Boxy Charm October 2019 Review

Boxy Charm October 2019

This has been an interesting time for Boxy Charm. They are on the verge of changing things. Their base box is changing from $21 per month to $25 and is claiming to offer more and better products starting in November. They are also launching Premium in November a $35 per month subscription. Unsurprisingly there were a lot of Youtube videos featuring Boxy Charm and talking about it at length this month. As far a getting people talking, they really got people going.

I’ll admit I watched quite a few of those videos and was infected with they hype. Perhaps this is why I felt this month’s box was a little disappointing. Oddly enough I had the same feeling with Boxy Charm this month that I had with Birchbox. With so many new things launching in November for them and the holidays right around the corner, I felt that October was a little bit of a ‘lets get through this’ kind of month.

Let’s get into it.

Interior of Palette. I will be playing with it to see how I like it but the quality of the shadows is great. Its just the color combo I doubt.

The first item in my box was one everyone was talking about and I admit, I was very much looking forward to receiving. It is the DOSE of Colors Eyeshadow palette (retail $32). Mine came in Sassy Siennas. I adore DOSE’s lip products. Their matte lipsticks are fantastic, they dry down but don’t dry out your lips, stay in place all day and you can forget you are wearing them. they are one of my favorite products. I had never tried their eyeshadows though so I was very excited.

The formula does not disappoint. It is soft and luxurious, highly pigmented and easy to work with. The packaging is lovely (although prone to collecting fingerprints so I feel compelled to wipe it down a lot). My issue is with the color range in my palette. Looking at the images, it looked like the other palettes had one shade that was a bit lighter than the others to complete a full look. The Sassy Siennas Palette is more like one where you plan to use only one color or at best two. Their lighter shade is bright but a little too peachy for the inner corners of the eye. I feel like I need one more shadow or to replace one of the deeper shadows. Actually taking out one of those browns and replacing it would make this a lot better. However it is a new palette and one that is super high quality so I am willing to work with it. This was my first impression and I will be working with it to see if playing around gives me ideas for use. I’ll do a seperate posting on it once I feel I’ve gotten into it a bit more.

Moving on we come to the second item that got a lot of hype this month. It is the Iconic London Prep-Set-Glow hydrating mist.(retail $29). I’ll admit the swirls are somewhat hypnotic to watch once shaken and the mist is rather fine and if the weather were still hot then it would be very refreshing. The scent is nice. It oddly smells a bit like Revolution’s Peaches and Cream Setting spray. It isn’t as glittery as I feared. Given what people were saying I was afraid I’d be running around looking like I was an extra from Twilight. It isn’t too glittery, but I have had to clean out the nozzle of the spray already as it keeps getting clogged. So I’ll probably use it until the spray annoys me too much, then go back to my regular setting spray.

The other three items in the box this month felt like fillers to me. The first of these is the Hank and Henry Slick with it Mascara Duo. (retail ($19). It is a mascara with two wands, one for upper lashes and a tiny brush for lower ones. The small brush is excellent for getting the lower lashes without making a mess. However, it is divided in the center so basically you get a trial sized amount of product for each wand, if you break it down. And while the tiny brush is good, the mascara contained inside isn’t the best. I know a lot of people love this brand, but I am not impressed. The formula is a bit meh for me. Last month I got their eyeliner and I have to say I felt the same about it. (the eyeliner was really hard to work with and not the best formula but the brush was nice). These are the only two Hank and Henry products I’ve tried. Perhaps they have others that are amazing. This mascara, although a good idea with excellent packaging, was not great. I will be trying to see if I can use the little wand in other mascaras though.

Next I received the Mellow tinted brow gel. (retail $16). I’ll be honest. I tend to brush my brows with a small eyebrow brush, occasionally using a powder or a pencil to fill in anything and then call it a day. I really don’t like the look of gelled brows. Especially when people go too far and they are painted on cartoon brows. This made me feel like I had painted on cartoon brows. I used only a little and it felt heavy. That could just be my personal preference though since I am not a brow gel fan. Someone else may like it, for me, it was of no use.

My first test line smeared so I put a second one above it. Very black and very creamy, but doesn’t stay in place.

Finally, we come to the Hollywood N Vine Velvety Touch Smooth Kohl Eyeliner in black (retail $7). Sigh. I tried it on my hand and then accidentally brushed it with my finger and it smeared all over the place. There is a second line in the picture to show it as it applies. It is smooth on the skin and a very creamy formula. It however does smear all over the place. I put this on my eyes and an hour later had to go wash my face and start my make up over. I did not like this product. Now, I know some people are going to say, oh just because it isn’t an $18 eyeliner you are going to bash it. No. I’ve picked up $0.99 eyeliners that didn’t smear like this. I think they tried so hard to make a pencil creamy that they went too far with it, at least that is my take. Incidentally, my current favorite liner is the Wet and Wild liquid liner.

So that was this month’s Boxy Charm. While I will be working with the Dose Palette throughout the month to see if I can make it work for me, the rest of the products weren’t the best. I know as September was Boxyluxe month, October was bound to be a let down. The fact that it is sandwiched between Boxyluxe and the November launches didn’t help. Usually I love Boxy Charm so I hope this is just a temporary thing. Fingers crossed.

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