Weekly Weight: 214.2

August 2, 2019

Welcome to Friday everyone. I hope you all have fabulously fun weekends planned. I plan on winging it this weekend with nothing actually slated to get done. This morning I’ve amused the neighbors by chasing a squadron of rabbits across the lawn as they paraded towards my tomatoes. Seriously, they were pramanading like victorian ladies around a duck pond in a period novel. So I might stay in doors this weekend and give that image time to fade from my neighbor’s minds. My blue, fuzzy, cookie monster pajama pants are hard to forget.

Admittedly, Agnes next door has alzheimer’s so maybe she’ll still talk to me. I still need to find out how the love triangle of yore ended. She only told me half of the gossip of former, and possibly long dead, neighbors before walking away at the Fourth of July potluck. She mentioned the ending was spectacular, then went off to find her son.

I think she might be trying to drive me mad.

Clever Agnes.

Unfortunately, I can’t ask her. Asking her things tends to get her super flustered and I don’t want the gossip that much. She may not remember who I am, but I kinda like Agnes. Besides I can fill in the gaps on my own. I just know real life is often so much stranger than fiction. It keeps me curious.

Anyway to the stats.

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 215.4 lbs

This week’s Weight: 214.2 lbs

This week’s loss: 1.2 lbs

Total Weight loss: 31.8 lbs

I have to say that when I started this journey, I really wanted to lose weight but it seemed like such a distant thing, the space between me and a healthy weight. And all I saw the scale do was go up in the numbers, never down. Well never down for more than a few pounds. I’d lose a pound or two then put them and a few more on a week or two later. While there have been a few additions on this journey, for the most part I have continued to chip away at the numbers. And I haven’t let set backs become road blocks.

Even though I do rewards for 10 lbs blocks, my next big milestone is the 200 mark. The closer I edge, the hungrier I get for the under two hundred mark. Its now starting to seem attainable. And I know that if I keep chipping away at it, it is attainable. I’m not entirely sure I would have said that a few months ago. It feels good to say it now, to think it now.

Have a good week everyone and hopefully next week, I’ll have whittled myself a little closer to the looming milestone. Good luck in whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.

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