Weekly Weight: 215.4

I find it strange to see that number after last week. I know I spent the week getting back onto my normal routine and I worked my butt off. I also know some of the weight gain was probably due to all the salt put into restaurant foods. But still I see a drop of over four lbs in a week and I am suspicious.

I actually checked the batteries in the digital scale.

I started questioning digital scales.

Are gears more trustworthy?

More reliable?

Then I snapped the picture, left the bathroom and decided to just be happy with the loss.

After all, on my last doctor’s visit I was weighed and came home, going straight to the scale to see how far off my scale was from the doctor’s office one and it was only .2 lbs of difference.

I know, I’m a dork. But I like to know my tools are accurate.

And more accurate or not, in my mind the doctor’s mechanical scale with the clunky metal weights sliding across the bar to thunk into place are more official. Which makes them more real.

Sometimes, perception is everything.

So my own neuroses aside, I am super happy that I am back on track. It makes all the sweat worth it. And believe me, there was sweat this week. Not only did I do my normal workouts, but because we’ve had so much rain I thought the ground would be nice and soft (we have a heavy sort of soil/clay here that makes digging a real chore unless the ground is soaked).

So I went toe to toe with a cluster of bindweed that has been giving me fits ever since we moved in. Well, shovel to toe anyway, or root maybe since it doesn’t have toes. Like my weight, chipping away at it has been slow, but steady progress. While the rain did help, I think that plant reaches down and wraps its roots around the world’s bones.

Anyway, the official stats:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s weight: 219.8 lbs

This week’s Weight: 215.4 lbs

This week’s loss: 4.4 lbs

Total Weight loss thus far: 30.6 lbs

Only 92.4 lbs left to go. (or somewhere there about)

I hope everyone reading this had a great week and is expecting a fabulous weekend. I’ve got a quiet one planned. I’m turning my first batch of tomatoes into sauce and freezing a boatload of basil. (after blending it with olive oil and putting it into ice trays) Then I’m drying sheet pans full of oregano and sage. So my house will smell absolutely fabulous by monday. Afterwards, I plan to curl up with a good book, inhale deeply of the richly scented air and take some much needed downtime. Sometimes that is even more needed than the exciting weekends. At least for me. Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy yourself.

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