ELF Bounce Back Jelly Cleanser Review

ELF Bounce Back Jelly Cleanser

Once again I found myself running low on cleanser and made a foray into Target. I was both pleased and sad to find that there was a 20% off Soap and Glory Products sale going on. Pleased because I decided to try out a few more things from their line which I will review at some other point in time, and sad to find that my go to cleanser Peaches and Clean, was out of stock.


Time for something new I suppose. So what shall we try today?

Wandering, I soon found myself in the E.L.F section.  In the past I have had good luck with elf products, but they have been predominantly in the make-up category.  I like their eyeshadow and I’m in love with their putty primer. I never looked at skin care from E.L.F so I decided now was the time. I picked up several things to try and one of those was the Bounce Back Jelly Cleanser (retail $6).  I figured for the price, I could try it out with few regrets.

And of course I looked it up when I got home.  According to the website:

Meet the creme de la cleanse: a coconut-infused cleansing jelly. This gentle, non-foaming gel conditions the skin and removes makeup for skin that’s clean without feeling stripped. Cleanse and pamper your face with this gentle, skin-loving cleanser.

Ingredients we love: Coconut Fruit Juice, Sugar Maple Extract, Aloe Vera, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Vitamin B5

Not too bad. It isn’t over the top with its claims and I like coconut.

When it came time to wash my face I was excited.  Even though I love my standby, I love trying new products. So into my hand a little bit of product went. It is a really interesting jelly texture.  I know, from the name I should have been expecting that, and I was, I think I just expected a looser jelly, if that makes sense. I did like it though. 

The scent is not delicate. It is in your face coconut.  If you have a problem with scents, this might not be the product for you.  I don’t have a problem with scents usually, but there is something oddly sweet about the coconut scent.  I think maybe it is the sugar maple mixed in, but to me it smells like a coconut cream pie.  When you combine the scent with the texture you get (or at least I get) the odd feeling that you are smearing coconut cream pie on your face instead of cleanser. I was able to get mostly past that, but it was still a little strange.  I could have done without the sweetener.

It is a very gentle cleanser and it doesn’t strip your skin.  I can say this with the utmost confidence because it doesn’t actually take off your makeup, so your skin is still safe behind the makeup barrier. If you use a makeup wipe or some other make up remover and then cleanse with this, it is fine. The product does wash away any residue from the make-up remover and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean.

Your face feels clean, but not stripped bare. There is even a moisturized feel to the skin as well which I like. It is just not going to get your make up off. It is a step in the routine, not a one and done. It is great in the morning when all you need to wash off are the remnants of a sleep mask, but it is not a cleanser I reach for at night.

I will say it is very good during the day as well. While I do my normal morning and evening skin care routines, as I am spending a lot of time trying to sweat off weight, my face sometimes feels like it needs an extra rinse. A tiny dab of cleanser applied then rinsed off before I apply my makeup for the day makes me feel like my skin is at least clean when I start without leaving me feeling that I am over washing my skin. I’ve been using the product for the past few weeks in this capacity and have had no problems whatsoever. Also since you use such a small amount it feels like the product will last forever.

Speaking of lasting, the package contains 3.38 fluid ounces of product and weighed in at 3.56 ounces when I put the package on the scale. After two weeks of use it weighs exactly 3 ounces. Normally I would do some simple math to deduce approximately how long the product would last, but the truth is I switched uses midway through my test. The first couple of days I used it as my primary cleanser, but since I was trying to use it to take off my make-up as suggested I had to use the make up remover after a first use then use it to wash off the remnants of the remover. Which meant I was using a lot more of the product than I planned. So I switched to just using it in the morning and the post workout rinse. which used significantly less. After this I will be keeping it solely for the post work out, which requires a slightly smaller than pea sized amount of product with each use, dropping the amount of product used in a day significantly.

All of which makes my numbers fairly useless on this review.

Just so you know.

While I probably will not use this cleanser in my regular routine, I think it will end up being something I keep in my gym bag for use after workouts when I just need something gentle to wash the salty sweat away so I feel clean again.

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