Weekly Weight: 214.8

July 12, 2019

This is going to be a super quick post as I need to get on the road soon. Some friends and I are getting together for a weekend away as those that live further away are in a central location. In other words a couple of friends ended up in a small town in North Carolina for a conference and those of us living within driving distance say, “I could make that drive” so they are staying the weekend after their conference and we are all gathering.

I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous.

Not about seeing my friends, that part I love. But I started my diet right after the holidays and ever since then all events and celebrations have more or less been at our house. Where I can sort of control the food. This is going to be a weekend in a hotel with a bar in the hotel and 2-3 restaurants in a cluster at the end of a parking lot. It is not a dinner out, it is two lunches, two dinners and two breakfasts out. Plus a road trip that is four hours each way.

This is a big test for me. So fingers crossed.

Now the stats:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

Weight last week: 216.2

Weight this week: 214.8

Weekly loss: 1.4

Total loss: 31.2

So not only did I get my weight loss goal for the week (between 1-2 lbs lost) but I broke the 30 lb mark. It is always good to hit a high note before a challenge and I’m gonna let that keep me motivated. Well internally motivated. I get kind of annoyed when people try to inflict their diets on others at social gatherings. I won’t tell you about my eating habits if you keep your lactose intolerance to yourself. Neither of us are having the ice cream. That’s all that counts.

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