Weekly weight: 208.2

Last night it looked like the weather decided to finally realize it was fall. The day started out gray and drizzly but still warm for the year. By mid afternoon the temps plummeted and as we lit out pumpkins’ candles and turned on the porch light you could actually see your breath in the air. The few trick or treaters we saw had both coats and umbrellas because the rain didn’t stop until well after the neighborhood children were a-snooze in their beds.

Not so good for them, but we were snuggled up on the couch watching Psycho last night. It was a good night for that. I forgot how well done that movie was.There is certainly a reason it is a classic. But we paused it when the knock sounded on the door.

I hope the few costumed kids who braved the elements got a good candy haul.

I know I encouraged them to take as much as they wanted. We had far too much candy. We always pick up far too much candy. But at least this year there were more kids around the neighborhood than last year. So more of it was given away instead of lingering to taunt me. Oh its still there, but I can’t justify butterfingers for breakfast. Although judging from the wrappers on the counter, I am pretty sure someone else did.

I’m considering the left over candy a test of will. I’m allowed to eat it, but the candy has to go into my calorie count and I must remember to limit myself no matter how delicious the temptation. Sweets aren’t my downfall, but the tempting savory platters at thanksgiving are. While I intend to enjoy myself and indulge, I will not over indulge. Much. hence the needed practice.

So as I pull out the fuzzy socks and toast my frozen tootsies on the space heater, lets go over the stats:

Starting weight: 246 lbs

last week’s weight: 209 lbs

This week: 208.2 lbs

Weight lost this week: 0.8 lbs

Total weight loss thus far: 37.8 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx.):85.2 lbs

It looks like I am creeping up on the forty pound mark. And even more exciting edging into the land where my weight starts with a one instead of a two. if nothing else, that is a goal to keep me motivated and away from excess snacking over the holiday feasting season. Soon, sooon.

I just have to try not to be impatient.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and is planning a fun and fabulous weekend.

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