Weekly Weight: 209.6 lbs

October 18th, 2019

Have you ever had a week that just flowed? That was my week. there were no freak outs, no unexpected emergencies (although I suppose all emergencies are technically unexpected. Unless you are watching someone learn to juggle chain saws. If so then I I think the emergency would be expected and you’d be quite relieved if it was unexpectedly absent, but that’s another discussion).

Everything went as it should and I had energy to put into my workout instead of having it drained out of me by stress. And I also found the secret to not eating left over cake. Send it home with other people who aren’t on a diet instead of keeping it around. It won’t always work, but it was quite helpful this week. And I got to watch a skinny man who doesn’t actually cook lift my cake plate high and carry it out of the house like a sacred relic.

I often forget that not everyone bakes.

Anyway it was a good week. And it showed. I lost two pounds this week. To be honest, I think taking last weekend to recover from stress and let my brain sort of relax for a bit really helped me out. Normally I go for a casual walk on Saturdays and Sundays rather than my weekly workouts, but this past weekend I did nothing that could be considered a workout. I think the most productive thing I did was sort socks. Turns out I had a lot of socks with holes lurking in the back of my closet. There are only so many washes they can take and there are only so many you can turn into cleaning rags. Like the cheap work out T-shirts, my workout socks are bought in a plastic pack and abused horribly. Occasionally they must go to the great garbage bin in the sky.

Mostly I rested, carved a pumpkin to entice trick or treaters, and watched scary movies with my baby.

It was glorious.

And exactly what I needed.

I think so often I see the list of things I have to do and charge straight at it and I forget that in order to accomplish my goals I need to take a breather and recharge every now and again. It was a good reminder that down time isn’t being lazy or neglecting the to do list. I just occasionally need to recharge.

I dimly remember a movie like that when I was little. I think it was called The Electric Grandmother. It wasn’t a terribly good movie, but I think it was playing repeatedly on TNT when I was home with the chicken pox.I distinctly remember sitting on the couch and trying not to scratch while watching her recharge in a rocking chair hidden in the basement. I remember thinking the rocking chair (which rocked back and forth while the granny recharged) in the dark basement was a little on the creepy side. I think that might be all I remember about it. But that’s not technically relevant I suppose, just something my brain kicked up.

The point is that recharging and taking the needed downtime helped me immensely when i started the week back up. I was fresh and ready to go. I think that was one of the reasons I had such a good week. The trick is remembering this the next time stress happens. At best, I have a 50/50 shot at that. Sometimes, I need lessons repeated. After that the percentages should drop to 60/40. Eventually, it will sink in for good, which gives me great hope.

And now that I’ve rambled on about a movie I’m sure no one else remembers, to the stats:

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s weight: 211.6 lbs

This week’s weight: 209.6 lbs

Lost this week: 2 lbs

Total Weight loss thus far: 36.4 lbs

Left to lose (apx): 86.6 lbs

It’s nice to be back on track. I hope whatever you are doing this weekend, you take time for yourself to rest and regroup. Personally I’m thinking there are a few more horror movies I want to see before the end of October and now that the weather has turned it it is the perfect time to snuggle up under some blankets with my baby on the couch and give them a watch. Sounds like a pretty good time to me.

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