August 2019 Lip Monthly Review

Lip Monthly August 2019

For those of you who have been following me for the past few months, or at least reading my posts, you know that I have been on the fence about the Lip Monthly subscription bag.  It is a $12.95 per month subscription and each month you get four full sized lip products.  The last two months have been underwhelming.  Usually I re-evaluate beauty bags every six months or so to give them a fair chance before I decide whether to ditch or keep and the products were so lackluster I was considering canceling early.  This month however was a good if somewhat frustrating bag. The frustrating part came when I tried to look up the individual products.  While there is a card with the bag, it offers very little in the way of product information. It is just a card that basically says here are your products, here’s our theme, enjoy.

But I’ll cover the odd bits with each product. 

First I pulled a tube of Eternal Lip oil from Luna By Luna out of the bag.  According to the Luna By Luna website:

This is a …luxurious treatment oil that transforms lips from dry and damaged to moisturizer and hydrated all while adding just a hint of sheer color.

I will say right off, I got no hint of color in mine.  It is just shiny oil.  That is the only part of the ad copy I disagree with though.  Normally during my day I use a lip balm at my desks my anti snacking device.  Whenever I think of snacking even though I am not hungry, I swipe on a layer.  It keeps me from snacking and keeps my lips nice and hydrated.  For the past few weeks however I have been doing a lot of work in the garden and my lips have not only skipped several doses of the anti snacking treatment they have become accustomed to, they have spent a lot of time naked in the sun. They were feeling a bit on the chapped and neglected side. When I got this lip oil I started using it as soon as I came in from outside, well right after my shower really. I swiped a coat on and let it sit while I started my office work for the day. And now no more chapped lips.  I really like this product and would actually purchase this on my own when it runs out.  The retail price is $18 according to their site and actually pays for the bag.

The second item in my lip monthly bag this month was a lip gloss by Doop in the shade Peak. I would love to tell you more about it, however the only information I could find was that a similar shade is being sold on e-bay for $4.99.  I’ll try again to dig up more information (and if anyone has any, let me know) I can say it is a nice lip gloss.  It isn’t sticky and has only a bare tinge of color.  I tried switching it on my hand for this article but it just sort of looked shiny and maybe like it had color if you squinted.  As it looked the same on my lips, I didn’t bother with a picture.

Tango Pink by Model Co. Cosmetics

Next up we have a bullet style lipstick in Tango Pink from Model Co. I have tried their eye shadows before and really liked them, but never their lipstick.  I will say this is a creamy formula that glides on smoothly and stays put all day.  It is a little more pink than I usually like but with either a darker lip liner or a colored gloss over it (the Doop above and the Be a Bombshell below actually work really well with this) it adjusts the pink to something I would wear.  And given its longevity on the lips, I will wear it.  Here’s where it goes pear shaped though.  I tried to look it up to find out more details (such as retail price). The Model Co. website did not have the shade listed and the only lipsticks that looked like this were labeled new and came in a three pack.  The three pack was listed for $15, not bad for three lipsticks actually.  The other lipsticks on the product page ranged from $10 to $23, but none of them looked like the product I received.  The three pack did, but not the individual ones. In addition, I think they might be going through a bit of a rebranding.  While most of their products were listed as Model Co Cosmetics.  All of the products labeled New were branded MCo Cosmetics.  Not that it is really important, but with no product information provided by lip monthly, I found not being able to locate the information frustrating.  It is a good product and I wouldn’t mind trying out other shades.  I just have no idea how much they actually cost.  If they are $10 I would buy one, if they are $23, I probably wouldn’t.

Swatches from both Tango Pink by Model Co (top) and Be a Bombshell Afternoon Delight (lower)

Finally I pulled the last item from the bag, a mechanical lip liner from Be a Bombshell Cosmetics. My shade was Afternoon Delight.  It is a bit too coral colored on its own but as all of my other lip liners are in berry shades, it is nice to have a lighter shade.  It also went well with the Model Co lipstick and helped me adjust the pink. It was also not as smooth a formula as I like.  It is a bit stiff, but warms up after a minute and applies well enough.  Not my favorite, but certainly not the worst I’ve tried.  I am pleased to say I found it offered on the site Sweet Sparkle for the regular retail price of $8.  At present it is on sale for $3.99. To be honest, I could see it being a $4 lipstick, but I wouldn’t pay $8 for it. And truthfully, I wouldn’t purchase it.  I have tried cheaper drug store lip liners that work better so I’ll use this, but not purchase it.

So that was August’s Lip Monthly bag.  This is the first one in several months where I would actually use all of the products, even if I would not purchase some of them on my own.  It was frustrating not to find more information, but if I can’t find more info or it is conflicting, that just tells me not to buy the product. Over all I m not confident enough in the prices I found to tell you the over all value of this month’s bag.  The Luna by Luna Lip oil at a definite $18 paid for the bag though so I feel I got value for the $12.95 expense, even if there is no way to create a total.  So for now, the subscription remains and I will hold to my end of the year evaluation. For any of you interested in checking this subscription out, click HERE to use my referral code or if you want just go to

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