IPSY August 2019 Review

IPSY August 2019

For those who don’t know, or need a reminder, IPSY is a $10 a month subscription service that sends 5 samples to you each month based on your profile.  In the past they haven’t paid all that much attention to the profile, at least I didn’t think they did, but they seem to be getting better about that now and are making more of an effort to tailor their samples.  Personally, I like the trend.

I have to say, this month was a pretty good selection in my opinion.  My first item was out of the bag and in the mailer and that was a set of two sheet masks from Comelyco.  It is the Blueberry & Peach Mask Set.  The masks are 100% cotton, which I like.  Not only does cotton biodegrade, but I am allergic to some sorts of plastics. 

Seriously, when I was a kid my grade school had shorts days (days you could wear shorts, something normally prohibited by school dress codes at the time) towards the end of the school year. It was mostly because the school had an ancient air conditioning system so they tried to make the occasionally sweltering classrooms feel like something they did intentionally, you know for fun. I was unable to participate because if I wore shorts and sat on those plastic chairs it felt like red ants were nibbling constantly on the back of my legs and left behind a rash to prove it.

Not a feeling I want on my face. Especially as causing a rash when you intend to smooth skin is sort of counterproductive.

So yay cotton.

I tried the blueberry sheet mask from the pack and have not tried the peach.  The blueberry scent reminds me of the fake blueberry smell you get with candy. You know, the kind of candy where if fruit juice is actually an ingredient it is really low on the list. That’s not a complaint.  I don’t mind the smell.  It did make me want candy though.

My complaint with the mask would be that the serum infused in the sheet mask never really absorbed into my skin. Either that or there was too much for my skin to absorb.  Although since the mask wasn’t dripping with an overabundance, I fear it was the former. Usually with sheet masks after you peel them off you pat the excess in.  There was way too much to pat in.  There was a thick layer of product on my skin and I had to use a dry wash cloth to tap some of it off.  It was kind of sticky feeling and to be honest, I didn’t feel the kind of results I’ve felt with other sheet masks.  Perhaps it will work better for someone with a different skin type. I have a friend who always complains of dry skin, I may pass the peach on to her and see if she likes it better. So a nice time out, but not a product I will buy in the future.

Next up, I pulled the IT Cosmetics, Confidence in a Gel Lotion Moisturizer. I have tried the confidence in a cleanser from IT Cosmetics and I was happy to see this in my bag.  Not so happy with the size of the sample. It is a very tiny tube.  I understand it is an expensive product but with skin care products It is really hard to get an accurate feel for the product and how it will perform.  I can say with the sample I tried, it was excellent.  It went on silky smooth and my skin just sucked it right in immediately.  There was almost no wait time for absorption. 

I have to say my hands were kind of rough from a week of fighting the bind weed and the little bit that sunk into my hands when I was moisturizing my face, really helped smooth the rough spots. I know, not its intended use, but an interesting side benefit. My only real complaint is that my tube wasn’t filled all the way (and it was a small tube to begin with) so the sample lasted two days. I’ve had some products I’ve used that worked great the first couple of days, but around day five started causing problems, which is why I always test my skin care for two weeks before making a decision.  Given how it performed in those two days of use though, I might have to put it on my list to purchase to do a full test and review (once I’ve whittled down my current line up).

The third item this month was from HUDA Beauty and was the Lip Contour in Trophy Wife. I have to admit, the product lives up to its hype. Their claim:

This lip pencil glides on like a dream and has a crazy color payoff to help you shade and shape your lips any way you want. There’s no chance of losing your lip look. The creamy formula lasts from lunch to late-night cocktails and is kiss-proof, waterproof, transfer-proof…you-name-it proof.

The liner went on smoothly with no skipping and stayed in place all day.  The color is also good for an everyday look. So even though I don’t get terribly excited about lip liners, I really liked this one.

Next item in this month’s beauty bag was an eyeshadow from Space Case Cosmetics in the shade Intense Stargasm. It is a shimmery silver shade that is good for accents.  The formula is soft with not a lot of fall out. While a bit much for my daily life, it is good to update a day look when you just want to spice up before going out.  Even though I tend to lose single shadows in the backs of drawers, I like the fact that this one comes in a hard plastic case so I can toss it into my purse without worrying about it getting smashed up and coating the inside of my purse with shadow powder. Over all, it’s a pretty good product. I’ve used space case eyeshadows before.  They don’t have the most intense colors, and all of the ones I’ve tried have been shimmer shades. They are great for brightening a look and they do stay put for hours. You just have to pair it with other shadows for a full look.

The final item in my bag was a nail polish from NAILS INC in the color Weekend Superpowers. While marketed as a cool, khaki green shade I would have to say that in some lights it looks kind of army green and in some it looks like it is edging into teal.  I wasn’t sure I’d like it at first, but the color is actually growing on me. In the picture, I applied only one coat to my nails to achieve a full coat.  I really like that as it not only uses less product, but it means less time waiting for things to dry.  The polish dries fairly quickly. At the moment I can’t say anything about its normal longevity and anti-chip properties as at this time of year no polish is going to last long. My nails just take too much of a beating. My only concern with this polish is the applicator.  The brush is a little on the wide side.  While this makes it great for quickly and easily applying a coat to most of my nails, my pinkies required a lot of clean up. (although clearly in the pic I was messy with more than just my pinky, sigh) Over all though, that is a minor concern. And I’m sure if I focused a bit more I would make less of a mess.

That was all for my bag this month. I did have a couple of add ons, mostly skin care, so I will do separate reviews on those products once I feel I’ve adequately tested them. Overall I’d have to say this was a pretty good month.  Most of the products I enjoyed and will either use or look into full sized versions, the exception being the sheet masks.  Which is sad because I love masks of all types. But there are always other masks to try. Maybe the next one will make my favorites list.

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