Weekly Weight: 219.2

The Scale, my lovely bathroom floor tiles and ofcores my shadow, June 14, 2019

Good morning all and welcome to my continuing weight loss journey. I know it’s not the greatest of pictures, but it is hard to make a scale look good, admittedly the decreasing numbers help. That’s right, decreasing.

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s weight: 220.6

This week’s weight: 219.2

This week’s loss: 1.4

(Not that you can’t do the math, but I like to record things)

As my goal remains to lose between 1 and 2 lbs a week, I am right on track. Which makes me feel better about the french fry incident earlier in the week. Knowing how much I love french fries (especially hot out of the fryer and freshly salted, savory is far more my weakness than sweet) my honey bear picked some up on the way home for me when he was working late one night and wanted fast food.

Even though I had already eaten my calories for the day I scarfed down the entire container. It would be rude not to right?

Besides a little sin is good for the soul, it gives you something to repent.

And I tried to make up for it the next day, which I did because I am on track.


Have a good weekend and I will check back in with you next Friday as I do my best to change the numbers on that scale in my favor.

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