Weekly Weight: 207.2 lbs

November 22, 2019

Yeah…remember that sore throat I had last Friday? The one where I hoped and prayed and did several voodoo rituals in attempt to keep it from turning into a full blown cold?

Turns out, it became a full blown cold.

Which proves you should never get your voodoo rituals from the internet.

And that nothing stops the common cold.

Take whichever lesson you prefer from that.

While I am coming out of the end of it today and think that with much sleep over the weekend I should be fine for Monday and more importantly Wednesday afternoon traveling plans, this week was not my usual week.

I did no exercising unless you call fighting to breath around a plugged up nose and a sore throat an exercise. In some circles, it just might count. My lungs certainly thought so.

While I did technically keep track of my calories (oddly enough making me feel better about not exercising), my four food groups this week were oatmeal, ice cream, ginger ale and cough drops. Normally, I wouldn’t give cough drops their own category but as they were the only thing I could really taste this week, I think they have earned it. Let’s hear it for Halls triple soothing action cough drops in honey and lemon. It is the taste of the week. It also made me easy to find as I left a trail of wrappers wherever I went like a Hansel and Gretel who wised up and realized birds don’t eat cough drop wrapping paper.

Halls, my friend in sickness but never in health.

Joking aside, I do feel better and should be fine for Thanksgiving. Oddly enough my post illness food cravings will hit as soon as I can smell and taste again so we’ll see how that plays out. As I will be out of town next Friday and far away from my trusty scale (and refusing to weigh in the day after Thanksgiving because I am not at heart a masochist) I will add my weekly weight on Wednesday just so I have a record of weight before the holiday (and in case anyone is interested to know). So next Wednesday there will be my normal Survival tip and second posting of weight but nothing posted Thursday or Friday.

Okay now that we are all on the same page, the stats:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s weight: 207.0 lbs

This week’s weight: 207.2 lbs

Change from last week: +0.2 lbs

Total Weight loss thus far: 38.8 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx.): 84.2 lbs

I hope everyone is planning a wonderful weekend. Me, my wool socks, and several mugs of tea will be wrapped up in an electric blanket on the couch as it rains outside. My goal is to try and wean myself off of the NyQuil by monday. Wish me luck.

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