Ear Fleek Review November 2019

Ear Fleek November 2019 Earrings

That’s right folks it is once again time for my favorite and most often forgotten subscription, Ear Fleek. While there are two tiers, I have the $3.49 subscription (yup, that’s right three dollars and forty nine cents). For that price each month (charged on the 15th and mailed pretty much the same day) I get one pair of earrings guaranteed to be nickel free. As nickel is the metal that makes my ears itch, I am very happy with that. There are three categories, Minimalist but Groovy, Silly and Fun, or BoHo Babe. Or you could go with what I went with and that is I Don’t Give a Hoot. And yes that is an actual category.

Personally, I like the category. It is always a surprise and while many earrings aren’t ones I would normally have picked out for myself, many of those turn out to be my favorites. Occasionally something comes my way that I just have to pass on to a friend, but for the most part I like each pair enough to try wearing them for at least one day. Usually I try them and find I actually like them and thus put them in rotation.

This month I was so concerned with getting all of the things I ordered for christmas in before leaving for my Thanksgiving travels that other packages were foremost in my mind. I found this month’s selection as a bright envelope placed delicately on top of a stack of brown and white packages by my mail man. The mostly pink graphics really stood out. And while it was the least expensive item in the lot, it was one of my favorites. Admittedly it was also the only one for me and the only one I didn’t have to open, remove from packaging, wrap and put back into packaging (many on my gift giving list live far far away, hence the early shopping requirement).

close up of this month’s selection. The rhinestone is actually imbedded in the metal rather than just glued on the front.

This month’s selection is a rather simple silver bar earring jazzed up with a rhinestone decoration.While I have plain bar earrings in both silver and rose gold, I currently had none with the jazzy bit. I have to say, I kind of like it. while it is still simple enough to wear every day it is also a little bit festive. Tis the season I suppose. And I am sure I will get many uses out of them this season as well.

For anyone interested my referral code is HERE. I think I get a discount on a pair of earrings if you use it (which seems kind of amusing given the price of the subscription). If you are interested and don’t want to use the referral code, no worries, you can always just go to earfleek.com to check out the subscription service on your own. If anyone out there actually has the more expensive $9 subscription to ear fleek, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Is it better than the regular one or on par? Personally I like the lower priced one because I can completely forget it and be surprised without feeling like I’ve wasted anything but I am curious. I’ll probably try it out at some point just for a comparison, but right now, I really love my basic subscription.

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