BoxyCharm Review November 2019

November 2019 BoxyCharm box

This month the regular Boxy Charm box increased in price to $25 plus tax. I received it as well as the Premium box this month and I have to say, not only was I not disappointed by either box, but I think the differences between them are exactly right for their price range (i.e. the premium felt premium with the higher price point).  The Premium box is $35. The premium box had 6 items and the combined value of the included items was $342. This $25 box had a combined value of $152 for 5 products.  As they generally promise a value of about $150 I’m pretty good with that. Also this was the first ever premium box so I think they wanted to sort of hit it out of the park.  (Plus $150 of that price was one very expensive eye cream). I doubt each box will have such a return. But this is about the regular box.

And the box is only worth the $25 if the products are useful to you.  So let’s take a look at what came inside this month’s regular Boxycharm box.

Palette with swatches

The first item was something I believe everyone received and it was the Dominique cosmetics Celestial Thunder eyeshadow palette (retail $35). The colors are nice, highly pigmented and blend very nicely. I have worn this a couple of times and while they are great on the eyes, they aren’t terribly long lasting. I’ll keep working with it and get back to you on it. 

Surprisingly I also received a Juice Beauty product in IPSY this month so I will be trying them together.

The next item is the Juice Beauty Stem cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment (retail $50).  I think it is interesting that both my boxes contained eye cream this month.  Admittedly, both were choices so I only have myself to blame.  I chose the Juice eye cream because I was running low on eye cream.  This month I am using it with the Juice Beauty Serum I received in IPSY and will do a Juice Beauty review of both products after I’ve finished testing them. (Next month as I chose the QMS lip treatment to go with this month’s QMS eye cream I will review those products).

Although it shows more red in the photo it has more pink-y undertones in real life.

I am always happy to see DOSE of Colors liquid lipsticks in my BoxyCharm box and this month I received the color Date Night (retail $18). It is a bright pinky red. As always, Dose of colors dries down fast to a super wearable formula. Because it veers more towards the pink color I might tone it down with a topper but it is certainly a lipstick I will wear.

Next is the Starry Eyes Popmasks by Popband (set of 2 retail $10). These are disposable eye masks that are (predictively) worn over the eyes. It actually warms up a little to help the serum soak in which I think is kind of neat.

I’m looking forward to the self heating bit so I am more excited for a sheet mask than usual.

Finally there was a Farsali Rose Gold 24 K Skin Mist (retail $38).  While I know that gold doesn’t actually do anything for your skin other than glimmer at application.  It is a beautiful glass bottle with its shimmery gold specks.  It has a pleasant scent – lightly rose- that dissipates quickly and is not over powering.  In addition it sprays a fine mist with no gloppy spurts.

I kind of like holding it up to the light just to see the glitter sparkle. But I’m a dork that way.

There you have the five items in my November BoxyCharm Box.  For me, this was a good month.  I am looking forward to using all of these products.  There is nothing included that I don’t want to play around with or that I would just call filler.  I know normally I would consider sheet masks filler but I have to admit, the warming bit has me more curious than usual. Once again, I am drawn in by marketing trickery.  Regardless, I am very happy with the items in my box this month.  I am extra happy because not only was last month not the best of months but I was worried that with so much attention paid to the Premium release, I thought it possible this one might have slipped by.  It didn’t so I am happy.  And as always, I will play around with the products and get back to you with my opinion on them as I try them out. Next month is a BoxyLuxe month so I am looking forward to seeing how the Premium compares with the Luxe version. That should be interesting to see as well.

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