Weight loss Survival Tip # 2: Lipstick

I know not everyone will appreciate this tip.  In fact, it could just be me, but I feel it is worth passing on anyway.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but one of my favorite uses for lipstick is as an anti-snacking device. I’m pretty certain that this dates back to the era of very sticky lip glosses where if a barbeque flavored chip dared approach, lips would have to be parted wide, revealing a gaping maw lest the chip collide and chip dust imbed itself in the gloss, the flavor remaining long after the chips were consumed.

Even though for the most part sticky glosses are no longer my norm, the mental imprint remains. I can’t eat right after I have put on lipstick. Admittedly, I am using lipstick as a generic category because the thought remains even if I am putting on unscented chapstick. So as a consequence I always have something at my desk, usually a balm of some kind.

well used lip balm, note to self, turn lip balm when using to avoid the hump in the middle of the round sort.

Every time I think I want a snack, I swipe a coat over my lips. Now, I don’t do this when I am genuinely hungry and need to eat, just when I am avoiding temptation. January was particularly bad in our house.  Not only had I just started my weight loss plan and my determination was still a wavering thing, but a lot of my family members have their birthdays in January. Not me of course, I was quite sensibly born in June, far away from every other major holiday so that my birth could be celebrated as the event it so clearly needs to be. (Plus it made me a Cancer, the only zodiac sign with a death count.  Yup, Cancer kills a lot of folks. Just remember that when you decide to spend all of your time appeasing Virgos.)

And of course not every one of the birthday babies liked the same type of cake or ice cream.  In fact, I believe they each wanted different ones.  As the resident baker, I remember these sorts of things. Which meant that when the dust settled there was a lot of left over cake. 

A lot of cake. 

And a freezer full of ice cream.

In many varieties.

All sitting in the kitchen. 

Calling to me while I innocently worked away in my office. 

Wafting their delicious scents through the house. Luring me to their evil trap.

Who came to my defense then? That’s right, lipstick to the rescue.

Every time I thought that a slice or two would be a welcome addition to my day, I reached for my good buddy lipstick.  In this case I used a hydrating lip balm. Between the cake and ice cream of January and the chocolaty goodness that is the build up to the Valentine’s bonanza, I managed to go through an entire tube of lip balm.

I have to say, it was also the first January I can remember where chapped lips were in no way even remotely an issue. My lips were plump and hydrated despite the weather and ravages of the central heating systems drying of the inside air.

I always liked lipstick, in every variety and hue, I just never realized it would be my secret weapon.

Lipstick, you rock.

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