Youth to the People Superfood Air-whip Moisture Cream Review

The empty sample sized jar that lasted longer than I thought it would.

Surprisingly, this tiny little jar of the Superfood Air-whip Moisture Cream from Youth to the People lasted fifteen days, which gave me just a little more time to try it out than I needed for a two week trial. While I would like to pick up a full sized jar in the future, I did get enough use out of the trial size to get a good feel for the cream.

This cream came in a little glass jar that was packed full to the brim.  There was only a tiny little divot in the surface to show where the machine injected it into the jar.  As the jar was adorably Lilliputian, the fact that it was entirely full helped.

Since this was a trial sized version, we are going to start with extrapolation math.

Feeling somewhat silly as I didn’t expect the jar to last the full two weeks, I weighed it in when it arrived.  The glass jar came in at exactly 1 ounce and claimed to contain 0.25 ounces of product. I used the cream in both the morning and the evening and it lasted exactly fifteen days. While I don’t know the weight of the full sized jar, it does contain 2.0 ounces of product according to the website. So the full sized jar contains exactly eight times more product.  Simple math says 15 multiplied by eight gives you 0ne hundred and twenty. That means that in theory the full jar of cream should last seventeen weeks.

I put that number down with a bit of trepidation on my part.  Not because my math is wrong.  It is simple math and the numbers are accurate, but I suspect that when faced with the tiny jar, I might have unknowingly lessened the amount of product I used. Normally I put a small dab of cream on my hand, rub my hands together and then apply it to my face.  Given that there was such a small jar, I dipped my finger in, then dotted the cream on my face, then rubbed it in.  This may account for the length of time I am currently estimating the jar to last.  When faced with a larger jar, I may just through typical application, use more than when faced with the tiny jar.

I will also say that going by the product information 2.0 ounces is a little larger than most of the other creams I have used as well.  Most moisturizers tend to fall in the 1.7 ounce range.  Because of the fact that I cannot be entirely certain of the use I won’t break it down to a cost per day estimate, but I will mention the full sized jar retails for $48 on their website.

Speaking of their website, the product page has a rather straightforward claim for the product. It reads:

Get ready for some leafy green moisture with this lightweight, air-whipped moisture cream. All the antioxidant-packed superfoods you love combine forces with Hyaluronic Acid, creating a moisturizer that instantly restores, balances and conditions. Friendly for all skin types, best for combo/oily.

Hyaluronic Acid helps reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles retaining moisture to the skin, creating a plumping effect. There have been many studies on it and the Healthline website has some more information in the tested health benefits of it should you wish to read more.

I will say it is a light cream that feels airy to the touch.  It also smells rather vegetal.  As it has Kale + Spinach written on the jar, that really shouldn’t come as a surprise.  I am a little on the fence about the scent actually.  In the morning I rather like it.  It has a fresh wake-me-up sort of smell to it.  I am less thrilled by the scent at night.  I know that sounds rather petty but it is what it is and I think that if I were just using the cream rather than using it for review, I would only use the cream in the morning and switch to something else at night. The scent doesn’t linger, and that is only a personal preference.

I will say that it is a very nice cream.  The light texture lets it sink into the skin well and almost instantly so there is no delay with moving to your make-up.  This is not a cream you wait around for. It seems almost designed for someone in a morning rush.  This oddly makes me feel better about wanting to only use it in the morning actually.

It moisturizes well and clearly, you do not need to use a whole lot of the product to moisturize the face. I am all for using less product to do the work and thus extending the lift of the jar on my shelf.  While not my absolute favorite moisturizer, it is an excellent cream.  I would use it as a day cream rather than a night cream, but again that is just personal preference due to scent.  In the end, I liked it enough to make me want to buy a full sized jar to try out. Which means I suppose that the trial sized jar actually did what it was designed to do in the world of marketing. I suppose that means the tiny little jar has been vindicated and instead of Lilliputian I should say mini but mighty.

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