Revolution stick foundation Review

Looking very travel friendly in it’s case packaging

As we continue the slow and steady march towards the holiday season and extended sessions of travel, I continue my search for travel friendly products, specifically foundation. This time I’m trying two stick foundations. I have to admit, one in the more affordable, drugstore type range and one from the higher priced market. Specifically I went with one from Revolution (Makeup Revolution London) makeup and one from Nars.  

clean skin, nothing on here folks

I like the idea of stick foundations.  Twist the knob, swipe across the face and then blend in.  In fact that concept is part of Revolution’s product information from their site.

Foundation just got faster! Launching in 18 shades and a range of undertones, Fast Base Foundation quickly perfects, contours and highlights your complexion. The easy-to-apply stick formula melts into skin, blending seamlessly to leave a fresh and dewy finish.

Twist up, swipe on and blend out with fingers, a beauty sponge or your favourite foundation brush.

Just the foundation. I ended up using spot concealer on my chin after this picture.

And that is exactly what I did.  I opened the product, twisted the dial like I would a lip balm and then applied it to my face. There was no need for either a sponge or fingers to be dipped into the product.  I then used my brush to blend it into the skin. It blended well and gave a medium coverage.  I liked the way it covered my skin and that it didn’t feel greasy. 

On the product page there were also listed a bunch of shades and they covered not only shades but listed undertones. I’ll admit, I chose my tone by going to Ulta and sitting on the floor in front of the rack and working my way through several of the tones until I found one that suited me.  The Revolution stick foundation is offered for sale on the website for $9, which in my opinion is a very good price for foundation. When I purchased it at Ulta it was on sale for half-price, which is an even better cost.

Full face, before releasing the hair.

I will say this product did go on well, blended smoothly and lasted all day.  My t-zone was a little greasy but not overly so. I wore the product for a little less than 8 hours and when I checked in at lunch, I did not need to powder off as it had not seemed through my powder.  It also did not settle into my fine lines and there was no wearing around my nose (which for me is a big indicator.  I’ve used some foundations where at the end of the day it looked as though my nose was only stuck on my face with putty because of the way the product wore around the edges of my nose.  This did not do that.

My only issue was that it was not a weightless product.  Never once throughout the day did I forget that I was wearing foundation.  I knew this product was on my face the entire day and I sighed when I washed my face at the end of the day.  Part of this is due to the fact that I tend to favor weightless foundations.  Admittedly it may also be due to the fact that throughout this long hot summer, I didn’t wear any foundation. I used primer and powder for the most part.  So this product may have felt a little heavier due to my no longer being used to it.  Either way, there was still some weight to it. 

end of the day. Lipstick gone, foundation still in place.

Even though it is not a stick foundation I should point out that the Neutrogena cream foundation did feel weightless when I tested it prior to this one and I could forget I was wearing it. So my summer skin aside, it was a little heavy.  It is still a good product and one that I will keep and use up until it is gone.  Truthfully I will probably hold it in reserve until the foundation I really like using is finished or I need something quick and easy.  This was very quick and easy and it works well, it is just a little heavy for me to use as an all-day product every day. Later in the week I’ll review the Nars stick foundation works better, worse, or the same as this one.  Stay tuned.

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