Kopari Coconut Rose Toner Review

Kopari Coconut Rose Toner

In a recent Boxy Charm Box I received a bottle of Kopari Coconut Rose Toner. This is one of those products I’d seen lurking on many You Tube Videos and on a few bathroom counters, but never got around to trying. It’s been on my list for a while now and  I was very happy to see it arrive and to get the chance to test it. 

The package is very nice.  It is a mostly metal can with a rubberized feeling bottom half (the part below the pink wavy line). I really like this addition, not only because it looks nice and feels good in the hand, but as I keep toner on the shelf in my bathroom it means that I won’t end up with any metal rust rings on the shelf if water happens to get on the shelf.

Sometimes, I just can’t resist splashing.

The size of the can is also nice.  It fits in the hand well and isn’t too heavy to hold and maneuver with one hand. The spray nozzle works well.  It is not an overly fine mist but as it is a toner and not a setting spray that is fine.  I spray my face and then pat the toner in with my hands before moving onto my moisturizer. I also curl my lips into my mouth before I spray because quite frankly I don’t like the taste on my lips. I know, skin care isn’t meant to be eaten, but if you spray your lips, chances are you are going to taste it. That’s just life. I don’t like the taste, so I get my lips out of range before spraying.

I have to say I like that I can pat it on with my fingers though and therefore skip the need for the little cotton rounds I usually use with toners.  Less waste is always a good thing in my book.

But enough about packaging (and taste), let’s talk product.

Once you spray it out, the first thing you notice is the scent. As both Coconut and Rose can be strong scents on their own I was worried about combining them.  They actually pair pretty well.  In my opinion it reminds me of the confection known as Turkish Delight. As I always thought Turkish Delight smelled a little perfume-y, the scent doesn’t bother me.  Occasionally if something reminds me of desert then I have a hard time using it on my skin.  One recent example would be the Glow Recipe Pineapple Serum.  The pineapple smelled too candy sweet for me to feel comfortable using.  This didn’t have that problem.

Admittedly I did find myself wanting to re-read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis again and wondering why you would betray your siblings for a lifetime supply of Turkish delight when after a piece or two you are generally done with the box for a while.  Or at least I am.  It is a good confection, but it isn’t one I can eat a lot of in one sitting. Admittedly growing up there were times I would have traded my little brother in for less of a reward than a lifetime supply of Turkish Delight, but I’m pretty sure that’s just standard for anyone who grew up with siblings. You love them, but there are moments…

But I digress.

We were discussing toner. Specifically the Kopari Coconut Rose Toner. According to their website this product is meant to:

Revitalize and rebalance skin with our antioxidant-rich toner that helps to minimize the appearance of pores, even skin tone and leaves skin looking hydrated and healthy. Dermatologist-Tested, Non-irritating, Non-Allergenic, Safe for Sensitive Skin, Non-Comedogenic, pH-balanced, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, non-GMO & vegan.

This alcohol-free toner uses naturally astringent witch hazel to help ward off blemishes, refreshing rose and lavender extracts help fight off acne causing bacteria, reduce redness, and calm skin and uses Hyaluronic Acid which provides the ultimate skin hydration by helping to retain moisture in the skin.              

The three most touted ingredients are Witch Hazel, Rose Extract and Hyaluronic Acid. Now I have gone on at length about my past with witch hazel in my last toner evaluation and I am pleased to see it reappear.  It seems my childhood friend has come to stay in skin care, it just flaunts a multitude of scents rather than the witch hazel scent it wore in my childhood medicine cabinet. 

But I suppose anyone can reinvent themselves these days, why should this be any different, after all look at Kale. Once it was just the weird not quite lettuce that cupped the ice cream scoop shape of chicken salad in diners and was thrown away before the plate was washed and now it is a dietary darling. 

As it is excellent at cleaning out my pores and is not as damaging as alcohol on the skin, I am happy to welcome witch hazel back to my shelf in any form it feels like taking.

I have used rose oil in the past to calm redness, so I was fine with seeing rose extract here. I was surprised to see they didn’t list out coconut and make claims for it on their website as the scent is clearly indicating a presence, but perhaps it is included more for scent than any other reason. Personally, I’d like to see more of a reason than just scent to include something, especially if it is going to be so prominent.

The Hyaluronic Acid is something that has been cropping up more and more in skin care lately.  It seems to be everyone’s darling.  (not as darling as kale, I know, but it is nipping at that rockstar’s heels.)

I know it is a humectant which means it draws moisture to the skin and I know that when something is a humectant and you put it on the skin you need to then put on a moisturizer so the moisture it pulls into the skin isn’t just from your skin and it has an outside source to work with. At least that’s what I remember about humectants from a long ago class.

There is some debate about the benefits of hyaluronic acid in skin care as well now that everyone is using it.  After poking around a while I found this article that covers the topic in much more depth than I will.  It is interesting reading and basically points out that if you inject it (as with a needle) beneath the skin it helps with wrinkles, but not so much when applied topically, although it still helps with the moisture (remember, humectant.).

Whatever the science stuff, I really liked using this toner. It didn’t break me out and as I had a dry red patch that it did help calm down and soothe. The scent does make me pull a set of old books from the shelf, but there is nothing wrong with that.  The scent doesn’t linger too long and I don’t mind additional bedtime reading.  While this doesn’t actually beat my current top toner, it is up there in the likeable range and I would not have a problem buying this again (outside of a subscription box). I will just definitely remember the moisturizer right after using. And as the moisturizer I am currently using does include kale on this list of ingredients perhaps Kale and Witch Hazel can have a confab with hyaluronic acid about their past present and future incarnations and plans for world domination.

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