The Travel Bag

November 2019 Travel Bag contents

It’s that time.  The laundry gets done early, the sheets are freshly washed so beds will be fresh upon my return and I haul out the samples or travel sized products I’ve set aside for possible inclusion in my travel bag.

When I travel, especially for a short holiday like thanksgiving, I really only like to take one bag of personal gear. The reason is that in addition to presents for people I might not see at Christmas, things my mother asked me to pick up or bring down, and of course the cooler filled with the thanksgiving baked goods there is little enough space left. So I like to minimize where I can.

Some of the items are simple.  I have a travel sized toothpaste and a foldable toothbrush. Both were purchased at Target in their trial/travel items section. I think they were each $0.99. Now I know what you are thinking, a toothbrush?  You couldn’t find room for a regular tooth brush?  The truth is, I could. Seriously, it’s a toothbrush. Of course there was room. And I’m not traveling without it. I may go a day or two without washing my hair, but not without brushing my teeth. However, the Thanksgiving trip lasts until Sunday. On Sunday morning I will pack up everything except the shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush and tooth paste and get my bag ready to go.  We will all have one last breakfast together and then the plan is to make sure the shampoo and conditioner bottles are dry (or have not been stolen, ehm I mean appropriated by curious relatives), then I brush my teeth and pack the tooth brush and toothpaste before loading.

At least that is the plan.

More often than not, the shampoo and conditioner will have been borrowed by someone who forgot theirs, ran out, or thought my hair looked nice and wanted to give my products a try because I ‘always pick out the best stuff’.  There are three potential culprits, possibly four depending on who my brother is dating (in defense of his girlfriends’ past, that is usually a forgot or run out situation, acquisitive curiosity is usually for blood related family members).  And usually after I brush my teeth for the last time, I either end up going looking for the shampoo (always pointless) or my Baby started loading the bags while I was in the bathroom or some other last minute calamity occurred and both toothbrush and tooth paste get left behind.

They are never seen again.

Hence the cheap toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste.

The disappearing shampoo and conditioner are travel sized as well because I don’t want to pack the big bottles in the small bag.  They vary, some times I take samples from subscription boxes, sometimes the drug store.  This year I went with Trestique (from target as well, I had a shopping venture this weekend).  I have used this shampoo/conditioner duo before I really like the way it makes my hair feel.  It is soft without feeling weighed down. I still put a travel sized bottle of leave in conditioner in the bag, but it is mostly to tame fly always rather than to fully condition my hair. This year the leave in conditioner is Eve-Nye Satin Dream. It came in this month’s IPSY bag.  I tried it once to see if I liked it.  It seemed nice so I will give it a further try over the holiday and beyond so I can make a full judgment on the product.

The next basic element to my travel bag is the deodorant.  I went with my old standby Dove powder scent.  Sometimes I get a different scent as there are several that I am fond of, however there are two people at this year’s gathering who are sensitive to scents and it is better to tone down as many as possible.  (You will notice, there are no travel sized perfumes in the bag this year.)

Moving on I am trying out the Love, Peace and Planet Shower gel on this trip. I have not use the body wash before, although I really liked their shampoo and conditioner so I am looking forward to trying this out.  And If all else fails, there is always extra soap at my Mom’s house.

While the Thayers Toner I bought I while ago has since been used up, I  repurchased both a full and travel sized bottle when shopping and the travel size will be going with me,  I am aware that my return to witch hazel will be noticed and mocked, but it is too good a product to let simple familial joking stop me.

If you remember the great non-liquid foundation trial of the autumn, you might remember that NArs Velvet Foundation Stick came out ahead.  It will be joining me as will a travel size of one of my favorite primers, the Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer.  It has a slight pink tone on the skin which works well for me and goes well under foundation.  It also can be worn alone should I decide not to apply foundation, which I like.

The Trestique bronzing stick is also making the travel. While it will not replace the Tarte Park Avenue Princess on my dressing table, it is smaller, works well and comes with its own brush so into the bag it goes. Along with it, my Revolution Concealer, which is both a concealer and an eyelid primer for me. I am taking the best of brows pencil with me as well.  It was in the brow kit from November’s Ipsy as well and while it is not the greatest of eyebrow pencils it works decently and I like the spoolie.  Truthfully it is not the best and while I will use it on this trip, at the end it might find it no longer has a place in my make-up drawer. We shall see.  This is more or less its trial by fire, its attempt to secure a spot in my routine.

Continuing with the Eye area, I am bringing home the Tartelette Tease Palette and the Mark Jacobs Velvet Noir Volumizing Mascara. The tarte shadows have always worked well for me and this small travel palette has enough of a range that I can use it for the four day trip without a problem. It won’t be the most exciting look with such a small range of colors, but I do know once I apply them, the look will stay in place all day. The Mark Jacobs mascara is currently in my absolute favorites list. As mascaras pile up when you get subscription boxes, I am currently working through my supply.  However the first one I purchase after whittling down my stash will be this one.  It is a $23 mascara which isn’t hugely expensive and I really like both the formula and applicator. It will be on my best of this year (complete with pictures) so stay tuned.

I am still working with the cream blush in the Natasha Denona Palette that was in Boxy Premium. I’m finding the cream easier to work with than I thought, but will share my review after I’ve had a little longer with it. (my getting sick put me behind on testing products).

My standby powder will also be making the trip.  While I love loose powders, I don’t travel with them.  My Rimmel London Matte Powder is a pressed powder that I frequently use down to pan, regardless of what other products are in my selection and I have lost count of the number of times I have repurchased it.  It is another favorite of mine.

In the realm of skin care, I am taking the Kehls Deep Pore Cleanser. I believe I have used this before and liked it, but I will give you my thoughts on it when I return.  I am still testing the Juice Beauty serum and eye cream and will continue to do so while I travel.  My moisturizer for this trip is the tiny Youth to the People whipped moisturizer.  I started using it last week when I finished my jar of Korres and surprisingly I think there might actually be enough cream to get me through a two week trial.  If there is I’ll post a review.  If not, I’ll probably pick up a full jar to try out for a full review as it seems like a decent product thus far.

For the lips I have three options in my bag, the Colourpop Dr. Facilier lipstick, the Becca Champagne gloss and the more or less clear Colourpop So Juicy Plumping gloss. Limiting myself to three was really hard, but I think these three will do for now.  Admittedly there is the possibility of a couple more being added, just in case last minute.

Beyond that I have the Sephora color switch so I don’t have to bring a lot of brushes or a brush cleaner and of course my trusty contact lens carrying case.  I found this one  super cheap on Wish actually and bought it just to see.  I think it was a just pay shipping item.  I have to say I really do like it. It has a lens case, with the two sides in different colors rather than a simple letter to delineate right from left.  I appreciate that because without my contacts I am really blind.  The colors I can always see, the letters not so much.  The kit also comes with a small bottle for solution so I don’t have to lug my large bottle, tweezers and a little plastic doodad that lets you put your contact in without shoving your finger into your eyeball.

So my darlings, that is the travel bag for Thanksgiving 2019. It has some tried and true, some basic necessities and some things I am trying out.  It also has a few things that will probably not return with me for one reason or another. All in all, I am pretty happy with the mix. I hope all of you have safe travels and don’t find yourselves stranded anywhere due to weather. Just remember, family is family.  Sometimes they are delightful and sometimes they appropriate your stuff when you aren’t looking.  Pack accordingly and don’t set traps in the bathroom for thieves.  You know the dog will just set them off at three am and you will get the blame. Cause let’s face it, in my family if anyone is attempting to set a trap, it’s probably going to be me.  Let the holiday season begin.


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