Face Mask Friday: Bare Minerals Claymates Be Dewy

The very pretty jar with two face masks inside

Welcome to the Friday Face Mask.  Today I went with the Bare Minerals Claymates Be Pure and Be Dewy Mask Duo (retail $35).  Well technically, I went with the Be Dewy side today and will use the Be Pure on some other occasion.

To be honest, when I picked this up, I wasn’t entirely sure which side I was going to try first.  I suspected it would be the Be Pure though as I am always looking to clean out my pores and remove environmental nasties, but I surprised myself and went with the Be Dewy side.  I think it might be because today is a dreary blah sort of day with rain clouds looming and the temperatures hovering just high enough to ensure that the water falling from the sky will remain rain mixed with a little ice instead of actually being snow. It is not the most inspiring weather, but it did make the rosy pink of the Be Dewy mask look much more appealing.

So while the Bare Minerals site product page has a description of both and recommends usages for both sides so you can customize your mask to your skin, the Be Dewy side claims to…

Help hydrate, calm and reduce the appearance of redness with Be Dewy, a pink clay mask infused with acai berry and black currant extracts. Apply to areas that need a little more hydration, such as the cheeks and jawline. Skin is left feeling and looking smoother and more radiant.

It is supposed to hydrate the skin, reduce redness, smooth skin and make you feel more fresh and radiant.

I could use all of that, especially on a day like today. So now that I have picked a side and know what I am supposed to expect, it is time for my application and twenty minutes of relaxation time.

My first thoughts on this product have to be that the packaging is pretty enough to display on my dressing table.  It is a frosted glass jar with one side white and one pink. The plastic lid has a rose gold insert and it just looks fancy sitting on my dressing table. When opening the jar, I have to say that the dividing lid feels sturdy too.  Not only is it a solid piece of plastic, but the line in the center is a indented to fit snugly on the divide between the two products and keeps them completely separate.

In addition to being a very lovely and substantial jar, the plastic divide between the products is a hefty one and not flimsy.

I also like that it comes with a little plastic spatula so I don’t have to dig my fingers into the bulk of the product.

The mask has an oddly playdoh type scent to it which I find a little strange. It feels like cool clay as it is applied to the skin, which from the name of the product I did expect.  As the texture was what I was expecting, I felt better about the mask and lay back to enjoy my twenty minutes of head clearing time. I tried starting without my headphones in but for some reason I can not explain I had Elton John’s Crocodile Rock stuck in my head. I don’t recall hearing the song anytime in the past few months let alone in the last week, yet somehow my brain coughed it up and looped it. 

So I put on the headphones for the remainder of my mask time.

So much for silent contemplation.

During my masking time there was no tingling or warmth or anything.  It just sat on my skin and the goodness was absorbed. Personally I always like a little tingling so that I know it’s doing something, but that is just my brain. I’m sure it works without the tingling.

When my twenty minutes ended I returned to the bathroom to wash my face.  As is customary with clay based masks, it dried into a hard shell. I was of course the candy center.  While I normally don’t use a brush on my face because I find the bristles too harsh, I do keep a soft bristled one around solely to loosen up masks.  I run it under hot water and then lightly trace it over the mask until it softens up enough for me to rinse off without a lot of harsh scrubbing.

I will say that once I was free of my not quite candy shell, my skin felt very soft and hydrated. I had a small red spot that might possibly have looked a little less red, but not really. As it came from yesterday’s windburn I can say that it felt a little less raw, if not any less red. It was soothed rather than irritated by the mak which was a good thing.

And I will say that I did have a bit of a dewy sheen to my skin that didn’t look like out of control oil. That is always my fear when faced with anything claiming dewiness, that it will just look greasy and oily.  This did not and I was pleased with it.  I still find the playdoh scent a little odd, but I did like the mask and will use it again.  I am now looking forward to trying the Be Pure side sometime in the future.  Hopefully it will be just as good and with luck I can keep from losing the little plastic spatula that came with the jar.

Although I am not really counting on that.

So refreshed and relaxed, I am going in to finish the rest of my day so I can check off the remaining tasks on my list and enjoy the weekend. I hope you have a great one as well.

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