BoxyCharm Premium Review December 2019

The December 2019 Premium BoxyCharm

This month’s Boxy Charm Premium was an interesting one, at least for me.  First, for those who don’t know, the BoxyCharm Premium box is a $35 per month beauty subscription where six full sixed products are sent to you in the mail. With tax, at least for me it comes out to $38.41.  To get the box you have to already belong to Boxy charm, although if you chose once a member and getting the Premium box, you can cancel the regular one. I will also say that according to all of their information, if you do get both boxes, they try not to replicate any of the items.  That information became useful for me this month.

Okay so before getting into the products I will say, this month I got the Boxy Premium and the Boxyluxe boxes.  This is the second month that the premium box has been available. (incidentally I pay for both of my boxes in case you were wondering). I’m still trying to decide what to keep and what to let go, but for now I have both.  During the non luxe months I get the regular and the premium box. How long this will stay has yet to be determined.

I will also point out that I did get my Boxy luxe box in the mail on the same day as I got the Premium box. I just decided to review this one first. But it does mean I know what was in each box.

So the first thing I noticed when opening my Premium box this month was that there was no card explaining the products and listing their retail value.  After poking around, I figured this was an oversite as everyone else seemed to get cards with their boxes.  My Box just missed the inert.  Incidentally the theme of this month’s box was Whimsy.  I’m not entirely certain why this theme applies to the box.  I can see some semi-whimsical elements but as it is heavily skin care this month and the palette and highlighter are both red and gold I would go more with holiday themed, but perhaps there is a reason I don’t know.

despite the confetti look, it swatches gold

Speaking of highlighters, I received the Ciate London confetti highlighter in my Premium box.  I also received it in my Boxy Luxe box. That box did come with a card so I didn’t have to look up the retail value on their website.  The highlighter retails for $32. (with the exception of the highlighter all retail values come from the company websites for the products)

 I will say that I received my box on Tuesday and by Wednesday afternoon, I received an e-mail from Boxy charm stating that they realized they sent me a duplicate product and that they would be sending me a replacement as soon as possible.  They also instructed me to keep the extra highlighter rather than return it. 

I love that they caught the mistake so quickly and are moving to make up for it.  I suspect that the holiday season will slow things down considerably, but I look forward to seeing what product they send me as no mention was in the e-mail.  I suspect it will be the other option which I believe was the Ciate blush, but I could be mistaken.  I will keep you posted.

All in all I am pleased both with the product and their response. The highlighter swatches a general gold color which I find more suitable for my skin than many of the other varieties of highlighter and I look forward to using it for more than just my initial impressions trial.

the palette is great, my swatches, not so much.

The second item I unboxed was the Natasha Denona Cranberry Palette (retail $48) It is a five pan palette and so far I am thrilled with it.  The plastic packaging is sturdy and unlikely to break any time soon, the colors are highly pigmented, feel soft as butter and are all colors I will use.  My swatches are really poor.  They worked much better on the eye than the arm and when applied with a brush rather than a finger. There are two mattes and three shimmers.

 As I have often let reviews of palettes fall behind, I’m going to start adding a weekly palette review in addition to my regular reviews for a while to not only correct this but so that I can give each palette its moment in the sun, as it were. I figure using each palette as my primary one for a week solid will not only give me a good idea of the palette itself it will help me to use all of my palettes on a regular basis.  I will be using not only the newer palettes for my weekly palette but mixing in older ones as well and determining what remains in my drawer and what needs to move along. I don’t like keeping things I won’t use when I know someone else can use them. So I think this will help with that.

But that is a post for another time, so moving on we next come to another eye product, the Kat Von D cake Pencil (retail $19). It is a mechanical pencil.  It is soft and highly pigmented.  While I don’t use a lot of eyeliner (I have slightly hooded eyes so it takes some work to play with that I don’t always have time for or want to use as my looks with eyeliner often more dramatic looks then running errands or attending meetings requires) I have to say I really like this one.  It is creamy on the skin and either stays put or smokes out beautifully depending on the use of it. And unlike a lot of the pen style liners I won’t worry about it drying out for a while.

I love the little spoon that comes with the lip mask. only a tiny bit of product is needed for the lips.

Next we have the item I actually got to choose in this month’s box and I have to say, I couldn’t be happier.  I am thrilled to not only see this product but that it arrived now when I can use it the most. This is the Bite Agave Nighttime lip therapy  (retail $22). It is essentially an overnight mask for the lips and I love it. During visits to family in Canada I stocked up, mostly on the maple scented lip mask.  I am thrilled to see that is now available in the states.  It has also been a while since my last visit to the Great white North and I was out completely. And as my lips have been chapped lately, I am doubly happy to have one of the Bite masks here.

Oddly enough the last two products in my premium box this month are moisturizers.  While I look forward to using both products and am not complaining, I just find it odd that two moisturizers came in the same box. Usually they vary the products more.  I suspect that given the duplicate and the lack of information sheet, my box was packed in a bit of a hurry this month and somehow it didn’t register that there were two moisturizers. I will use both and report back so I am not complaining in any way, I just found it odd.

The first of these moisturizers is the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer (retail $39). I have been hit or miss with Glow recipe.  I couldn’t take the scent of the Pineapple serum (even though the product worked well and my Mom is currently loving it) but I really liked their Watermelon sleeping mask.  So I have my fingers crossed for this one.  Since it is in the watermelon category I am hoping I like it.  And honestly, their products have all worked well on my skin, but they are all so highly scented that the scent does become the reason I decide whether to use or pass. I will say that I love the glass bottle and the pump dispenser. They have me on packaging.  I will test the product to see if they have me there as well.

The second moisturizer was the Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Resurfacing DUO Moisturizer from Avant. This was interesting as not only was it an additional moisturizer but the packaging was different.  As you can see from the above photo, I received this product in a tube container rather than a jar.  On line I could only find this exact product in a jar.  The product amount was the same.  Both the jar on line and my tube contain 1.69 ounces of product. As it is a British brand I suspect the packaging change was an effort designed to make it lighter to ship. While the retail price is given in pounds, seventy to be exact (on sale from 100 actually at the time of this writing) a quick conversion gives it a retail value of $92.23 (for the sale price $131.76 if you go pre sale for my calculations at the end I will use the 92 for the final total. If interested in my conversions, I used THIS website). I have not yet opened the tube but it is in my line up of products to try and it will have its trial time. I just didn’t want to open it too early, exposing it to air and possibly skewing my trial. So I will have to report back on this product as well.

Over all it was an odd little box.  All of the products are ones I like and will use.  I am happy with all of them and my chance to try them, so I have no real complaints.  My only one would have been the duplicate product, but Boxycharm is working to correct that and as they moved so quickly I can’t actually complain.  There is just a general air of the box having been hurriedly assembled and some of the details getting lost (no card, repeat product, two moisturizers).  I’m hoping that they are just getting a handle on their new expansion rather than letting things slip.  Time I suppose will tell.

In the end my $35 ($38 with tax) box had $252 worth of product inside.  All of them are things I will use and all of them I was happy to see.  So despite its oddness, I am very pleased with this month’s subscription box, trying out the products in more depth and letting you know what I think of each.

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