BoxyCharm Premium Review

The first BoxyCharm Premium Box, November 2019

Yes, I succumbed. And at the moment I am rather glad I did. For those who don’t know BoxyCharm Premium is a new subscription from BoxyCharm. This month is their debut month. There is still a waiting list, but I think most everyone will probably get off the waiting list next month. To be eligible for the premium box you have to already be a member of BoxyCharm so in your joining month you will get two boxes, but after you get the Premium box you can cancel the regular BoxyCharm and just get the premium. At the moment though there is no way to avoid a month with two Boxes. The regular BoxyCharm box is now $25 plus tax and the Premium box is $35 plus tax (although this month they forgot to charge tax for it. I’m sure they will fix that issue quickly. But for this month they just owned their mistake and we were not charged tax.)

Even though there are a lot of justifiable complaints about having to get two boxes, I am kind of happy about it. I like that I get to do a side by side comparison. This month I will compare premium to the regular box and next month I will compare it to the Boxyluxe. Then I will make a decision regarding it in January.

So to the Box!

So the first thing I took out of the box was the Natasha Denona Bloom Blush and Glow Palette (retail $55). I was very excited to see this, not only because I have been on a blush quest lately but because Natasha Denona is a super expensive brand that I would not really buy on my own. Their eyeshadow palettes tend to run at about $140 which is excessive to say the least. While $55 for blush is also excessive, by comparison it looks better. Still it would be a once in a blue moon splurge if ever, so I am happy to at least get to try one of her products to see what the deal is. I have to say the package is stunning and I want to keep it out on display. It feels super lux to hold it in my hand. The blush is intense when I tried it on my hand so I know a little is going to go a long way. it is a cream blush which I have never used, so I will have to work a bit to get it right. The shimmery toppers are also stunning and not too bright. I will look forward to playing around with this and getting back to you with a review.

The second item in this box is a QMS Medicosmetics Intensive Eye care. (retail $150). And no that price is not a typo. This is a British brand that is just now moving into the US market and I am excited to try it. I asked one of my cousins across the pond about it and she sighed and said, ‘Its nice. Really nice.’ Thats my cousin Lizzie, super descriptive. I smelled the cream last night and it had zero scent so for those of you sensitive to aromas, I think you would be very happy. I will have to postpone further review though because an interesting situation is nigh. This month with BoxyCharm I got to choose a product for my regular box and I chose the Juice Beauty eye cream. Also with IPSy I chose the Juice Beauty Serum. I plan to try them both out this month at the same time. In addition in next month’s Boxy Luxe Box, I will be getting the QMS lip serum so I think I will hold off on the QMS testing until December and test Juice Beauty in November. So more information will be coming about this (plus skin care takes a while for me to formulate an opinion anyway.)

While it is a metal canister, the pink part at the bottom is a rubberized material preventing slippage from wet hands which I like.

Moving on I next received the Kopari Coconut Rose Toner (retail $25). I know a lot of people adore this product but I have never gotten around to trying it so I was excited to see it. The shape of the bottle feels good in the hand and I really like that the metal canister has a somewhat rumerized bottom so that it is both easy to grip with wet hands without slipping and it it sets down softly on a glass shelf without clicking or more importantly rusting in a damp environment. Not that it would rust but I keep my toners and finishing sprays in the bathroom which can be a damp environment. I wasn’t certain what it would smell like with both rose and coconut. I know several people deny the coconut scent is present. To be honest when sprayed it smells to me like a box of Turkish Delight. I’m not complaining about that, although it does make me want to re-read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe again. The scent was a little unexpected. Delightfully odd.

Included in my box this month is the Dragon Beauty Dragunfire Skin Perfecting Potion (retail $25). It is a very orange looking skin corrector. I’ll be honest, I have never done any skin correcting but I am looking forward to playing around with this. I think I’m excited to see it because I’ve never tried anything like it. It should be fun, or make me look like I went crazy with the cheetos. Either way, I get to play and I have no idea if I will like it in the end, which is exciting to me.

This month there was also a five piece BoxyCharm Brush set (retail $65). They are unusual looking brushes but have both soft and sturdy bristles. As some of my brushes look like they need to be replaced, this is good timing for me. I hope that these will become new favorites and others can retire to the bin and loose bristles willno longer be around as much. even if these aren’t good I need to get rid of the old ones, so fingers crossed these make good replacements.

I really hope these work as replacement brushes. If so they are a very timely arrival.

Finally, there was a Becca Glow Gloss (retail $22) in a champagne color. While my go to liquid foundation is currently Becca I have never tried their Lip products. This glided on smoothly, wasn’t sticky and had a light champagne color. I think I actually will wear this alone on my lips as I like the color and lets me get away with bolder eyeshadow. As most of my lipsticks are rather bold, it is nice to have something toned down. The scent of the gloss is unexpectedly minty, but not unpleasant. as to how long it lasts on the lips only time will tell.

Over all I am really happy with this box. For a $35 price tag I received $342 worth of product. More importantly all of them are products I am looking forward to trying. As this was the first month the Premium box is out, I like the fact that they came out with a bang (which is something the IPSY Ultimate did not do). What they follow this with will be interesting to see because this box is a hard act to follow and expectations are already set high. If the reality meets those expectations my decisions on what boxes I want to keep will be quite difficult indeed.

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