IPSY Glam Bag September 2019 Review

IPSY Glam Bag September 2019

IPSY is changing. I’m sure by now many of you have heard about this.  This Month’s regular IPSY Glam Bag was the regular price of $10/ month. Starting next month the bag’s price will be going up to $12.  The IPSY Glam Bag Plus (which I also currently get) is remaining at $25/ month. In addition, they will be adding a makeup bag to each month’s plus box as well. They are now offering an Ultimate bag with a larger make-up bag, eight full sized products and four deluxe or sample sized products.  This box will be offered for $50. Currently I get the Glam Bag and the Glam Bag Plus which gives me five full sized products and five deluxe or sample sized products per month. The cost has been $35 but will soon be $37.

I’m sure everyone knows enough basic math to be aware that there is only a $13 difference between the $50 ultimate and the $37 I will be paying for the other subscriptions.  By happenstance this month I actually cancelled a subscription that cost me $12.95 per month.  So in October I am going to try consolidation.  My plan is to only get the Ultimate box and see how I like it.  If I decide I don’t I may go back to my previous subscription configuration.  I have to say though, more full sized and less sample sized items are a plus in my life at this point.  I find I’m getting frustrated with some of the sample sizes, especially the skin care based ones.  It is nice to try them, but there often isn’t enough product in the container for me to fully form an opinion and I am left with just a first impression.

So that is where I am now with this subscription.  The world being what it is, things may change.

On to the bag.

This month the first thing I have to comment on is the bag itself.  This month’s was nice.  It is a lined cloth with a design featuring constellations and a zipper tab embellished  with a plastic ‘crystal’.  It is nice and I tend to reuse the cloth bags more than the more plastic-y bags.  Those I tend to pass on to a charity outfit in town that fills them with essentials for people in need.

The first thing I pulled out of this bag was if not a full sized item, certainly a deluxe one.  It is the OFRA x Madison Ollie Need is Love Blush.  At the moment I have several blushes, most of which I think of as okay but not great.  I currently do not have a go to blush. This is a good blush, but it might not be my go to.  I’ll have to work with it a bit longer to see how it ranks.  I dipped my brush in and got a LOT of powder on the first swipe.  I knocked a lot off causing a pink dust storm across my dressing table and applied the rest.  It is a nice shade.  A bit intense at first, but it does blend out well. I’ve tried dipping more softly into the powder, but still got a lot of excess. I like the product, but the waste (and the necessity for clean up so everything doesn’t end up with a pink undertone) sort of bothers me.  I think it will cause me to reach for this product less often than I would if it didn’t have the fall out. Otherwise it is a good product.

Lots of fall out created a mini pink dust storm across my dressing table.

The Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask by Glow Recipe was in my bag this month and I was happy to see it.  I was also happy to see that it is a flat bottomed container and doesn’t have that shell over a round bottom.  While a small container it is full and not hiding a hollow space. I have used this product before and it is on my purchase list.  I did set this sample aside though for two reasons.  The first is that I am currently testing the Dr. Brandt sleeping mask and wanted to give it a full trial, and the second is that the holidays are coming.  While I don’t do a lot of travelling throughout the year my family and my love’s family are spread out so it feels like we are constantly traveling through November and December. So every autumn I start putting samples by to travel so I don’t have to pack larger containers. When I travel with family I like to go with one large purse and one small suitcase.  The travel sized products help immensely with that plan.

But like I said, I’ve tried this before.  It is excellent.  A pea sized amount is all you need to cover your face and as advertised:

It’s pillow-proof! That means it stays on while you sleep (even if you toss and turn) without getting everywhere—and the breathable formula doesn’t feel super heavy or take an army of washcloths to remove.

I love when products match their advertisement claims, don’t you? While it is a Watermelon night mask, I swear it smells just like sour apple jolly ranchers to me. That could just be me though.  Either way, I’m not complaining.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said about the LA BEAUTE FATALE COSMETICS

Matte Liquid Lipstick in Tuff Love. First, let’s talk packaging. I don’t mind the brush applicator tip.  My issue is with the turning to release product.  I turned and turned and turned and began to think that the product chamber was empty.  Every few turns I tried it on my hand and got nothing.  Not even a little dripple of color.  It was just a soft brush against my hand.  Then one turn produced a drop of product.  Eureka.

It was a gusher.  You can tell that in my hand swatch picture there is a LOT of product on my hand. That was the first drop that came out.  I was trying to get rid of some of it on my hand so as not to make a mess later.  I have since used it three times and have not yet had to turn the crank to release more product.  Although if I use it again, I will now have to turn it.  I’ve tried lipsticks with this turning mechanism before and they always end up making a mess. If nothing else the cap gets so gunky that it has to be rinsed out periodically.  I learned a while back never to try carrying something like this in a purse. It is a strictly at home applicator style.

Which is a shame because I LOVE the color.  I have actually been looking for a lipstick this color for a while. It went on smoothly and dried down nicely.  It stayed in place but after a few hours I had to put a lip gloss over it because it was really drying my lips out. The second time I wore it, I waited until it dried then put a moisturizing lip balm over it and my lips were fine all day. It is long lasting and a good color, but that packaging really lets it down. Just say no to click pens.

In my bag this month I received a moisturizer I have used before, FIRST AID BEAUTY’s Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream.  It is a nice cream that absorbs quickly and has a pleasant smell to it. It sits well under make-up and doesn’t break me out.  Because I’ve tried it before, know I like it and also know that the container does not contain enough product for a full skin care test, I put it to the side for my travel bag rather than use it.  It is on my list of ‘purchase for full testing’ as all of the times I’ve tried this cream it has been in sample sized doses. So a full skin care test will have to wait. It is however on the list.

Last but not least I received a Phase Zero Satin Eyeshadow in Velvet.  It is soft and creamy to the touch, very pigmented and long lasting.  It is easy to blend and I personally like the color.  I seem to be getting several purplish maroon shades in single shadows.  I may have to do a purple eye look with just my singles. I may have to haul out my singles and play with them for a bit.I lie to think that I will use this shade, even as just an accent one since it is so nice, but I have the feeling it will get lost in the drawer with the other single shadows.  Which is a shame since I have several that are really nice and because of their packaging can’t be added to a z-palette.  I might have to find a space on my dressing table and just line a few of them up.  I’m sure if I saw them every day instead of tucking the box into a drawer I would use them more. I just have to figure out a way to do that without making a mess.  I get into tidying fits and small loose containers are automatically put away so I feel as though I’ve accomplished something. Definitely something to think about.

Well that was my bag this month and I have to say it was a good one.  My biggest problem with any of the products really involved packaging rather than product. I received things I will use and was able to set two items to the side for the start of my traveling season. Given all of the changes, it should be interesting to see how next month shakes out.

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