IPSY Ultimate Review: November 2019

IPSY Ultimate November 2019

This month I again went with the IPSY Ultimate bag and I have to say it was much better than the first month’s bag.  For those of you who don’t know, IPSY is a monthly beauty subscription service.  There are multiple tiers and the Ultimate bag is $50 per month plus tax and contains four deluxe sample sizes and eight full sized products. It also comes with a make-up bag.

The bag opened up.
The bag folds for easy storage which I appreciate

This month’s makeup bag was sort of a pink flecked leopard print.  It is that sort of faux leather plastic and has a sturdy look to it.  I like that it folds down for compact storage but unfolds into a surprisingly roomy train case style bag.  It has two interior net pockets as well to help corral smaller objects.  Personally I am very pleased with it and will more than likely use it for my Thanksgiving trip.  If all of the makeup bags that come with the IPSY Ultimate are of this quality and size I will be very pleased. I will probably also only keep the ones I really like and pass the others on, but all in all it is much better than last month’s bag.

Now onto the products.

The first product I pulled out was the TRÈSTIQUE Color + Contour Bronzer Stick in Brazilian Bronze. It is a full sized product.  It has a crème product on one end and a blending brush on the other end.  While crème bronzers aren’t my usual favorite formula, this one was really easy to work with.  It goes onto the skin easily and blends well.  It is also buildable which I like.  With cream products I am always fearful of the dark brown stripe (which is why I generally go to powders) but that wasn’t really a problem.  In addition I usually don’t like whatever brush comes with the product. This brush worked well. I am actually thinking of taking this bronzer with me on my trip as it is compact and I wouldn’t have to pack an additional brush.  Also the cap is magnetic so I don’t have to worry about it coming off in the bag and getting everywhere. I was very happy with this product

Trestique showing product and the brush. While usually brushes included with products like this aren’t ones I find useful, this was really nice to work with.

Next up was one of my four sample products.  It is the Eva NYC Satin Dream Leave-in Cream.  It is a leave in conditioner.  As with all leave in conditioners you apply it to wet hair and leave it in.

Simple really.

I tried it once and it didn’t weigh down my hair which is nice.  The scent of it kind of reminds me of cake batter, but the scent dissipates once it was in my hair so only the scent of my shampoo remained. It is a good product.  It isn’t as good as the IGK Mistress leave in conditioner but I do like it more than the Bumble and Bumble version. I also like that while it is a deluxe sample it is large enough that I can get several uses out of it.  I think I will be saving the rest for travel and taking it with me at Thanksgiving though. I like the product and it keeps me from having to haul my full sized bottle with me.

The Youth to the People Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream was also one of my samples this month and I really like it.  I’ve tried their face wash before and thought it was fantastic.  I am pleased to see that their cream is just as good.  It has a light texture and scent and it soaks into the skin well. The sample size is small so I can’t determine how it would react in a full trial but as I just finished a full jar of Korres Pomegranate moisturizer and haven’t picked up another full sized moisturizer to try yet, it gives me something to use while I look for my next cream (I’ll have the Korres review up soon.) I really hope in the future there are full sized versions of this cream offered.

The Billion Dollar Brows Best sellers Kit was the next item I pulled out of my IPSY box and it is one of my eight full sized products.  It includes a brow pencil with a spoolie on one end.  It is just my color and I do prefer pencils for my brows. There is also a concealer and highlighter pencil for under the brows and a clear brow gel to sort of seal everything up and lock it into place. Also included is a blending brush.  The blending brush is good quality and I will use it.  I liked the pencil and the spoolie. The under brow pencil and gel I will use on occasion, but I probably won’t get as much use out of them as the pencil. Still they are nice to have and I do like that the gel is clear. It is a good product to have in the box.

Next up is a lipstick and we all know I love my lipsticks.  This one is by Context Skin in the Shade Sweet emotion.  It is a matte lipstick, which I like and the color is very good. It is actually one of my every day shades so I will get a lot of use out of it. I like the formula thus far.  It is creamy and applies well and I didn’t notice any extra drying on the lips.

Also full size this month was the Smith & Cult nail polish in Bite Your Kiss.  I’ve gotten several shades of this nail polish before and am very happy to have another one to add to my collection.  It is a dark wine color, perfect for the holidays. It requires two coats to achieve the full color. The Smith & Cult formula is one of my favorites as far as nail polish goes as it lasts a long time without chipping and always has nice colors.  In addition the bottles are pretty enough that I want to display them.

I painted in a rush so it is a messy job that needs to be redone, but I love the color.

This month IPSY did another Collaboration, this time with Gi Gi Gorgeous. As part of my box I received  The Only Blush Duo in Authentic + Pride.  It is a large product in a white compact that feels good in the hand.  I really like the lettering and I have to say I am a huge fan of the package.  To open, you press the button instead of prying it open so there is less risk of broken nails. I really wish more products would utilize that sort of feature. The blush is divided down the center with one half being a mauve kind of shade and the other a lighter tone with some sparkle to it.  I will admit that I haven’t tried it because I will be passing it on to my mother. Her nickname with all of the little kids is GiGi so I think she will actually get a kick out of using it as a compact regardless of how the product performs.

And yes I do think there will be several little girls who will think she has her own make-up line in the near future. There are worse things to believe I suppose.

I love the colors, just not the formula

This month there was a Wander Beauty eyeshadow Palette included.   It is the Wanderess Rush eyeshadow palette to be exact.  Here is where I am a little less enthusiastic.  While I have received many Wander Beauty products in various subscription boxes, some of the products are good some not so good. While I absolutely love their face oil, I have really bad luck with their shadows.  I am always enthusiastic about the colors and think they would be good, but I never like their formula.  While they all swatch well, the mattes tend to be chalky and patchy and the shimmers require not only a wet brush but a lot of application in order to even show up. The colors look good, I just really don’t care for the shadow formula. It always makes me sad because the colors are so nice looking and I want them to work, they just never do.

My next product does work and made me happy again.  It was the IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser and it is full sized. I’ve gotten a sample of this before from IPSY and I am thrilled that they put the full sized version in my box this month. It is a great cleanser and I will be using it until it is gone.

The Kismet Buff Sugar Lip Scrub in Bright & Bubbly was a deluxe sample size this month and it is an okay product.  Not my favorite lip scrub, but it is fine.  It is supposed to be pink champagne flavored but smells and tastes like watermelon. It’s not a bad taste if you happen to get it in your mouth, which I always do with lip scrubs, but it is more watermelon than champagne. It is something I will use up, but then go back to my Hanalei rather than order.

In this month’s box I also got the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. It is an excellent dry shampoo.  While it does leave a little white cast on dark hair, the cast brushes out immediately.  I know they actually make one for dark hair that I have used before that is fantastic for dark hair.  This was not it, but still a good product.  As I like using dry shampoo I will certainly use this up.  It absorbs the oil so my hair doesn’t look greasy but still leaves me with shine and body.

As with all skin care, I’ll review more fully once I’ve gotten a chance to really try it out for a few weeks.

Finally we reach the product that I got to pick for my box this month.  It is the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum. In my Boxycharm I got the Juice Beauty eye cream so this month I will be using both products and review them once they have had time to actually do something since with skin care it takes a while to decide if it is liked or not.  I will say I started using the serum over the weekend and so far I am liking it. We will see how it turns out after a while.

That was my IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate for the month of November.  I have to say it was a much better box than the initial October one and it gives me great hope for the future.  When I switched I planned to give it a few months to determine whether or not it was for me and after October’s box I was really questioning that decision.  With the November box I am really glad I did continue with this box instead of cancelling.  Hopefully they will keep up the trend, getting better as they work out the kinks in the new system.  Almost everything in my box was something I will use and there were not a lot of repeats that I saw from prior boxes or offered as points perks which makes me happy. Already I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with for the month of December.

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    1. You know I don’t actually know. I didn’t check my box this month (posting tomorrow) and I already got rid of the box. I will make a note to check next month and post that for you though.


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