Ear Fleek Unboxing June 2019

EarFleek June 2019

I know, it’s July. But despite being one of my favorite subscriptions, Ear Fleek is one of my occasionally overlooked ones as well. Partially because it is just $3.49 a month making the cost easy to forget (Although they have started a premier track for $9.93 a month now. I think the earrings are higher quality since it looks like you still only get one pair a month. Personally I’ve never had a problem with my subscription or the product quality).

Partially it gets overlooked because the package is small enough to get shuffled into the other mail. My package this month was buried under a couple of catalogs. Once I realized it was missing I went on the hunt and located it. The account is charged on the 15th of each month and depending on the day of the week, the earrings are either sent out that day or the next business day.

A better photo of the earrings

While I tried taking a picture of the package above, it is really hard to see the earrings so here is another picture. This month was the minimalist sliver bars for me. I have to say I really like them. (Just ignore my chipped nail polish)

There are different categories. I think this is part of the Minimalist but Groovy category although I am in the I Don’t Give a Hoot subscription.) The categories are Silly & Fun, Minimalist but Groovy, BoHo Babe, and I Don’t Give a Hoot. All of the earrings are nickle free. Since that is generally what makes my ears itch from cheap earrings, I appreciate that fact.

The pair I got this month are ones I think I will wear on a regular basis. They are simple enough not to feel out of place when conducting business, but with a little bit of swing which always makes me feel happy.

If anyone is interested, I’ve pasted my referral code below. I think I get points if you use it, but don’t feel like you have to. You can always just go to EarFleek.com.

Referral Code, just click HERE

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