Weekly Weight: 213.2

August 9th, 2019

This was a hard week for me. As August approached and people realized the summer was ending, everyone seemed to realize that they didn’t do their summer barbeque and decided they had to get it in before the opportunity was lost. Visiting others was fine I watched what I ate and drank but otherwise had a good time.

Then came our turn to host. Don’t get me wrong, I like hosting. I love making food for groups and showing off the garden (which considering how much work I’ve been putting into it, actually looked good. It’s an herb and vegetable garden so it isn’t always going to look pretty. However it shined for company and I was proud). I also got to make foods that we don’t typically keep in the fridge. Especially foods in the desert category. I’m a pretty good cook, but I am a really good baker. Since everyone coming knew that, I felt obligated. (and secretly delighted)

Of course I’ll make the double fudge cake with the raspberry filling with the buttercream icing. I also have several different types of homemade French style macarons for those of you who are gluten free. We wouldn’t want you to go away without dessert. That would be madness.

And it would go against everything that was beaten into my brain about the laws of being a good hostess.

It was fun. Good times and friends, mostly in the house because it was too hot to actually contemplate eating in the garden. But the left overs man, the left overs.

And it wasn’t just dessert. There was remarkably little dessert left. There were extra tibs slathered in yummy sauce and dry rub, potato salad, various dips and chips galore. Preparing for gatherings at our place generally involve purchasing way more than we actually need. For a long time we lived in a place that was about an hour from the nearest grocery store and still haven’t really adapted to the fact that we now live within walking distance of three.

And because I feel it is irresponsible to let food go to waste, it got eaten throughout the week, menu plan be damned. I just made the bast choices I could. To make up for it, I just added more exercise to balance out the extra calories. To be honest, I am completely shocked I actually lost weight. My goal once I saw our packed fridge was to try and break even. The fact that I actually lost my weekly pound made me do a wiggly happy dance on the scale this morning. And gave me a big boost of confidence in my ability to ride out the unexpected. After my July trip and subsequent gain, I’ll admit, I was a bit shaky in that area.

So, confidence restored, to the stats:

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 214.2 lbs

This week’s weight: 213.2 lbs

This week’s loss 1 lb even.

Total loss to date: 32.8 lbs

Left to lose: 90.2 lbs

And at least I’ll be good with food gatherings until Thanksgiving. I just have to avoid the Halloween candy and I am golden until my mom tries to stuff me full of high calorie nosh. At least that one I know is coming.

Hope everyone had a good week and is anticipating an excellent weekend. I know in our area school started this week so even though the temps haven’t dropped any, officially we are in autumn territory. I hope everyone got the summer they wanted.

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