Weekly Weight: 209.0

October 25, 2019, ignore the mysterious smudge on the scale. I knocked over some makeup brushes last night, said I’ll wipe it down in the morning, and then forgot. I’ll get it after my coffee.

Have you ever done something and not question it until someone asks you about it. Then you realize it might be a little strange?

This morning after his morning shower by babydoll said to me:

Hey, I ran out of shampoo so I used yours, not the fancy Friday stuff, but the regular stuff. Oh and I went ahead and got your fancy plastic basket out of the closet. Why exactly do you have a fancy Friday basket anyway when we usually go out on Saturdays?

To be honest, that was the first time I ever really thought about it.

Let me explain.

I keep two sets of shower products. Because we do not have a terribly large bathroom, I keep the set I don’t use all that often in a plastic shower caddy in the linen closet. The regular stuff includes Suave rosemary and mint shampoo and Dove deep moisture body wash. I use these products during the week to wash off my workouts. The reason is that the shampoo doesn’t strip my hair no matter how many times I wash it and the body wash not only gets me clean, but moisturizes as well. They both have clean scents that make me feel like I have truly rinsed all the sweat away and neither carries a terribly long lasting scent preventing clashing with my ‘I’m-finished-with-my-workout-and want-to-feel-pretty’ perfume of the day. Plus neither are very expensive.

Always a benefit.

Friday as a reward for making it through my week without skipping my workouts and because I don’t sweat as much over the weekends, thus letting the products hang around longer both on my body and in my home, I use the more expensive products. What they are varies as when something runs out I take my time perusing my options to decide what suits me at the moment. I know, a little over the top, but it makes me happy.

Oddly enough the high end products make me happier when I can purchase them on sale. Knowing I did not actually pay full price for the fancier items makes me even happier to use them. But hey, if I can make my both my inner princess and my inner accountant happy at the same time, I consider it a win.

Even if it is a little strange.

And even though I am a little shy of my weekly one pound loss goal, I am still going to consider this week a win as well. I’m fairly certain the only reason it wasn’t more was due to the food switching from summer fare to the more autumnal. Some of the cooler weather recipes I haven’t broken down calorically as much as the ones I made all summer so I need to sit down with my calculator and food scale to break out portion sizes. Once I do that again, I should be in the clear.

So the weekly stats:

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 209.6 lbs

This week’s weight: 209.0 lbs

This week’s loss: 0.6 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 37 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 86 lbs

So there is my strangeness and my weekly weigh in. In a little while I will figure out next week’s menu and then I will spend a good chunk of time this weekend figuring out winter calories and portion sizes. While it isn’t the most fun thing in the world to do, I know it will help me out as the weather gets colder and I switch from salad to roasted veg.

In between we are still continuing our House Halloween Movie Marathon. this weekend we’re going for Vincent Price. Tonight it is The House on Haunted Hill. We’re also taking bets as to whether we will be getting trick or treaters this weekend or not since Halloween is on a Thursday.

We always went trick or treating on the actual holiday, but here they seem to default to the weekend, sometimes before sometimes after. Mostly before actually. I’m not sure if that is a local thing or if it has become standard. Personally I find it a little strange.

And even if we do get trick or treaters this weekend, Thursday we will still light the pumpkins and have the bowl of candy ready. I may even put the better candy in the bowl then, just because. Not that we really have bad candy, which is why I had to hide it from the candy monster I live with.

Seriously, my darling dearest saw the bags after grocery shopping and immediately started in on the ‘taking one piece couldn’t hurt’ line. I hid them when he wasn’t looking and now he keeps peeping into potential hiding places, just in case candy happens to fall out. The look of expectation is kind of cute, although I won’t tell him. Just like I won’t tell him the candy is hidden in my car, not the house.

You can keep a secret right?

One thought on “Weekly Weight: 209.0

  1. HAHAHA…. yep I can keep a secret, I also have a junk food monster, and he can’t know where stuff is hidden either! Well done!!! O.6lb loss is a good loss, especially as you’re currently going through a food change 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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