IPSY June 2019 Review

The tube-tastic June 2019 Ipsy bag

This is the $10/ month ipsy glam bag.  While I now get the Glam bag plus, I kept my glam bag.  At the moment I plan to keep it as well as the plus, mostly beecause I like the variety of products I get to try.

This was a really good month for Ipsy, in both bags actually.  Each month the regular Ipsy bag comes with a small make up bag.  This one was composed of a green rubberized plastic sort of material.  I tend to prefer the cloth ones they’ve sent.  Those I tend to use both as make up bags and as inserts into larger purses to contain smaller items and make them easier to locate. The ones I don’t keep end up getting donated to a local charity that uses them for bagging up toiletry items for those in need. I think this bag will end up with them.  Not to say it isn’t cute, but I can’t keep everything and I know it will be put to good use elsewhere. And who says you shouldn’t have something cute when you are going through a bad situation anyway? Since these are sample sizes I didn’t put prices with the items.

So to the products.

The first item in my bag was the TETRIS™ X IPSY Lipgloss in Matrix.  While I was prepared to just shrug it off as a general lip gloss, when I tried it on, the product left a silvery sheen on my lips.  It wasn’t quite metallic, but it wasn’t exactly glitter either.  I kind of like the effect and was more impressed with the gloss than I expected.  It was also not too stick which was a plus.  So once again I learn my lesson not to judge a book by its cover. Enthused, I moved on to the second item.

This was FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra Repair Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer.  It proved to be a decent primer.  It isn’t too heavy and my make up went smoothly over it.  In addition, it smelled like cucumbers, which for me is a big step up for the brand.  Several times I have gotten their face wash.  It works really well, but smells a little like vomit. The fact that I am very scent oriented and STILL periodically purchase their face wash lets you know it is a really good product. So woo hoo for the cucumber scent this time.  I think I would have liked this product better had I not just tried the Touch in Sol Prime Essence.   This was not better, but still a good product.

The third item in the bag this month was the HEY HONEY Sweet Treat Wild Berry & Honey Yogurt Recovery Mask.  I have to say, I smiled as I pulled it from the bag. I have never had a bad product from this brand.  I use their serum on a daily basis.  The scent of this mask is almost exactly like a strawberry yogurt smoothie and it looks more or less like a smoothie when you put it on your skin.

After a minute, it starts to tingle pleasantly.  After 15 minutes, you wipe off what didn’t soak in and then rinse your skin.  The result is super soft skin.  I seriously kept wanting to touch my face. Of course, I immediately looked up the price for the full sized bottle.  It is $48 in case you are wondering.  Even though I liked the product, this seemed a bit high for me to spend for a mask. I will however add it to my list of favorites and keep an eye out for a sale.

Then my frugal self will pounce.

Like a tiger.

A thrifty tiger.

Who… likes… smooth skin.

Okay, I’ll work on a better metaphor later.

Onward we go to the next product.

Which is the NEOGEN CODE9 Black Volume Cream.  I am sad to say, I have not tried this yet.  I am currently doing a trial of the Sunday Riley cream, so I sniffed the tube and put it away for a later time.  It smelled nice, but I have nothing to report on how it works. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Finally, from the depths of the bag I pulled the last item, PIXI BY PETRA Glow Mud Cleanser. It is a nice cleanser and it got my skin clean with no filmy residue.  However, the product claims to be an exfoliate. I have used this a couple of times now and if there is anything that is doing any exfoliating then I have yet to find it.  Good cleanser, yes. Exfoliating cleanser, no. But in general a good product.

I have to say, this was a good bag. Everything in it was a good quality and something I will use.  It was rather skin care heavy this month, which is kind of unusual for my bags. Of course last month I got almost no skin care.  And at least the products work together: a mask, a cleanser, a moisturizer, primer and a lip gloss. I don’t know why it amuses me when the products of one bag can be used in a sequence like that, but it kind of does. If you want more (and clearly more official) information visit ipsy.com.

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