Ear Fleek October 2019

The envelope and packaging containing My Ear Fleek subscription

It is time again for the least expensive and most often forgotten subscription ever, Ear Fleek. I know they have more expensive subscriptions, but I get the $3.49 subscription and with it get one pair of earrings sent to me a month. You can check it out HERE. That is linked to my referral code or if you are uncomfortable with that, you can just go to earfleek.com to check it out.

I think one of my favorite things about this subscription is that because the price is so low, I don’t worry about tracking packages and I often forget about it. With other, more expensive subscriptions I look at the tracking number and tend to click on it repeatedly following its progress from warehouse to my mailbox. (yes, I am one of those). With this subscription I so often forget to check on it that I am likely to open my mailbox and let out a surprised and pleased “Oh” when I see it has arrived.

Not entirely sure where the beard like shadow came from, but these are the earrings from this month’s subscription. The textured grooves on the triangle give them more shine than I would have thought.

The graphics are unmistakable and I have to say it is quite pleasant to see it sandwiched between the bills. It is a very pleasing addition to my day, even when the earrings are not to my taste.

This month however, I really liked my selection. I received small dangling triangles. The silver triangles are textured and have a small rhinestone stud at the apex. They are small enough that I can forget I am wearing them and add just a little sparkle to the earlobes. It is a great everyday pair of earrings and I am sure I will be getting a lot of use out of them, especially as their earrings never contain any nickel (which makes my ears itch). And its nice to add a little touch of subtle bling to my day every now and again.

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