Lip Monthly July 2019 review

Lip Monthly July 2019

Lip Monthly is a $12.95 per month subscription.  It charges on the first of the month and ships around the fifteenth.  In the little reusable bag, you get four full sized lip products. While there was a card with the products this month, it didn’t list the prices so I had to look them up on the manufacturer’s sites.  I have to say I was not overly enthused about this month’s selections.

My first Item was by Floss My New Favorite Lip Gloss in the shade LAX.  Full price on their site is $16.  I will say it is a nice lip gloss.  It is a little too sticky to be my new favorite lip gloss though. It’s a decent enough formula, however the color is kind of a pinky brown.  I wouldn’t wear it on its own, but I think it could be used to tone down a more vibrant lipstick.  I have the feeling I will use it occasionally, but it won’t be my go to and will probably end up lost in the back of the drawer.

Next up, I received the Bellavera Cosmetics Matte liquid lipstick in the shade Taupe Nude. Full price for the product is $16.  I love matte lipsticks and I especially love matte liquid lipsticks.  This had a great formula, but it matched my skin almost exactly so that my lips completely disappeared.  There is no way I will get any use out of this product. Which is a shame.  I wouldn’t mind trying a different shade of this brand, but I couldn’t tell how long this would last as I immediately wiped it off. I really wish I hadn’t tried it on my lips so I could pass it along to someone else, but I can’t. Besides I’m not entirely sure who I know that would be able or willing to wear this shade. Still I feel kind of wasteful.

Also in my bag this month was a Kab cosmetics lip liner in the shade funfetti (retail $12). It’s an okay lip liner.  It doesn’t have the smoothest formula and I had to go over the skips a few times for coverage. Given that it is also on the orange-y side of pink despite the end cap looking more mauve-y, I probably won’t be using this product much either.

And finally we come to the Mannakadar diamond dust in Pixie (Full price $15). The product description from the Mannakadar website is:

Add a touch of sparkle and shine to your make-up game with this shimmering treat. The rollerball packaging guarantees smooth, easy application and long-lasting colour without any mess or fuss. Plus, it works on eyes, face, and even lips if you’re feeling experimental.

Initially, I tried it on my lips and I think for a night out, especially over a deep mauve lip, it would be spectacular.  After reading the description I tried it on my eyes and it worked as a light dusting of sparkle over my shadow. I really like the roller ball aspect of it. And in the four hours I wore the product, it stayed put and didn’t migrate anywhere.

It also amused the checkout lady at the grocery store, since that’s where I went when I left the house after forgetting I put it on, but I’m sure they have seen stranger things.

I was a little worried about this product because at first I thought it was a tube of loose glitter and I knew that would go everywhere.  But the roller ball contains it, applies it smoothly, and when I washed it off, it came off cleanly.  I wasn’t finding glitter everywhere for the next few days (which can be a problem with glitter based products).

Who knew the glitter based product would be my favorite?

I’m used to Summer shades included in subscription boxes being too pink or too orange for me.  I tend to gravitate towards plum/wine or true reds which are generally considered more winter shades.  I didn’t really expect the explosion of brown this month.

My plan was to evaluate my subscriptions in January, but this subscription hasn’t thrilled me for two months running. If it doesn’t get better in the next month or two I may have to cancel. I find this sad as I love lip products and had high hopes for this one. But who knows, maybe next month will thrill me into doing a happy dance. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, I may research other lip based subscriptions.

If interested, you can find more information about the Lip Monthly Subscription at

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