Scent Box July 2019 Review

July 2019

This is one of my favorite subscriptions.  First of all it is $14.95/ month for one month long sample of perfume (0.27 oz) and each comes in a travel case. My sample usually lasts a bit longer than a month. The subscription bills on the 30th and is shipped by the 7th of the month.  This month it shipped early and I received my subscription on the 6th.  While they do have a recommended scent of the month, you can also chose the scent you want based on your preferences.

I’d like to say I have a system, but to be honest, I tend to load my queue with things I might have smelled once in a magazine or sound interesting from the description. Some months my randomness pays off and I get a good sample I really like other months I end up with a complete dud.

While this is sort of a hit or miss process, it has saved me a boatload of money. Having a month’s supply of a scent really lets me know if I am going to like it for more than a few days or if it was just nice for the moment and not worth investing in the purchase of a bottle. As we all know, perfume isn’t cheap.

In addition, if there is something really wrong with the scent you can return it if there as long as you haven’t used a lot of the sample. Last month I had to do this and the return was easy peasy with no hiccups, earning Scent Box bonus points in my book. (If you want details of the exchange I walked through it in my June 2019 ScentBox review).

One more nice detail. Each month your subscription earns you scent bucks which you can put towards the purchase of an actual bottle of perfume on the site. So even if you don’t like the current month’s selection enough to purchase it, you have accrued points and can save them up, making a bottle you really like, a little less expensive in the future.

This month my selection was Armani Code Pour Femme. The description on the site it as follows:

Armani Code Pour Femme perfume by Giorgio Armani is a seductive new fragrance for women, Armani Code Pour Femme is a fresh, sexy, feminine blend of zesty blood orange, ginger, and pear sorbet softened with hints of sambac jasmine, orange blossom, and lavender honey, warmed with precious woods and vanilla. A woman’s mysterious code of seduction revealed.

Categories: Gourmand, sexy, winter, evening

Characteristics: Honey, Jasmine, Orange, orange blossom and Vanilla

For purchase a one time buy of 0.27 oz (the same size as the subscription box): $16.95, for a 1.7 oz bottle t: $70 and for a full 2.3 oz bottle:$85.

While the scent is nice, I alas will not be purchasing it. I might wear it for the month, but a bottle will not be earning space on my dressing table. In fact, I might pass it on to my mother. I think she might appreciate it more.

The scent is a little on the strong side, with the jasmine a little over powering. It pretty much obliterates the ginger and orange I was hoping for.  I’m guessing the sweetness is down to the honey, but it really just smells like flowers in the hot sun. It also smells more mature than sexy.  And to be honest it reminds me of an older woman who used to sit near us in church when I was a kid. She used to glare at me when I fidgeted. I know that’s really not the perfume’s fault, but still.

Not really an association I want in my perfume. 

So my points will accrue, saved for the purchase of a bottle of something else down the line.  And one more of my might be nice samples is checked off the list.

If you are interested in this subscription box, I’ve pasted my referral code down below.  Using it gets both you and me a free scent sample. If you don’t want to use it, no problems just go to the regular ScentBox site.

Referral Code:

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