IPSY Glam Bag Plus August 2019 Review

IPSY Glam Bag Plus August 2019

This was an interesting box this month.  It turned out to be one of those months where I could do almost a complete face from the box.  So I did.  First of all, the details.  The IPSY Glam Bag plus is a $25 per month beauty box subscription.  Inside you get five full sixed products.  The value of this month’s products came to $128.50 according to the card, so you certainly get good value for the money.  So let’s jump in.

We’ll start from the ground up with the foundation. The first product is the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer™ with SPF 50+ in the shade Medium (retail $39.50).I’ve mentioned it before, I am leery of dual purpose products as I feel they still generally only perform one of their functions properly.  Truthfully, that holds true for this product as well.  It is a full coverage foundation.  I don’t think it’s a great moisturizer.  I personally like the moisturizers and cleansers from the IT brand.  I’m not 100% sold on this product. You will see my first picture of me with a freshly washed face, nothing on the skin ready for moisturizer and beyond. Then if you continue down you will see me with just the foundation on.  I apologize for the serial killer facial expression.  The foundation was doing a little bit of settling in the lines so I was trying not to create more lines by smiling.

No makeup here folks, just clean skin

Oh, and as we go through, ignore the under eyes, I suffer from chronic insomnia so the night before I tossed and turned until 4 am and then gave up sleep as an unattainable goal and started my day early.  No amount of any product was going to eliminate the baggage.

I wasn’t thrilled with the settling in the lines, but it is a decent full coverage foundation and lasts all day.  The settling did not get worse at all throughout the day so I may give it another shot.  I think I would use a primer next time with it and get better results.  I didn’t this time because I was still treating it partially as a moisturizer, but I think that would eliminate the issue.

Just the foundation, ignore the serial killer expression

While I did use my own setting powder and concealer (I also use my concealer as eye primer for shadow), The Balm Cosmetics In the Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Volume 2 Palette (retail $32) which came in the box this month handled almost everything else. I have tried single shadows from The Balm before and loved them and I have friends who swear by their bronzer so I was super excited to get this palette.  I also like that it wasn’t just shadow.  I used the blush, bronzer and highlighter as well as the eyeshadows.  I went for a very low key look. Not having to look for other products made the getting ready process super quick. My only issue was with the blush.  My brush was a little bigger than the palette wanted me to use and so I inadvertently blended two blushes.  Not terrible, but something to watch out for.  There was a little fallout from the shadows, but nothing major and I was easily able to sweep it away. I think that this palette is going to be my standard go to for a while in regards to everyday looks.

The Balm palette, there is a mirror on the top of the palette which I tucked under

While there was no lip product in the box this month I used the Huda Beauty lip liner that came in my regular IPSY bag this month and then applied a clear gloss over it.  Next time, I would skip the liner and just go with the gloss as it is more suitable for the understated look I was doing.  I just thought it might be fun to show it.  I actually replaced it with a calmer shade before leaving the house.

Full face from the box

Next in the bag this moth was the AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask (retail $33).  Now we all know, I love masks.  The only thing I’d tried from them before was their hand cream.  My mother ADORES their hand cream. I think it is good hand cream but the scent is just kind of basic. This mask has the same kind of smell so I was automatically thinking it would be so so (It smells like a cream that you would use on your face, I don’t know what other terms to use to describe it).  I would say that it is just okay if you are looking for a 20 minute face mask.  It is decently hydrating but not something I got terribly excited about. However, since the description says it can be used overnightI tried it as a night mask.  This is where this product shines.  Forget using it as a regular mask and just put a layer on your skin before going to bed.  When I wasn’t my face the next morning my skin was soft and hydrated.  It may actually be my favorite night mask.

Also included in my box this month was the Suva Beauty Liquid Chrome Illuminating Drops in Trust Fund (retail $26). This product is nice, goes on smoothly has a nice golden glow (which I actually prefer to the more silvery ones) and is not to in your face with the highlight. (In other words I wasn’t singing ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ in my head after I saw myself in the mirror, admittedly I don’t but highlighter on the end of my nose either. I understand the logic, I just really hate that trend.) I wasn’t thrilled with the liquid drops though as I think I wasted more product on my hand then I actually applied to my face. (I put it on the back of my hand and then applied it with a finger to my face.  And yes I was singing the theme from ‘Goldfinger’ as I did it.  Or as much of the lyrics as I can remember.) I like it and I’ll use it, but I really do prefer pressed powder highlighters. Aside from the personal preference, it is a good product.

Three coats to go opaque

Finally we come to a product I was very excited to see.  It was the Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Pillow Pie (retail $18).  I got one of these nail polishes in another box a while ago and I love it. It really is chip resistant and lasts a really long time. I wasn’t too thrilled with the semi-sheer color so I applied multiple layers (three in this pick) to get a solid color. I think in the future I may put this as a wash over a deeper color that I want to tone down. It is a bit on the pricy side, but it is a good polish. The bottle is also beautiful enough that I want to display it rather than chuck it into the drawer where I keep my other nail polish.

Over all I really liked this month’s Glam Bag Plus.  I had a lot of fun with the products (and isn’t that really what make-up is for?) and I found both an excellent everyday palette and a new favorite night cream.  All in all, not too shabby. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next month.

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