Weight loss Regime Survival Tip #18: Out of Control

This summer, this little guy got into my lettuce bed somehow but then couldn’t get out so he made himself a nice home with a lettuce and herb buffet.

In one way or another most of my weight loss insights (if you want to call them that) are in the end, about control. Controlling what you eat and how you burn it off is the constant thread. When dieting, control is very important. Whether it is sticking to a specific diet plan or hitting your caloric burn at the gym, you maintain control. If you are like me then its when you lose control that the pounds add up.

The thing is, life is really hard to control.

You can do your best, but things happen.

Sorry, that didn’t look dramatic enough.


I feel better with that. Be sure to read it in an overly dramatic tone would you? Thanks.

Those things are outside of your control and like it or not, they must be dealt with. Meetings that run on because Gary is incapable of making complete declarative sentences, chicken pox, engine trouble; all things you can’t control. Sure you can pace around your car while waiting for the mechanic instead of walking on the treadmill and I’m sure mentally screaming different adverbs at Gary as he stumbles along burns some sort of calories (or just keeps you from a murderous rage, which is also good). But it wasn’t what you had planned. So you make the best of it.

I was rather forcibly reminded of this just yesterday. While most of the garden has been dismantled and is awaiting its load of winter mulch, we have one remaining plant bed filled with paprika peppers. They aren’t so much growing as turning red so we can dry them in the oven and ground them to powder. But to keep from being dried to a crisp while still on the plant, I have to water. Yesterday I went to water and my foot found a rabbit hole.

It hurt, and I said some very naughty words about rabbits. I believe I even threatened them with my grandmother’s rabbit with mustard sauce recipe. As the only real weapon I keep around is my rubber tipped foil from my fencing days, I’m pretty sure they recognized it as a hollow threat and laughed their rabbity laughs at me.

So, empty threats aside, I watered, then hobbled back inside and put and icepack on the already swollen bits. It isn’t broken, I just need to keep off of it for a few days. As I hobbled to the coffeepot this morning I realized walking, at least for the next day or two, is going to be impossible. So is most cardio as generally it involves your feet in some capacity. As I rely on walking as my primary calorie burning source, it puts a serious dent in my plans. To compensate I will work on strength training until my arms are like noodles and I will crunch my abs until they scream for mercy. I will also become hyper vigilant about my calories.

In addition I will also remind myself that life is not always under my control and not losing any weight or even, god forbid, gaining a pound or two while I heal is not the end of the world. Resting makes the injury heal faster and the faster I heal the sooner I can get back to a world that more or less follows my plan.

Most of the time.

Between you and me, accepting the loss of control, however temporary, is for me, a lot harder than reigning in my caloric intake. I suppose that means its good for me and I should call it personal growth. Truthfully though, it really just annoys me. There is however nothing I can do, except deal with it and fondly peruse some of my grandmother’s old recipes. Like me she was a gardener, and she has a surprisingly large amount of recipes featuring rabbit in her collection. I’m beginning to understand why.

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