June 2019 BoxyCharm Review

BoxyCharm June 2019

I have to say, this month I am sort of on the fence with this month’s Boxy Charm.  Oddly enough I almost expected to be.  It seems anytime I get a really good Ipsy Glam Bag Plus I get a so so boxy and visa versa.  Maybe it is the universe trying to balance things out. Perhaps if I enjoy both in the same month the excitement will cause me to explode in a shower of glitter and pez candies. Who knows?

To the review.

The first item in my box was the Tare be you. Naturally eyeshadow palette ($36).  I was super jazzed about getting this palette and so it was the first thing I grabbed out of the box.  The round palette reminds me of the one my grandmother always carried in her purse and I always thought it was super glamorous.  Admittedly hers carried powder because a lady never looked shiny. Even though she is long gone I often wonder what she would think of the highlighter trend, but more on that later. The Palette. In addition to appearances I was thrilled because these looked like colors I could easily wear on a daily basis.  And because I normally gravitate to warm tones I had nothing like it in my collection.  While I will continue to play with the palette, hoping it is user error, my first thoughts were not all that enthusiastic. There was a lot of kick up from the powder and the colors weren’t very saturated.  There were some colors that didn’t even show up on my skin very well.  The shimmers did show up as shimmery though. While I will keep playing with it, I think I may have to pair it with another palette when using, or keep it in my purse as a compact.

Speaking of highlighters.

My box came with a Steve Laurant Jelly Highlighter ($26). I have to say I am not a big fan of highlighters. I’m okay with a light touch on the cheekbones but this trend of putting it on the tip of the nose as part of the application process just amuses me. I have watched many a youtube video where highlighter was used in such a way and the light (of course) catches the highlighter.

Making the nose glow.

Like Rudolph.

And I spend the rest of the video, regardless of what the video is or what time of year it happens to be, mentally singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

That said, I liked the feel of this and tried using it on my cheeks (avoiding the nose area altogether).  Applied with the finger a little dab will do well.  It is smooth and blends easily so you don’t have glittery streaks across your face. Which you will have if you use the brush.  The brush picks up way too much product, at least it did with me. Be judicious in your application and it is a good product.

The third item I pulled out of my box was the Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Lipgloss in Strawberry Lemonade ($17). It smelled good, went on easily, and wasn’t sticky.  There was no color. It looked like a lipgloss.  It did not stick around very long though when used alone.  I might try it over one of my more drying matte lipsticks but in general it is a basic lipgloss.

Next I extracted three foil packets from my box.  They were Purlisse Matcha Green Tea antioxidant Sheet Masks ($24).  I have not used them yet, but I have never had a bad product from Purlisse and am sure they will be fine.  I have a tendency to stack foil packets in a drawer and forget them in favor of creamier masks but I recently realized I am accumulating quite a collection of them and started slowly working my way through the stack. I will add these to the lot and their turn will come.

The final item in the box was by far my favorite.  It was the Touch in Sol No Poreblem Prime Essence ($23). Since I loved their primer, I was super excited to get this and it did not disappoint. It is lighter on the skin than their regular primer and perfect for summer. I will use this completely and then decide if I want to re order it or their regular primer. I think that decision might depend on the season as well, but definitely a good product and given the price of the primer, made the box worthwhile for me.

To the final math… Suggested retail value total for all items is $126.  Amount paid for box: $21. (If I didn’t mention it before, this is a monthly subscription).

In the monthly comparison, Ipsy glam Bag Plus beat BoxyCharm this month.  As last month Boxy beat the pants off Ipsy, I suppose it ends up being fair, in a cosmic sense.

If you are interested you can find out more about Boxy Charm at http://www.boxycharm.com

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