Palette Review: Nomad -Berlin Underground

Nomad – Berlin Underground

I received this palette as part of my IPSY Glam Bag Plus this month and while I initially liked the palette, I wanted a little more time to review it separately. On the Nomab website it retails for $37. Its description on the site is:

Palette interior showing shades and full mirror, which I really like.

Intense eyeshadows formulated with extra-fine pigments and infused with Hemp Seed Oil for buttery feel yet fierce color payoff. 15 alternative shades in shimmery metallics, matte & duo-chrome inspired by the rebellious underground culture of Berlin before and after The Wall. The perfect color palette for creating both everyday go-to looks with bronzes, browns & golds and unique smokey eyes with snakeskin green, burnt orange & distressed black.

I will say, looking at the palette, for the first time, I really liked the color scheme. I could also immediately see how several of the colors could work together to form a cohesive eye look. I’ll admit it. I actually giggled a little at the thought of playing with them. My only initial concern was that there were not many shades that appeared to be mattes. In fat looking at the palette, there are only three mattes NDW, Oranienstrabe and Tacheles.

Not the best view of me I can say but the point is to show the shadows: I used the matte Oraniestrabe as a base then added Poor but Sexy over it. East Side Gallery was used as an accent but needs a wet brush for any color pay off otherwise it is just a bare shine.

As I started to work with them, i realized that not all of their shimmers were shimmers. The black color in the palette, Klubnacht has a shimmer to it in the pan, but looses that sheen on the eyes. The same can also be said for Loveparade. The others retain their shimmer but are not as shimmery as they appear in the pan. When playing with these colors for the review, I tried to use multiple colors so I could see how the bulk of them worked and how they worked together. In reality when using this palette, I think I would grab a neutral from another palette, Or pair the palette with one of my floating single shadows and then just pick one of the colors. As I was using them I found myself wanting to let them stand on their own, without mixing with each other.

I used NDW as a base and then had to use a makeup wipe to cleanse my nose so I didn’t look like I had taken a punch. I then added Klubnacht for the black and tamed the peacock bule of the NDW with Kreuzberg. This really needs eyeliner and mascara to finish it off. Also my love called this my Ming the Merciless look. Not quite was I was going for, but fun.

For these pictures I used the shadows dry and did not lay down a primer base. I just wanted to see what they looked like straightforward on bare skin. I also added no mascara or eyeliner to distract from the shadows. These colors really demand both to finish it though. As you can see, they really do need a primer base under them as they do not pop as much as I thought they would.

In addition, for true impact, many of the shades need to be used with a brush spritzed with a setting spray, specifically the metallics. Tekkno, The Wall, SO36, Deutschpunk, and Hansa all need a wet brush, otherwise they show up as a patchy bare wash of color with a slight sheen to the eyelids. Oddly they made my lids look more greasy than shadowed when used dry. I’m guessing that is the hemp oil infused in them.

For this I used Loveparade as a base. I really like that color. it went on really intense but blended out well. I then used the matte color Tacheles and added the shimmery Chaostage. The shimmer did spread a little further than I planned. Again this look needs eyeliner and mascara to really be finished off, but I really like these shadows, Love Parade is an excellent crease shade I believe I will use a lot.

All of the shades are botter soft and with the exception of a few have little fall out. NDW is very powdery and if you apply it, do so with a light touch in the pan and a dabbing rather than a sweeping motion across the lids. I tried the sweep first and my nose was peacock blue. I normally do not do my eyes first and then apply my face makeup, but with this shade I think I would. I normally lay down extra powder and then clean up, but I don’t think that would work with this shade. This is most definitely do your eyes shade. I expected more of a fall out from Klubnacht, mostly because black eyeshadows seem to always have fall out. This did have a little more fall out than other shadows, but not nearly as much as NDW and was a lot easier to work with than I thought it would be. It is an intense black so co slow and blend. The color pay off is amazing though.

While I did use the pigments dry and without a base, they stayed on my eyelids for four hours at a stretch and the shimmers stayed where they were put, they did not end up too much under my eye. While I think I can do several really nice eye looks with this palette, I really am drawn to using each as a sweep of color alone across the eye with just mascara and eyeliner to finish the look. Over all I really enjoyed this palette and will definitely be getting a lot of use from it. I anticipate the gold color, Poor But Sexy will be making many a holiday appearance this year. The color is simply too rich to let it languish.

In the end I think this palette is worth the $37 retail price. The colors are rich, colorful yet muted shades that are unlike most of the other palettes I have come across and when applied they stay in place. Just remember, when using them apply a primer (or concealer) as a base and be ready to damp down your brush with setting spray to intensify the color. And be very careful with the peacock blue that is NDW to avoid looking like you were smacks in the face by a rampaging peacock. Unless that is the look you are going for. No judgement. While my eye looks aren’t as dramatic as some, I really enjoyed using this palette and will keep using it.

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