Weight loss Regime Survival Tip #14: The Sports Bra

The trusty Sports Bra a staple in the battle of the bulge

Yes, I know, it’s common sense. When working out wear a sports bra, especially if you are a woman with a large bosom. It’s one of those things everyone is told and everyone knows.  But if you are new to exercise, there are a few things you might not realize.

As I stated before, my weight when starting out was 246 lbs. Needless to say participating in sport was not a priority for me.  At best I went for a short stroll through the neighborhood while working out what sort of evil to unleash on my unsuspecting characters to keep the story moving along its plotline. Full on exercise was a whole new world for me. While I heard all about the need for sports bras I waved the concern away, after all I may have a large bust, but I was starting off my weight loss plan by walking more.  I reasoned that as I walked around in regular bras all the time, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

That was foolish of me.

Walking around in your daily life and walking for exercise are two different things.  The main issue is sweat. Walking around, if it is a hot day, you may sweat a little bit.  If you are committed to walking for weight loss, you will more than likely sweat a lot.  When you do, those under wires that press on your upper rib cage and make taking a bra off at the end of the day so satisfying, rub against your skin causing raw patches. 

Equally dangerous, believe it or not, is lace.  No matter how soft the lace, if it is pressed against the skin, watch out.  Once it becomes soaked all of those little holes that make lace look so delicate and pretty help turn it into very attractive sandpaper and you will very quickly see thin lines of irritation on the skin.  After my first week working out, I thought I had some sort of allergic reaction.  I didn’t, my love of lace was just trying to take me down.

So I bought the sports bras.

But herein lies a hidden peril.

At least for me.

You see my first sport’s bras were the traditional ones that you slip on like tank tops over your head.  They have no fasteners. They are, by design made to hold you tight.  I’m sure there is a designer’s comment about distributing the weight of your breasts to prevent backache as well as keeping you from bouncing around. They are not flattering and it takes a bit to get used to everything being pushed hard against your chest.  The new ones have super strong elastic in them and I can say I had never had an undergarment make me feel so ungainly as when I put it on.

At least until I tried to take it off.

I struggled my way into the new sports bra, feeling victorious when I got it into place.  I felt fabulous when I went on an extended walk and my undergarments caused me no trouble whatsoever.  I walked farther and sweat more than I had previously.  Nothing rubbed me the wrong way. I was on my way to a healthier me and nothing could stop me.

Then I came home, cooled off and decided to strip for a shower.

That’s when I realized that while sweat may drip off me, it is absorbed by the sort materials that comprise the makeup of the sport’s bra. And when wet, the garment you struggled so hard to get into when it was dry, becomes doubly difficult to remove. I’m not certain elastic clings harder when wet, but it sure felt that way.

I felt as though I was impersonating Houdini as he tried escaping a straightjacket.  The impression was enhanced by the fact that my love was watching some sort of show where the detective visits a carnival and the sound track drifted through the air vents into the bathroom.

Not exactly helpful.

I finally managed to pry it off and slink exhausted into the shower.

Afterwards, I went looking for a better sports bra.

T-back with clasp at the back for easier removal, at least for me

Now you may not have my troubles, you may have no problems prying the garment from your skin.  It may just be me that has this issue. But after practically dislocating my shoulder in an effort to take a shower, I got a different bra.  My current favorite, pictured in this post, has a t-strap and cloth that breathes (in case you were wondering what the decoration on the front is, they are little holes to help air flow.  I don’t know if they actually do anything or are like painting flames on the side of a car to make it go faster, but I think they are a pretty addition to a utilitarian object).

Best of all is the small bra clasp in the back. While the sport’s bra is still removed by pulling it over head, the clasp allows a little wiggle room (the t back also helps with manouveing).  Literally. When fastened it is as tight and secure as any other sports bra, when unfastened, it loosens, giving me the space to wiggle free without considering it a death defying act. Or throwing out my shoulder. I think this one was made by Danskin, but I’m sure other companies make them as well.

I know that is a long way to go to say something so simple, but it isn’t something that occurred to me in the beginning and if you are starting out, it may not have occurred to you. And if this saves you a little misery, it was worth writing.

Get a sports bra and know that they aren’t all the same, so pick the style that works for you.  Oh, and to save water, don’t run the shower until after you’ve taken that new sports bra off for the first time. Just in case. Houdini is one thing, Houdini in an underwater trick is another.

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