Face Mask Friday: Korres Pomegranate Resurfacing Mask

Face Mask Friday: Korres

Earlier this week I finished the last of my Christmas shopping. And now as I arm myself with scissors, tape and wrapping paper, I wonder, what exactly is it about this festive season that turns otherwise ordinary people into such utter savages?


When I reached the end of my list, I took a second to do a double check before checking out at the last store to make sure nothing was forgotten.  I lifted the hand containing the list up so I could read it and got elbowed fiercely in the spine by someone seeking the product display behind me.

Now I understand the day before rush when you realize you inadvertently left someone off the list.  I also understand the last item remaining scenario.  But this was the first week of December and there was an entire wall of the item she grabbed.  In addition, I don’t think she actually noticed me.  She shoved, she snatched and she ran.

See. Savages.

Still, after checking my list and determining no one was forgotten, I decided to treat myself to a little something. One of my favorite little indulgences is my weekly face mask.  While there are sleep masks that can be done nightly and other such things during the week, my indulgence is the Friday Face Mask. 

That’s right.  I have made it through the week.  I have completed all of my workouts and met my deadlines and or endured unspeakable horrors the likes of which should never be discussed (depending on the week). And so on Fridays I like to take just a little bit of down time, apply a face mask and spend just a few minutes just to be. No planning, not plotting no scheming. Occasionally I re arrange scheduling, because I can’t help myself, but no e-mailing or texting. I like to put the mask on, put my headphones in and just take a few minutes to clear out my brain.

Then of course I wash it off and get back to work.

But those few minutes each week are mine.

Some weeks they are a reward, and some weeks they are a commiseration.

Other times they are a simple moment of sanity.

This week’s mask, picked up when my spine was still sore, was hard to put aside and wait for. I tried justifying its early use, but my will was strong and I waited. The mask is the Pomegranate AHAS & enzymes Resurfacing mask from Korres.  I chose it for two reasons, well three if you count soothing my annoyance at other shoppers. 

The first reason was that I recently finished a jar of the Pomegranate moisturizer from Korres and absolutely loved it.  It made me very eager to try another product from this line. The second is that it is a five minute mask rather than a twenty minute one.

While I still need my few minutes of mental clarity, I am still trying to settle my schedule from the time off for the Thanksgiving Vacation. I’m not as stressed as I am some weeks so I didn’t need the twenty minutes of mental silence, but there is a long list of things to check off before I can head into the weekend.

So five minutes plus rinse time worked for me.

First a little bit about this product.  It retails for $34 and  is designed for oily to combination skin.  It is meant to be worn for five minutes (less if you are sensitive, I am not, at least skin wise. I have been known to get teary at anything involving a dog going to extraordinary lengths to get home, but if you don’t at least get misty at that you are probably a monster. no judgement, I’m just pointing it out.) and then rinsed off. It has glycolic acid and pomegranate seeds. It is also formulated without all of the things you don’t want in your skin care and you can use it up to three times a week.

So to the bottle.  It is a squeeze tube and when the lid comes off the scent is surprisingly pomegranate-y scented. I know I shouldn’t be surprised that something labeled pomegranate actually smells like pomegranate, but honestly, I wasn’t really expecting that as the moisturizer had very little scent.

It is a pleasant scent and I really like it,  so that doesn’t bother me.  In fact it was a nice addition to the face mask especially since they don’t really add anything to create scent, it is just sort of what the product smells like naturally. The mask has a slightly gritty texture, but it is a very soft grit, if that makes sense.  It is not like the products with the more sandy textures or with the harder bits included for exfoliation, it is more that it is just not a smooth cream, it has bumps.

I’m pretty sure the bumps are the pomegranate seeds.

As per directions, I applied it to my face, rubbed it around gently and then let it sit for five minutes before rinsing it off.  I did notice that the bumpy bits softened as it sat so I really do think they are seeds.  After the initial application there was a moment where my skin warmed slightly, but that went away quickly and I sat through the full five minutes with it on before washing it off.

And yes I use the face mask as an excuse to make faces at the camera, just accept that I am wearing a mask and blowing kisses at the camera and enjoy the love.

For the most part the mask rinsed off well.  It didn’t harden into a shell that needed to be chipped off.  I had to do one extra splash to make sure all of the seed particles were gone, but there was no real residue left on the skin. In addition my skin felt silky smooth and well hydrated.  As it is designed for oily to combination skin and I am on the combination end of that spectrum, I was slightly worried about my skin feeling stripped, but that was not an issue. 

The product page on this mask claims that it is supposed to improve skin texture, tone and smoothness. I have to say it met all three of those claims.

I absolutely adore this mask. While I will still use other products on Fridays, because I like trying new things and its really no fun for anyone if I review the same mask every week, I will more than likely be using this at least once a week as I really enjoyed the mask and the way it made my skin feel. Of course now I need to look into the rest of the Pomegranate line and see what other products they have that I might like.  So far they are two for two. I’ll have to look into that and get back to you.

Whether you use a face mask or simply take a moment of silence between meetings, I hope that you manage to take a little time for yourself as well, and if you are looking for a face mask, this is definitely one I would recommend trying out. It has certainly earned a spot on my shelf. Have a good weekend and I’ll see you next week, with another mask to try out.

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