Lip Monthly Review June 2019

Lip Monthly June 2019

As we all know, I like lipstick. While I blaze through lip balms, sometimes using them to stave off snacking, other times losing in the purse or the wash, I am always looking to add to my actual lipstick collection. So it may come as a surprise that this is my first Lip Monthly bag.

I’ve heard both good and bad things about this subscription, both from the people I know and on-line and finally decided to jump in and see for myself.

The bag is a $12.95 per month subscription and you get 4-5 full sized products in each. I found their subscription page a little strange when I signed up. While you sort of expect that if you sign up for more than one moth at a time you get a little shaved off the over all price of the bag (which they appear to do) according to their break out, the cost of the products changes. The break out is:

$12.95/ mo with a value $40-$80

$37.35/3 mo w/ a $120 value

$71.70/6 mo w/ a $240 value

$137.40/annual w/ a $480 value

Yet when I looked, I could only find one bag for each month. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place. I couldn’t figure it out before this post so I will continue looking and get back to you. For the record I went with the month to month subscription (value in the $40-$80 range) because I wasn’t sure about the subscription. Unfortunately The little card that came with the bag did not list the actual retail prices of the products enclosed so I have added them from other websites where I could find them.

To the products.

Appeal liner, I swear my hand isn’t dirty, it’s just the shadow.

The first product I pulled out of the cute cotton make up bag they sent the subscription in was a Gel Liner in Deep Toupe from Appeal. (according to the Appeal Cosmetics Website it had a value of $21). The liner glided on smoothly, both for the test on my hands and on my lips and even though the color is a bit dark, I tend to wear darker lipstick, usually in the berry kind of spectrum so I could wear it under this. I tried it and it worked well. Admittedly I often forget to wear lip liner and I’m not sure about the $21, because that seems a bit steep for liner, but over all a good product.

Lip Monthly 004

Next up was a bullet style lipstick from the Lip Monthly brand in the shade 004. It is a very coral color that I did not really care for, but the lipstick was smooth and creamy. Just really bad with my complection. (value of $9 on the Lip Monthly site).

The third product I was very excited to see. It was a Laritzy Velvet Liquid Lip in the shade Swoon. I’ve used this brand before and always liked it. Just give it a minute to dry and it is fine. It was easy to apply with no patchiness and dries relatively quickly. It is also in a shade I will wear which made it even better. (Retail value on the Laritzy site $20)

Laritzy Velvet Liquid Lip in Swoon

The final product in this month’s bag was a lip balm from the Portland Bee Balm company. It is labeled Rose Garden (value $2.99)and it does have a slightly rosy smell when you uncap it and sniff it. There is no color however, hence the lack of swatch.

It does feel a bit waxy on the lips, which as the chief ingredient is bee’s wax shouldn’t be a surprise. While it seems like a good product, it feels like something I would wear more in the winter when I knew I was going to be outside for an extended period. In fact I think I may set this aside until the weather changes, (or I run out of regular product.) I’ll certainly use it, but probably not just now.

Over all, it was a decent bag. I got one product I will definitely use, one product I’ll use at a later date, one I will use when I remember it and one that I will never use because of color despite it being a decent product. I really wish the card that came with the bag listed the prices so I didn’t have to look them up individually, but the total retail value of $52.99, which is within their estimated range. I;m still not sure about the different price points for products and will continue looking into that but I am overall okay with testing this subscription for a few more months to see how things shake out.

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