Ear Fleek Review September 2019

Ear Fleek September 2019

There is something about dangling earrings that just makes me happy. I don’t know if it is just feeling them swing as I move throughout the day or what, but I really like them. This month’s selection from Ear Fleek is no exception. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have chosen these on my own. I probably would have passed them by if I saw them in a store.

I do however like them when I put them in my ears. The weight of the round ball at the end of the short chain provides just the right amount of swing and the stud up at the ear lobe provides just the right amount of sparkle. They aren’t plain but they are basic enough to be worn with most things I own and can go from office to out with no problems. A lot of my fun earrings can’t be worn in work environments (or are at least frowned on) and my work earrings always seem too subdued when going out. This rides that middle line between the two very well.

As always the Ear Fleek program I am in has the monthly subscription at a lovely $3.49 per month. They have a higher priced subscription and offer more expensive earrings through it, but I like my inexpensive subscription. I will say though, I have noticed that their shipping has changed a little since they added the second subscription. Prior, the money for the earrings would be taken out of my account on the 15th of the month and later that day the earrings would be shipped out. They would arrive at my mailbox generally around the 18th.

I don’t know if they have changed something in shipping or if they shifted priorities internally, or if it is my post office adjusting things, but things changed. Now they still take the money out on the 15th, but I don’t get a shipping noticed until the 18th or so. And this month’s selection arrived on the 23rd. I know it isn’t much of a change in the grand scheme of things, and to be honest it doesn’t really bother me. I only keep track of things so that if I have to go out of town I know when things are coming in.

Anyway, if you are interested in checking out Ear Fleek to see if either of their programs is right for you, I highly encourage it. I’ve enjoyed each month I’ve been subscribed. You can check them out by clicking HERE or if you don’t want to use my referral code by simply going to earfleek.com.

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