BoxyCharm August 2019 Review

Boxycharm August 2019

This month my Boxycharm beauty subscription box came early. Instead of appearing in my mailbox around the fifteenth, it appeared on the seventh. It was a pleasant surprise. This month’s box was not a terribly exciting one but I found a strange sort of amusement in it. There were five items in my subscription box and three of them looked as though someone peered into my bathroom and saw what I was running low on then decided to help me restock.

While in the summertime, I rarely wear foundation (unless I’m going somewhere I know will be inside and even then it’s only about a 50/50 chance of foundation making an appearance) I do use a light dusting of powder every day. On the morning of the seventh, I ran out of my normal face powder. (currently Too Faced Peach Perfect which I absolutely love). Lo and Behold in the August Boxycharm was the Becca Hydra-mist and Refresh powder. (retail price $39).

This powder does feel cool to the touch and it feels weightless. Both of these are on the plus side of the scale, especially in the summer. It is a very finely milled powder that works well. I will certainly use the powder until it is gone, however I think once it is finished I will go back to my Too Faced powder as I think it works a little better.

On August fifth I used the last of the bottle of face oil I had in my bathroom (I think this one came from an Ipsy box back in May). In my Boxy Charm this month was the Wander beauty Glow Ahead Illuminating oil. I was sceptical of this at first, especially as it came out very pink in my hand. I thought it might make me look as though I let a six year old apply blush to my entire face. (which oddly enough has happened before during a makeover night at a friend’s house. I could have given any clown in the circus a run for their money that night.) Still I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised. The pink didn’t show up at all and the oil soaked in fast without leaving a greasy residue. I know Wander products are pretty much a staple in beauty boxes, but this was one of the first ones they have offered where I was truly impressed with the product. Not so thrilled by the retail price of $42, but it is a good product.

I had a lip liner that I really liked. And so of course it was discontinued. I held on to my liner, watching it shrink from a full sized pencil down to a two inch shadow of it’s former self. And then I lost it. well to be honest I dropped it on the bathroom tiles and when I stepped back to look for it, stepped on it. As it was on the corner of two of the tiles where the grout between the tiles dips a little, my food snapped it into a couple of not very usable pieces. So sad, however the Steve Laurant lip liner in Vogue that came this month was almost the same shade as the one I lost (Yes, I’m sticking with the term lost. It makes me feel less like godzilla on a rampage.) While not exactly the shade and nowhere near as smooth a formula, it is a good basic lip liner that I can work with (retail price $15).

From here, the mystic force who decided to restock my supplies took off and I received the Tarte Big Ego Mascara (retail $23). It is a good general mascara. I like the hourglass shaped wand for my upper lashes, less so for my lower. The formula is fine. It is mascara. There is no earth shattering revelation with it. The tube feels satisfactorily stout in the hand and it is a bright, oh so bright, pink that can be found in the dark. I have the feeling I will be reaching for it often, not because I love it so but because its color insures it is the first item my eyes are drawn to. It is the anti-camouflage color. Even in Barbie’s dream house, it would stand out.

The final item in my beauty box was the Ace Beaute Glimmer shadow duo (retail $25). Mine came in the shades, Iced Latte and Cotton Candy. They both have a nice pigmentation and apply smoothly. The iced latte comes across as shimmery gold on the lids and the cotton candy is a very pink shimmery shade. While good accent shades, they can’t really be used on their own or in a paired look with out getting other matte shades from a palette (or my collection of single shadows) to balance them out. They would be great for a party and I think the Iced Latte shade I will get a lot of use out of once the holiday season starts. (or on a Tuesday night at home when I’m playing around.) I don’t think either shade will be my go to color for a daily look. I just don’t have that kind of daily life.

Over all this box had a value of $144. Not bad for a $21 subscription price. Was it the most exciting package I’ve gotten from BoxyCharm? No. But it did contain many products I use on a routine basis and did contain good products with a good value.

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