The Shoe Review #3

After 2 months of wear (233 miles)

If you’ve been following this site (and thank you very much if you have) you probably know that I have been on a quest to lose weight and reach a healthy size for my body frame. After all why should skin get all the love with products galore, sometimes your knees need some attention too. In my case they mostly needed a lessening of the load they carried and lotion. So I decided to help them out. My favorite exercise is walking. I realized that as I increased my walking, I was going through sneakers at a more rapid rate. The truth is I didn’t know how rapid a rate as I tended to pay very little attention to the bottoms of my shoes until my feet started hurting. Then I looked at the bottom and realized I killed the shoes.

In fact on my last pair I walked a hole straight through the bottom. The hole completed it’s opening mid walk and I had to hobble home with my toe scraping pavement. It was not pleasant. And it was entirely my fault for not paying attention.

A reminder of what they looked like when they were new

So this time, I decided to pay attention. After all I love my feet, too, not just my knees.

So two months ago I bought a new pair of shoes (New Balance 574 to be exact). I decided to keep track of my mileage and how long they lasted. The first shoe review post showed the brand new shoes in all their glory. The second shoe post showed them after one month of use and this third shows them after two months of use. As you can see from the picture above, these shoes have seen things.

Mostly the walking trail by my house. And no, I didn’t step in anything, that is the black rubberized sole wearing through to show the white underlayer.

The first month of use I put 115 miles on the shoes. Month two added 118 more miles. So the shoes pictured above have seen a grand total of 233 miles. Some of those miles were done on a treadmill, but the bulk of them were done on an asphalt walking trail. At the moment the sole is wearing a little thin in the center of the foot, but the shoes are still very comfortable. I’m going to continue to wear them for the moment, but truthfully, I don’t think they have another hundred miles in them which means they will need to be replaced before September.

A close up of the bottom of the shoe after 233 miles of wear

While I know how long these shoes lasted, the big question remains, is this good or not? How many miles are you supposed to get out of your shoes? When I went looking for an answer to this, I found a lot of hemming and hawing about the length of time depending on the use. One of the few articles I found that gave a mileage range was called How Often Should I replace my Shoes? It’s a good article linked here for those interested in checking it out.

The range given in the article is 300-500 miles. It also suggests that mileage is achieved every 5-6 months.

Um, oops.

I’ve hit 233 miles in two months. I think I can actually reach three hundred miles before the shoes reach catastrophic failure, i.e. blister forming toe exposure. There is no way that these shoes are going to reach anything near 500 miles.

I will not walk 500 miles.

Sorry, I couldn’t help it. The song was just dancing in my head and I had to let it out so it would stop tormenting me.

And truthfully I will reach 500 miles, just not in these shoes. But the question still remains, how good are these shoes and are they worth it or is there a better walking shoe that will last longer?

While these shoes may not last another full month, I will be doing a part four of these shoes where I do a final break down, after the shoes have completely broken down. I need to do a little more research into how long walking shoes should last and the mileage you should expect out of them before I post a final verdict. While I like the info from the article I linked above, I dislike having only one source for a review like this. So I am off to do some sneaker research. If anyone has any suggestions for me to look into feel free to send them my way either in the comments or as an e-mail. I will be looking into both suggested survival times and possible alternatives for my next pair of shoes.

My impressions at this point are that they are good shoes that are comfortable to wear. I am a little unhappy with the thought of ordering a new pair every two months, but I also recognize that may be my usage of the shoes rather than the fault of the shoes. Again, more research is needed before my final review. So stay tuned.

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