Weight loss Regime Survival Tip # 13: Love your feet

foot scrub of the moment, a pair of fuzzy socks and my go to foot cream

Sad to say, I don’t think a lot about my feet. Well, at least I didn’t. Mostly I bought them fun socks, partially because I like fun socks and partially because I could no longer paint my toenails without huffing and puffing like I was climbing a steep hill (if I tried pulling my knee to my chest) or making a mess (if I tried painting sideways). So I rarely painted them. The socks were a consolation prize.

Occasionally I grumbled because my feet hurt from my weight, but my knees bore the brunt of that load so they were of secondary concern.

Then I realized I couldn’t just lose weight by controlling my calories alone. I had to actually move if I wanted to shed any significant poundage. So I did.

At first my whole body was an aching misery. I’d like to say it was because I overdid it, because it felt like I did. The truth is, I just wasn’t used to moving. While I occasionally went for a walk, they were short leisurely strolls taken mostly when my characters were misbehaving or I needed to sort out a tangled plot line. This was stepping into a whole new world.

And my body didn’t like it.

It protested.

Gradually, my muscles loosened and like the fitness gurus explain, my body grew accustomed to exercise. I’m still waiting for the calorie burning euphoria they promised, the runner’s high I believe it is called. So far no dice on that. The closest I’ve come was walking too long on too hot of a day and feeling dizzy until I pounded some water back into my body. Not what they said you should aim for, and believe me I chastised myself plenty over that one. But at least the aching muscles subsided.


That’s when my feet decide that a life time of neglect was finally over. They were staging a protest and they would have their demands recognized. Let me tell you, feet know how to protest.

The complaints came in many ways. The bones ached and when pain didn’t convince me to give up my evil weight loss plan, they tingled at me as though threatening to fall asleep. They went hot. They went cold. In fact they switched between temperature extremes so many times I contemplated an exorcism because I was certain a demon was responsible. (Turns out I just have generally poor circulation that my weight didn’t help and that was exacerbated by the new exercise, my doctor used lots of long words to describe it and promised it would get better, which it did).

Then came the blisters.

I’ve gotten blisters before. Loads of times in fact. Most new shoes have given me blisters on the back of my heels until they wear in. Until I started this journey though I didn’t realize you could actually get blisters between your toes. I am still not entirely sure how that happened.

I did realize though that unless I planned to sit in a chair and use weights as my entire weight loss plan, I was somewhat dependent on my feet. I had a potentially hostile situation on my hands. So I started sweet talking them and I was shameless. There was the foaming foot soak cream and the little foot soaking bath (picked up at a TJMAXX on sale and so worth the money), there were soft, fluffy socks for lounging and most importantly was the the foot cream.

While my foot soak changes out often with no clear favorite yet determined, the foot soak is a once a week or once every other week sort of thing. The foot cream is nightly and I have found my absolute favorite. As soon as my tube looks like it is getting low, I buy another. If it ever goes out of production, I would cry. And write letters. Lots of letters. It is the only beauty product I use on any part of my body I can actually say that about. My go too for foot cream is the Heel Genius by Soap and Glory. Once, it had to be ordered from Sephora, but now it is available at Target for $8.99. It is so worth it. (and anyone who has read my posts for a while knows that if I could get away with a $1.79 product I would. I tried, I can’t. This is a product I will pay for.)

At night I like to read for an hour or so before bed as a way to clear my brain for sleep. I do all of the bed time things (brush teeth, wash face and so on) then I settle into the bed with my book, the side lamp on (which I can reach without getting out of bed). Before I settle myself with my book I put a thick coat of cream on my feet, rubbing it into the calluses and massaging the sore bits. I tend to layer it on thick then pull on a pair of thick socks so the cream doesn’t get all over the bed. Then I read. Just before I go to sleep I take off the socks and turn out the light. By then the cream is mostly absorbed (i.e. not getting all over the sheets) and my feet feel soft and pampered no matter what I put them through that day. More than any other cream this has helped with my callouses and cracked heels.

In the winter my feet get really dry and my heel calluses tend to crack which is not only visually unappealing, but painful as well. If you have similar issues, I’d suggest giving this cream (and the thick layer with socks method) a try. It really soaks in.

And if you are building up your workout, I would recommend not forgetting your feet. Even if you just go with my grandmother’s standby of epsom salts and peppermint oil in a plastic bin filled with warm water, spend some time pampering your feet. Not only is it a good way to say thanks for holding me up, but it tends to reduce the number of blisters you get. And that is a very good thing.

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