Boxyluxe September 2019 Review

Boxyluxe September 2019

Okay I admit it. I signed up for Boxyluxe. This was my first month of it and I have to say, this was a pretty good month as far as I am concerned.  While Boxycharm is a $21/month subscription, quarterly for an additional $28.99 you can upgrade the box to Boxyluxe. Of course yesterday they sent out an e-mail changing that. In November while the Boxyluxe portion will remain the same but the regular BoxyCharm box will be going up in price.  It will be $25/ month.  In addition there will be a new box called the Ultimate available for $38. If you want all of the details on all of the new programs I’d suggest going to and reading through all of the details to see which, if any are right for you.

I’m pretty sure most of these changes are so Boxycharm can stay competitive with IPSY.  IPSY is of course going through changes of its own.  It seems like each month lately they have both changed something major about themselves, which I know is the nature of competitive business, but I’d sort of like to see them both settle down for a bit. Of course that could be because I just made the change to Boxyluxe and am trying to figure out if it is worth it as they roll out a new program so maybe that is just me.

Anyway, on to the box.

Okay the first item in my box was the Sutra clipless curling iron with cool tip. (retail $65) I am still dealing with summer hair, which as you may have guessed from pictures of me, mostly involves me twisting it up to get it out of the way until the heat breaks.  I do this partially because I have thick hair and it is frying pan hot most days, but also so that I can give my hair a break from treatments and products. I basically let it recover from the rest of the year.  Usually by now the weather has broken and I take my summer hair to the salon, begging them to do something with it.

As I’m sure everyone knows, the weather has not broken.  But I braved the heat anyway.  The curling iron worked well.  It warmed quickly and didn’t take forever to cool down.  It gave my hair soft curls that I could finger comb to waves. It specifies that it is good for giving you…

Beach waves, glam curls, soft or tight curls or even ringlets

I don’t know if my hair is too long and thick at the moment to support that. I got the soft waves but without the clip I had a hard time wrapping my hair tightly enough to get the full on curls that a regular curling iron gives.  I may have to try it again once I’ve lost some of the hair to a salon cut.  My hair may just be too long. It is a good curling iron for waves though. 

My biggest problem was that it has no real kickstand to support it should you need to put it down when you are working.  My dressing table is wooden and I was worried about it against the wood so I moved to the bathroom and rested it on the closed lid of the toilet to make sure I didn’t burn anything.  I think it is well worth practicing to get the hang of the clipless part, but definitely moving to the bathroom to do my hair.

One of my all time hair faves

Speaking of hair, one of my favorite hair products was in this box.  I tried a sample size of this a while back and fell in love.  It is the IGK Mistress Hydrating Balm.  (retail $29). Since trying this product a while ago I added it to my shopping list .  Since I don’t do much with my hair over the summer I tend to buy a tube in the fall.  This year I don’t have to, at least not right away.  It is a leave in conditioner and it is super lightweight.  My favorite part is that I can put it in my hair when I get out of the shower, let my hair dry naturally then brush it and it comes out great, no major fly aways and no extra heat from the hair dryer. I love this product.

I am a little more on the fence with the Glow Recipe Pineapple-C bright serum. (retail $49) As with all skin care, I’ll use it for a couple of weeks before I make my final decision but the start is not good. It’s a scent thing.  I don’t know if I am just not used to pineapple scented skin products but the scent is like when you are out at a picnic and someone leaves a bowl of pineapple chunks in the sun too long.  This serum has that same overly sweet almost sun-fermented scent to it and I am finding that hard to get past.  Now I love their Watermelon Sleep Mask, so I will try to get past the scent to see if the product works.  On that I’ll have to report back.

Violet Voss Palette

Something else I’ll have to report back on is the Violet Voss Essentials Eyeshadow Palette (retail $29). It is a pretty enough mix of colors and the shadows are soft and pigmented but I have to confess when I look at them, no real eye looks automatically come to mind. There are a good number of mattes, which I like as I only really like shimmers as a pop at the end and I wear more mattes than shimmers. It claims to be a fashion forward neutrals palette, which I am also having a hard time seeing given the color scheme. Part of me thinks that they are calling it a neutrals palette because of the mattes and the fact that it is not a rainbow palette. There are a host of things between the two though and I think this falls into that category.  Still I will play around with it and report back once I figure out what looks I want to create using it.

Speaking of eyes, the Hank and Henry Blickity Black Eye liner (retail $20) was in this box as well.  I’ve seen a lot of people going crazy for this brand but this is the first thing I have ever tried from them.  It’s an eyeliner.  A pretty good one, but nothing to really get all worked up about. It’s pretty standard actually. I can use it, but I’m not entirely certain what all the hype was about.  Maybe it was for a different product. This is a standard, good black eyeliner.

There was also a Stila Stay all day liquid lipstick which I was thrilled by.(retail $22). I love Stila lipsticks as once they dry they stay in place and aren’t drying on my lips. The color I got was Rubino and I really like it.  It is certainly one I will be using.

Also something I will be using is the Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery sleeping Mask (retail $52). I have never had a problem with any Dr. Brandt product and I know I’ve mentioned numerous times my love of sleeping masks. I got this box a little under a week ago and I have been using this product ever since.  It has almost no scent, goes on easily and is quickly absorbed so you don’t have sludge on your pillow when you lay down and it leaves my skin feeling great the next morning.  I had a couple of red and dry patches from spending so much time in the sun finishing up my fall garden chores and this smoothed them out in about three days.  This and the next product together more than pay for the box and make me happy I bought it.

Palette interior
The exterior of the palette

The final product in my boxyluxe box made me extremely happy I bought this.  I know it is not a new product on the market but I’ve never been the sort of person who has to have the newest thing simply because it is the newest thing.  I like things that work well and that I will use.  This is both, although I must confess, I love the way it looks.  This is the Tarte Park Avenue Princess Palette. It is so pretty that not only does it make me happy to look at it but it classes up my entire dressing table just by sitting there. When opened, it has a yummy light chocolate scent and an array of bronzing/contouring powders.  Each of the shades are buttery soft and blend like a dream on the face.  I love that there are several shades of bronzer so that as my summer tan fades, I can adjust as to which powders I use. The lighter contouring shades need a more delicate hand with applying but still blend out so even if you apply too much in the first swipe you can easily correct.  This is by far my favorite thing in this box and something that I will be using down to pan.

And there we have the eight products that were in this quarter’s Boxyluxe and the total value of the products came to $360 which is way more than they guaranteed. I am super happy with what I received in my box in total. In the the end the products were a mix: Some good, some not so good, some needing work to figure out and some becoming staples on my dressing table. Over all I am really satisfied with this box and am looking forward to seeing what products I get to try next.

2 thoughts on “Boxyluxe September 2019 Review

  1. I just signed up for this a few days ago!! I’m so excited. I’ve been wanting to try that Glow serum!! It’s too bad about the smell. Still crazy that you get such pricey, high-end products in the subscription. Reading your post made me soo much more excited to receive mine lol.


    1. I know I was really bummed about the scent, the product is good though, I just sort of hold my breath. 😉 I love the high end products they add to the box. I personally love being able to try them for real with a full size before deciding if they are worth purchasing. Hope you like the box as much as I do.

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