Weekly weight: 207.8

November 8, 2019

Maybe not a pound loss, maybe not even a full half pound loss, but I will take it. Quite frankly I’m surprised there was any loss at all this week. While I did my workouts as planned, I often succumbed to the lure of the left over candy bowl. They are small little things, much smaller than regular candy.

And they were there.

Its strange, I rarely think about candy. It has never really been one of my craves, so I really wasn’t worried about it. Then, the bowl was there. I somehow found myself reaching for it when I passed by it throughout the day. It doesn’t help that many of the items are the sweet and sour variety rather than the chocolate kind which I find in general more appealing. They also have labels proclaiming them to be a fat free food.

Seriously, when did candy start trying to pretend to be healthy?

Its candy.

It abides by the laws of Willy Wonka and snickers nastily from the shadows at the health conscious.

Fat free food.

Its not even food.

Its candy.

That is an entirely different class of edible.

Okay, I had to get that mini rant out. And I feel better now. But I did learn that if there is a candy bowl out, I will dip into it. I learned that if it is halloween candy, I will justify dipping into it because it is both smaller than regular sized candy and only here once a year. Despite not really liking it all that much, I think I ate more sugar this week than I have in the past year (including prior to me starting my diet). I need a sugar detox.

But at least the candy is gone. No I didn’t eat all of it, I’m not that bad. I sent it to work with my darling dearest this morning. His office keeps a candy bowl out so he is going to add it to the administration’s stash so someone else can be lured by the candy bowl. Luckily he already ate all of the chocolate out of it so I know he will turn it over. I love my baby, but he does not give away chocolate. He may put it into a tightly wrapped ziplock bag and hide it in the freezer in the garage hoping I won’t see his stash, but he won’t willing give away chocolate.

But it is gone now, temptation has been removed. Although to be honest it wasn’t really temptation. It was just there. And it quickly became a habit to take from the bowl. One piece of candy now and then from my secret stash to stave off snacking cravings is one thing( see my Hard Candy post for more on that), but one piece seven or eight times a day in a completely mindless way is something else. It makes me a little worried for the holidays if I am honest, because I thought I had my food under control. There cheese plates and homemade dips will be tempting me. And in my family, those things don’t even pretend to be fat free.

Truthfully I think it was the mindlessness that got me. I’ve done a pretty good job of being mindful of what I eat for meals and such, I just need to do the same with everything else, with the extra-ordinary foods that will be coming into range. As terrifying as it sounds, I may take some of the old family favorite recipes that I know will be making an appearance and break them down calorically before hand (you know when they aren’t in the room with me).

I won’t be obnoxious enough to pass this information on to anyone else, but I will keep it tucked into the back of my brain so I can at least strategically plan my indulgences. Or attempt to. Something to think about as the temperatures plummet and I hunt for ever warmer socks.

Besides, despite the sugar excess, I didn’t do too badly this week.

To the stats.

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 208.2 lbs

This week’s Weight: 207.8 lbs

This week’s loss: 0.4 lbs

Total loss thus far: 28.2 lbs

Left to lose (apx.): 84.8 lbs

It seems like the late and oh so brief autumn has spilled into winter already. In our area we even have snow predicted for Monday night through Tuesday. I don’t know about you but in addition to finding warm socks, I will begun Glove Hunt 2019. because as usual, I know where one of my winter gloves happens to be located. where its mate is lurking is anyone’s guess. I swear I put them away together at the end of every winter, yet somehow one always goes missing by the time winter rolls around again. Let the Annual Hunt Begin!

2 thoughts on “Weekly weight: 207.8

  1. Well done! weight loss, getting rid of temptation, keeping up with exercising – great work :). I have the same glove problem! My mum used to stitch gloves and mittens to elastic and then thread through the arms, maybe I need to start doing that 😀


  2. Elastic sounds better than the yarn my mother used. Sooner or later the wet snow would cause the yarn to fray and not only would gloves be lost but I’d have a streamer of yarn trailing behind me. my final solution was to just drop all individual gloves in a box by the door and just pull on two. Even if they don’t match, I ward off frostbite. 😉


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