Purlisse Matcha Green Tea Priming Moisturizer Review

Purlisse Priming Moisturizer

In July one of my beauty boxes (Ipsy Glam Bag Plus) included a full sized tube of the Purlisse MATCHA GREEN TEA Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer.  The retail price according to the Purlisse website of this product is $45.00. It is a lightweight oil free water cream that doubles as a primer.

My initial impressions of the bottle were that it was a pretty green bottle.  However it looked a little small to me.  When the product came in I was still using the Sunday Riley Vitamin C cream and placing this tube next to the pretty glass jar was not a good comparison.  However, after looking at the jar versus tube, I realized that both contained the same amount of product according to the labeling and felt better about the Purlisse size.

The tube contained 1.7 ounces when new and unopened.  I weighed the bottle it came in at 2.25 ounces ounces.  By contrast the Sunday Riley cream had 1.7 ounces of product and weighed 8 ounces.  After I got over the initial surprise of the appearance and remembered appearance isn’t everything, I thought about it.  I like the glass packaging of the Sunday Riley because it is more easily recyclable, but I also like the less packaging of the Purlisse in general. It is also $20 cheaper than the Sunday Riley which is definitely a plus.

So now that I have gotten over the superficial, to the cream. First, the claims. According to the website:

Rejuvenate skin with an antioxidant-packed priming moisturizer! Infused with MATCHA, GREEN TEA and restorative Asian botanicals, this lightweight, oil~free water cream instantly moisturizes & primes skin for makeup.

As always, I am suspicious of some of the multitasking products and their claims.  In general, they tend to only do one thing well, but I like this brand so I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

To test this product I used it as my sole moisturizer for two weeks. At the end of two weeks I reweighed the bottle. From the weight I extrapolated outward to see how long the bottle would last. Although, that was a little pointless. At the end of two weeks, there isn’t much left in the tube. I will at best get another three to four days use out of it.

Now I will say, in the last two weeks, I have been spending a lot of time working outside in my garden. It is the time of year where things are starting to ripen daily and the garden needs almost constant tending.  As such I might have needed more moisturizer than at the beginning of the summer.

Admittedly, the case can also be made that in the winter when the heat is cranked my skin dries out and needs more moisture as well so this isn’t just a once a year thing.  It’s sort of seasonal.  And two and a half weeks isn’t all that great a track record for a full sized moisturizer.  That would be about half the time of the Sunday Riley which is listed as having the same amount of cream.

I’m only really comparing the two because it was the most recent jar I went through and it is listed as having the same amount of product. I think the big difference in use is the packaging.  With a jar, I tend to dab my finger in and dot my face before rubbing it in.  While I do the same application with the tube of cream, it is a squeeze and more product may have come out.  Even so, the product was used. What came out of the tube went onto my face with no waste. For me the length of time it lasts more or less negates it’s lower price.

Which is a shame, because it is a really good cream. There is almost no scent to it. It was super lightweight and melted into my skin almost instantly.  It was everything that a water cream is advertised to be.  It absorbs well and quickly, kept my skin moisturized and caused zero break outs. The only other water cream I’ve tried at this point has been the Belif Aqua bomb and this was light years better. At no point did my skin feel greasy or weighed down and I didn’t have to wait forever for it to absorb.

I don’t know if my use of the cream is due to it being a water cream or the tube packaging or a combination of both.  I may have to get another water cream of similar product size to compare usage to figure that one out. I’m still slightly unhappy with the length of time the tube lasted with ratio to the price, but it is a very good cream.

It is however not a good primer. Almost every primer I’ve used has some sort of stickiness to it to grip the makeup.  This had absolutely none. As I said above, it melted completely into the skin.  An excellent trait for a moisturizer, not so good for a primer.

With all of those factors, I have to say I am on the fence about whether I would purchase this product for the retail price.  The product itself is an excellent moisturizer, better in fact than their blue lotus cream which I have used before. In fact, despite all the earlier whinging, I actually like it better than the Sunday Riley Vitamin C cream.

It does not do the double duty as advertised though and it gets used up quickly.  I think that if I were to purchase it, I would limit its use to the spring and fall when my extended time in the sun has either ended or not begun and my skin is not being dried by winter time heating systems.  Which is a shame, as the product seems designed for those dry times. I just know that as I am still knee deep in garden work and I have a little more than a month to go for the sun season, I would need to purchase two more bottles to use before fall.  While $45 isn’t a bad price for a really good cream, $45 X 3 is $135 and that is a little pricey for me when I know I can get a good moisturizer for less than that. It does however encourage me to look into more water bombs and if this product ends up in more beauty boxes or on sale, possibly stockpiling it for later use as a moisturizer, while using a separate primer.

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