn’t blurring, there are five masks.They do this on a regular basis.  Every few months they will add in an extra mask.  Personally, I’m a fan of this.  So what are this month’s masks?

First up there is the Orgena Collagen Mask (retail $2).  It is a sheet mask infused with collagen for extra moisture to help your skin feel soft and nourished. I’ve never tried the brand but I have liked some collagen masks in the past so I am sure I will have more to say about this one after I try it.

The second mask is the Jigott Pomegranate Mask (retail $2).  It is infused with pomegranate, mountain Berry and cucumber extract. All these are designed to boost your complexion.  I’m not entirely certain if mountain berry is a general or specific term. 

It could mean berries from the mountains or there could be an actual fruit named Mountain Berry.  I know there is a Service Berry so I suppose either is possible.  I do love pomegranate though so I’m okay with a little berry themed confusion.  Although my curiosity will end up making me look it up.

The third mask in my selection this month is the Ballon Blanc Blanc Therapy Avocado Mask (retail $2.50).  Blanc Therapy masks have featured in past months and they have always been really good.  This mask is said to brighten, moisturize and renew. This is a brand I hadn’t seen until I signed up for this subscription, but now their masks routinely land on my to be repurchased list.

The fourth mask in the subscription is the HaruHaru Prologue Soothing Mask. (retail $3.00).  It was one of three options you could receive.  One was the soothing (which I received) then there was a lifting and a moisture themed mask, all from the same company.

I’ve not tried this company before but I have to say I kind of like the image on the front of a girl wearing a sheet mask administering the Cool Down Drop Kick to the Heat Damage Demon. I also kind of like that while most of the description is in Korean they decided to translate both Heat damage and Cool Down Drop Kick.

The bonus mask this month didn’t come with a retail price marked but it is from Candy O’Lady and their masks are generally $2. The mask I received is the Little witch Candy Mask and it is designed to help with elasticity.  I know having a sheet mask decorated with a cupcake seems anti skin care. 

But I tried one of their other masks that was Cotton Candy themed and I have to say it was one of the best sheet masks I have tried. Its candy themed goodness put serious looking masks to shame. Admittedly only the name and the general purpose for the mask are in English, everything else is in Korean so I have no clue why it worked so well. 

This is the same.  Little witch candy mask and Elasticity are in English. That’s it. If it is as amazing as the Cotton Candy one, I may have to find a translation program to get some details. Or at least make certain that I am not unknowingly participating in some sort of demonic rite.

So if you add them all together (including the $2 bonus mask) the value of the product received is $11.50.  Since I paid $8.90 I am perfectly happy with that break down.  I am also happy that Facetory routinely has specials on their products (both masks and other skincare products) For example Masking Monday has a selection of their masks on sale for $1 each. So if you find one you like, you can wait until it is on sale and basically stock up for half price (since most of their sheet masks are about $2).  Although sometimes their pricier masks end up on the Masking Monday’s sales as well so it is really worth checking in on Monday to see what is available.  For me the question right now is, do I want to try the Little Witch Candy Mask first or start with the Cool down drop kick? Decisions, Decisions.

The Daily: September 28th, 2020

Sunshine!!!!! Oh how I have missed you. After a misty start to the morning, the sky finally cleared and revealed the sun. As it has been raining since Wednesday, it was fantastic. I went on a very long walk. While the sun is not terribly hot, I will say the humidity is fierce.

I returned to the house from my walk looking like it was actually raining outside. I walked straight into the laundry room, stripped off and put everything into the washer before heading directly to the shower. This was not a job for dry shampoo and showerless wipes. No, as fabulous as they are, this was a job for water and shampoo.

Well once the water warmed up it was a job for shampoo. I started off with cool water. It may not be as hot as it has been, but with the humidity I really felt the sun today. Then once I cooled down enough to allow the water to warm up, I called in the shampoo, conditioner and bodywash triumvirate and emerged later clean and feeling like I actually got some excercise.

While I spent much of the weekend sorting clothes and bringing out my fall and winter wardrobe the only activity I managed was moving around inside the house. The rain more or less kept me house bound and made me feel like a lump. The walk made me feel better about things. While I seriously doubt that I will ever be the person who talks about a ‘runner’s high’ – unless I spot some pot smoking joggers and even then I think I would just be impressed by fast moving potheads – I will say that now I am accustomed to walking almost every day, the days I don’t walk my body misses it. When I take a few days off and then get back to walking I always feel like I am clearing out some mental cobwebs. Its a nice feeling. So I was glad to see the sun today.

Something else I was happy to see, Peter Thomas Roth is having a sale on their To Die For Line. I tested out the To Die For Primer from PTR and absolutely loved it. I only had a sample and I put the full size on my list to look into for Black Friday. With this sale I may be able to scratch it off the list early. The sale is To Die For Collection Sale 50% off with Coupon code: TODIEFOR. The sale starts 9/28 12am ET and ends 10/4 11:59 pm ET. The above link will take you to the sale. I don’t get anything if you use the coupon code, it is just the sale code. If you are interested in my review of the Primer you can click here to read it. It was part of my Make Up bag for both the week of May 22 and the following week as there was enough in the sample tube for two weeks of use. It is an excellent mattifying primer. So I saw the sale notice and had to share. Hope you enjoy.

Let’s talk Squalane

While I am not a chemist or a dermatologist or a biologist (or any kind of ologist to be honest) I love finding out about new ingredients and how they work with my skin. (In case you are wondering I’m a writer and architectural historian, which means one thing I definitely know is how to research).

Squalane seems like a new thing because it has so recently popped up on the skin care radar.  However, squalane was first introduced into the world of beauty in the 1950s.  It was used as an emollient (meaning it softens or smooths the skin.) Squalane oil is created when squalene oil undergoes hydrogenation processing. 

Squalene is naturally found in your sebum (the oils of your face) as well as other places.  Most notably in shark’s livers which is how it came by its name.  Squalus is a genus of sharks. However most commercially used squalene is derived from plants like olive oil rice and sugar cane.

The hydrogenation process not only changes the a to an e, but it turns the squalene from an unsaturated oil to a saturated one. This makes it more stable and less likely to turn rancid. It is safe for all skin types and it is lightweight and won’t clog your pores. It helps balance your natural oil production and helps keep skin clear and healthy.

For the past month I have been using the Timeless Skincare 100% Squalane oil gifted to me for review purposes. My skin is not particularly acne prone however I have always had the tendency to get clogged pores.  They are bumps beneath the surface that have the tendency to rise up and create a bumpy texture on my skin that seems to last forever as the clogged pore don’t seem to have any motivation to actually rise to the surface. 

Occasionally one will surface and I will be able to deal with it.  Products like Peace out with their acne dots can help bring them to the surface in many cases.  Some are just too deep for the dots to touch. While some acne washes do well with my skin, a lot of times it dries out my skin causing almost as many problems as the clogged pores.  With masking when leaving the house, the situation was not improved.

According to the Timeless Skin Care

As a dry oil, Squalane keeps your glow on without leaving an oily sheen. We call it the ‘finishing touch’. This light-weight oil seals in moisture and is also anti-bacterial, making it ideal for acne-prone skin and protecting skin against pollutants. It is also perfect for helping to set your make-up, so it stays in place all day.

In case there was any doubt, the Timeless Skin Care Squalane is derived from olives, not sharks. It is purely plant derived.

I have in the past had good luck using squalene oil based products on my skin so I though trying a daily application of pure squalene oil might be good for my skin. The oil was lightweight enough that I could wear it during the day without a problem. A lot of the time I just apply oils to my skin at night (such as the Malin+ Goetz Recovery Oil which is too heavy for me to wear in the day, but is fantastic at night).  This Timeless Skincare 100% Squalane oil I could easily wear during the day. 

I applied it once a day for the last month.  I used three drops, applied to my skin after my serum had time to sink in and then, after giving it a moment or two to settle, I added my moisturizer. I have to say I have seen a big reduction in my clogged pores.  There are still some along the mask lines, but they are not as deep or as hard to get rid of.  While my skin is nowhere near flawless, some of my biggest concerns have been mitigated and my skin feels better than it has in a while.  The bumps may not be as noticeable to others but they were quite noticeable to me and I am very glad there are fewer of them.

As for holding makeup in place all day, I have noticed that most of the foundations I have tried since I started using the Squalane oil have had wonderful staying power and lasted all day.  I saw non-clogging and locks in moisture when I looked at the description at the start but somehow missed the increasing makeup longevity section of the description.  I may actually have to go back and try some of the foundations without the oil being used to see if they last on their own or if they received a little extra help.  So I may have to do some repeat foundation trials to not only make sure my foundation reviews were accurate but to see if the oil lived up to this claim.   So on that claim, I’ll have to put a pin in it and do a little more testing.  However, even without knowing about the makeup longevity, this oil has enough plusses to keep it around.

While I’m sure the anti-aging properties help the serums and moisturizer work more effectively as well as help to treat acne and blemishes.  The anti-inflammatory properties are supposed to help treat eczema.  While I have only a mild spot of eczema on my arm, my baby doll has quite a few larger spots (mostly on his legs). 

He also has a tendency to pronounce everything, but basic shampoo and soap to be a scam. (He found out that one of my masks had clay in it and he offered to go and dig a bucket of red clay out of the back yard for me. I’m pretty sure he believes that is actually what skin care companies do, dig out buckets of clay from the back yard and slap them into fancy jars.) Did I mention that he is from Montana, one of three boys (no sisters) and that his father had only brothers, who also had only sons? His mother apparently had a bathroom to herself that was declared off limits upon penalty of death. So my baby doll is both confused and oddly mesmerized by some of my ‘girly potions’.

He tried the squalene oil on his eczema and he pronounced it ‘maybe not a scam.’ Which in the lexicon of my baby means it worked really well.  His one complaint was that it didn’t smell medicinal and he deep down believed that a product can’t be good for you unless it smells like medicine. The 100% Squalane Oil from Timeless Skincare is part of their Pure line and has nothing added to it.  It is a clear oil that smells of absolutely nothing.  While it is easy to mix in with your moisturizer, I prefer applying it to my skin first and then following with the moisturizer. For the eczema on my arm I’ve been applying it and then following with a body lotion.  (Actually the Lord Jones CBD lotion to be exact.)  It has worked really well in softening that patch as well. 

The one thing you really have to remember is that it is a thin oil.  The bottle has a dropper but the oil does start dripping out almost as soon as you lift it from the bottle.  I recommend squeezing it into the glass dropper, lifting it up, but not out of the bottle and then squirting half of the dropper back into the bottle before lifting it out to apply. There is less chance of wasting product that way. 

Over all I really enjoyed having this 100% Squalane oil from Timeless Skincare around this month and I have to say I will be picking up another bottle as soon as thins runs out.  As it is good for eczema as well, I’m going to try to get my baby doll into the habit of using it as well. As a one ounce bottle is only $9.95, it is very affordably priced. And if I can get him to use it routinely, I may have to stock up on it when black Friday comes.  Maybe I can set it between the Kneipp Juniper scented bath salts and the Menthol scented muscle soak oil he keeps around.  Between the two they make the air wafting off of the shelf smell medicinal.  Maybe it can be medicinal by association.   Even if he doesn’t turn to it habitually, I will be keeping this around at least as long as I have to wear facemasks.

If you are interested in more information about squalene you can find more information at, The Truth Beauty Company, or The Skincare Edit.  All three are great resources in learning more about this fantastic ingredient.

Peace Out Skincare

Petit Vour September Unboxing

Petit Vour is a clean and Vegan Beauty Box subscription with a monthly price of $18. They also have a Petit Vour Plus Subscription for $25 a month.  The regular Petit Vour Box (which I subscribe to) offers four to five products per month with the products worth over $50 each month.  You can get the subscription price lowered to $15 per month with an yearlong subscription. (the Petit Vour Plus box has five to seven travel and full size products with a value of $100 or more each month.)

Oddly, I think the Petit Vour Plus subscription might end up being an almost direct comparison to the new version of the Allure Beauty box that is coming out in October.  Allure isn’t guaranteed clean and vegan of course but the products and price might end up being comparable.  I’ll have to check into that as Allure gets going. But that is for future debate – and would require I have a Petit Vour Box to compare it to. 

And I am subscribed to the regular Petit Vour Box.  Thus far I have really enjoyed each box I’ve received so let’s see what I received this month to try out.

The first item in the September box is the Shine on Stick from KVOSS (retail $28).  It looks like it is full sized.  If it isn’t then the full sized one must be enormous because this looks full size to me.  It is a creamy highlighting stick in a golden shade. I’ve had cream highlighters before but they weren’t in a stick.  This should be fun to play around with. While the highlight is just streaked across my hand for the photo, I blended it out with my finger and it melted beautifully into the skin showing a more subtle glow instead of the gold streak.

I also like that there is a makeup item in this one.  While I am testing out more and more clean and vegan skincare, trying out clean makeup is a bit of a more daunting task. I’ve picked up several products that were just not good for me and I have also found a couple fabulous ones.  Because I don’t know how I will react to some of the changed formulas I like getting them in beauty boxes so I can try them out before committing to a full size.  It is far less wasteful that way of both product and money.

Moving on there are two products from Goldfaden, MD in this month’s box.  The first is the Needleless Smoothing Face Serum (retail $14).  It is supposed to plump skin and prevent fine line depth in a non-invasive way.  The second is the Detox Hydrating Gel (retail $10) which is described as a moisturizer that detoxes congested skin. 

I have to say both products sound intriguing.  I tried the Goldfaden, MD exfoliating scrub and found it a little too harsh for me to use more than once a month.  If I did use it once a month it worked really well.  More than that was overkill for the product. 

I also have a serum that came in this month’s IPSY bag from Goldfadden, MD that I need to try.  At the moment I am testing out several Timeless Skincare Products.  Perhaps when I am done I will give the a brand trial. I certainly seem to be collecting enough products to at least try it.

The next item is the Pa’akai Cleansing Cream (retail $12).  I have to admit, I have seen this around and been curious about it.  I have never tried the brand but I see them tucked into various places all the time. And a cream cleanser with Hawaiian salt, hibiscus and seaweed does sound quite unique.

Speaking of seaweed, the final item is from the Seaweed Bath Co and it is the Firming Detox Body Cream (retail $4).  It is skin plumping so maybe it will help with my stretch marks.  Either way it looks interesting and I am willing to give it a go.

While there is no set theme for these boxes this month seemed to have an underlying theme of detoxification. With the exception of the highlighter pretty much every item in the box had the words repair, renew or detox in the description.  Apparently someone at Petit Vour Central realized that after the brutal summer we all suffered though we could all use a little self restoration. I can get behind that. It feels like this summer took a lot more out of me than I expected.

I have to say, this, for me was a really good box. The value ended up being $68 which is more than they promised which I like.  Plus they are all products I am going to enjoy trying out. If you are just starting to dip your toe into the clean beauty scene as I am you might want to take a look at the Petit Vour Box.  Through them I have managed to find several products I would never have tried on my own but now will actively seek out.  Almost as important I have tried things that I thought would be absolutely fabulous, but turned out, weren’t for me (although occasionally I find they are for someone else and I end up adding to my gift idea list).  To me that has equal value.

At the moment in addition to their regular subscription Boxes, Petit Vour has several curated boxes available.  Not only can you get some fun and fabulous products but 10% of box sales go to Austin Pets Alive. Just use code DONATE10 when you check out.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Oh Honey, Honey…It’s the Friday Face mask

Good afternoon my darlings.  I hope your Friday has been going super fantastically, or at least fantastically productive. I just spent far too long on a conversation with someone who complained a lot about washing reusable masks, but didn’t want to buy the non-reusable ones. 

It turns out she takes all of her laundry to the dry cleaners rather than washing it at home. Or has in the past. From the conversation I gathered that the pandemic has forced her to do laundry herself for what sounded like the first time in her life. 

As my mother taught me how to do my laundry when I was about ten and then put my laundry on my weekly chores list, I was kind of surprised that she made it to her forties without any laundry skills. Our family did the drycleaners once a year when we took the winter coats out of storage. My mom did my brother’s laundry until he hit his twenties and then he finally learned to do it himself. Mostly because he is too cheap to pay a dry cleaners.

And yes this meant that I spent the bulk of the conversation wondering if her underwear was dry cleaned as well.  I didn’t ask because there is really never a good time to ask a professional associate about their underwear, but the question still haunts me.

And I bet you’re now thinking about it too.

You are welcome.

So I am ready for a change of mental processes, a Friday etch-a-sketch for my brain if you will. And so on to the Friday Face Mask. Today I went with Farmacy’s Honey Potion. It comes in an adorable glass jar shaped like a honeycomb cell.  The lid is plastic but made to look like wood.  It is also magnetized so that it keeps the metal spatula in place. I’m pretty sure this is the only reason I haven’t lost the spatula yet.

So from the Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing antioxidant hydration mask I expect…

An intensely hydrating honey face mask for a glowing complexion! Infused with powerful antioxidants, this warming mask leaves skin soft, supple and plump with hydration. Mask day or night for an indulgent spa experience. Hydrates with honey. Pure and sourced from U.S. farms , our honey blend delivers skin-loving moisture, nourishment and antioxidants.

Use the magnetic spatula to spread a thick layer onto clean skin.
– Massage for 1-2 minutes while it warms and transforms into a white cream. Avoid lip and eye areas.
– Leave on for 10–15 minutes then rinse off.
– For sensitive skin: Due to the warming sensation of the mask, we recommend patch testing before use of the product.

All ingredients
Glycerin, Diglycerin, Polyglyceryl-10 Stearate, Honey Extract, Propolis Extract, Royal Jelly Extract, Panthenol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract, Allantoin, Phenoxyethanol, Echinacea Purpurea Root Extract, Honey, Water, Flavor, Vanillyl Butyl Ether


Well, I used the metal spatula to take the mask from the jar.  I didn’t really care for the metal against my skin so I transferred it to the silicon spatula.  I figured that at least it kept the mask in the jar from becoming contaminated. 

While the mask looks just like jelly on the face, when I did massage it did turn white as they claimed. It also warmed up quite dramatically. One of the things I like about the rubbing it in part is that because you are massaging it all over your face, you don’t have to make certain you have an even layer to start with.  It is spread out evenly as you massage it in.

After the initial warmth during the rubbing, the mask cools back down so as intense as the heat feels it doesn’t last long.  There is a little bit of tingling as it sits but it isn’t a lot.  It is enough that you don’t forget that you are wearing the mask though.  When you have this mask on, you know you have this mask on.

before massaging

After fifteen minutes I returned to the sink to wash it off.  As you might expect there is a fair amount of rubbing as you wash it of.  During this time the mask warmed back up.  It wasn’t as dramatic as the first blast of heat but it was nice.  The washing off did take a while.  This mask didn’t want to let go.  While the mask didn’t feel sticky going on to the face (which considering it looks so much like honey I sort of expected it too) when rinsing the skin after the mask, my skin felt a little sticky until I managed to wash all of the mask off.  Once it was off my skin felt absolutely lovely.  Soft hydrated and clean.  Maybe the stickiness is there to make certain you rinse it all away. 

I rather enjoyed this mask.  It was warming, it was hydrating and it made my skin feel soft to the touch.  There is surprisingly little scent to it.  I again expected it to smell like honey.  It does not. 

I also think that those with sensitive skin might not be as enthused as I am with this mask.  The heat and the tingles are a bit intense. I could see it being a bit much for some.  To be honest I actually prefer it to the bubbling masks.  I prefer this sort of heated tingle to that oxygenated fizz. The fizz I will keep in my bath bombs and champagne. 

This mask had an intense tingle that I am okay with.  I also think the results are better.  If you feel like zooming in on my chin, you can see that a couple of under the surface blemishes have been pulled to the surface. While not terribly appealing to see, it does make them easier to deal with and quicker to fade away without scaring. That is a big plus in my book.

As the results are supposed to be more dramatic after repeated use, I may have to try this throughout the week next week (I tend to do facemasks Monday and Wednesday evenings) and see how it performs.  For now, I will say I like it and am not opposed to trying it longer to see if I do get the results mentioned on the product page.  I think I’ll decide whether or not I would repurchase it after the repeated usage and comparison to claims.  For now, my first impression is quite hopeful.

For those doing a little shopping this weekend, here are a couple of offers you might want to look into. The first is from Kerastase. I am a big fan of anything from their Genesis line. It is fantastic on over worked hair. I tend to get it and then save it for Fridays after I have completed all of my weekly workouts because I don’t want to sweat or do anything to my hair after using it because it feels so soft and lovely. I even deal with crazy unstraightened bangs because I don’t want to add the heat protectant spray to my hair.

Free Kerastase Black Tote Bag & Shipping With Orders of $100+! Use code CHRN20 at checkout. Offer valid 9/18-9/21 (7am EST).

Also to look into Paula’s Choice is having a Love your skin Weekend where there is 15% off everything. I highly recommend the Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment. I really enjoyed using it, just remember that retinol does make your skin sun sensitive so it is a night time only kind of product. At least for me. I turned red, red, red when I forgot that. But when the sun goes down, It is fabulous to have around.

And if you are looking for a little makeup to go with your fabulous skin and hair, NYX Professional Cosmetics is having a 30% off sale this weekend Plus a little bonus for those stocking up. I am really loving their Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil. It gives great coverage but feels like you are wearing nothing at all on your skin. I actually think I am going to be using that in this coming week’s makeup bag. I think I have my summer shade and nee to figure out how light I need to go to pick up a winter one. Because this is one I will be picking up in additional shades to use year round.

Receive 30% Off Sitewide + a Free Rose & Play Eyeshadow Palette With $50+ Purchase ($20 Value)! No code required. Offer valid 9/17-9/22.

So for those of you planning to restock or starting to pick up your fall and winter shades as we edge out of summer, there are a few deals you might want to take advantage of. Happy shopping and have a great weekend.