Weekly Weight: 207.6 lbs

December 13, 2019

Happy Friday the 13th everyone. Its gonna be a good day, I can tell.

I can not tell you how good it was this morning to see the numbers on the scale go back down. I knew I was going to gain weight over Thanksgiving and I accepted it, but acceptance and joy are not the same things.

when I made the decision to not go bonkers at the gym trying to get the weight off as fast as possible, I was happy with my decision. Even though I continued on my regular plan I found myself second guessing myself.

My plan was not helped by the others in the gym this week.

They made me second guess and doubt myself. I also felt a little guilty for not going as hard as they did but continuing on my set course.

I suppose that means I didn’t give into peer pressure.

Go me.

Not only is everyone and their uncle trying to take off thanksgiving weight (either real or perceived) the early holiday parties started this week and has everyone in a tizzy. canapes are dancing before their eyes and most of the others at the gym looked terrified.

I actually went to a party this week for a friend who is going to be traveling and wanted to have people over but not have a lot of leftovers and clean up just before she left town. Which is completely understandable.

Oddly enough, I don’t have the weight fear from holiday parties that I did for thanksgiving. Most of those parties hosted by those in my circle tend to be a sort of cocktail party (even though a couple serve no alcohol, they have the same format of beverage, dips, cheese plates and things on crackers.)

At these events I usually end up with one drink (regardless of its alcoholic content). One of my friends serves this non-alcoholic concoction that probably contains enough calories to see a bear through winter hibernation. Another serves a traditional posset towards the end of the evening. Now I like red wine, but her posset is on a whole other level. It is red wine lifted to the heavens and blessed by whatever angels guard the gates of deep and peaceful sleep.

I should also point out that I know a lot of historians, including myself, and in both food and drink we all tend to have at least one thing we clubbed from our studies and made a part of our gatherings along with more regular fare. You tend to hear a lot of ‘I came across a mention of this in a fifteenth century account of a feast and is sounded so delicious I had to try to make it for myself.’

I’ll admit, I have several medieval cookery books in my possession.

These sorts of things have varying degrees of success.

Some should never be mentioned again.

Others should have their own personal holiday so word can spread of their wonder and everyone can know of their delight.

Like traditional posset.

I seem to have gotten off track again.

Ah, I remember, I don’t worry overly much about the consumption at these gatherings because I tend to sip one drink, nibble at a few of my favorites (or someone’s current test concoction) and do a whole lot of talking. then the next day I add a little more time to my walking. Even when i wasn’t dieting, this plan always seemed to work out.

Christmas itself doesn’t scare me either. Not the way Thanksgiving does. I think that is because all of our traditional, super high caloric foods are offered at Thanksgiving.

At Christmas, if we can find someone carrying them, we get a goose and serve it with mostly vegetables and oddly enough not prepared in such a way as to be too unhealthy. If we can’t get a goose, we tend to make lasagna. It is served with a green salad and a boat load of wine and we tend to make it a two-three hour meal, extending it until it is time for coffee and desert.

So now that I am through Thanksgiving, I feel I am on a pretty good path. I am back to my slow and steady. The trick is managing the guilt inspired by all of those around me going into complete training mode as though they will soon be required to participate in the Iron Man (or woman) competition. Or pull the Holiday Express train into the station by hand because of an engine malfunction and delay with Santa’s sleigh.

I always liked watching those train pulling events on television when they came up.

Not that they were on a mission to help Santa.

Santa is fine.

Just set out the milk and cookies.

Add some carrots for the reindeer as well.

Santa’s fine.

And don’t go telling anyone I said differently.

Okay, before I am accused of being the mean industrialist or whoever the current bad guy in the latest Hallmark Channel christmas movies, lets get to the stats.

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Weight last week: 209.8 lbs

Weight this week: 207.6 lbs

Weight lost this week: 2.2 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 38.4 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 84.6 lbs

I have been tip-toeing up to that 40 lbs loss for a really long time it seems. each time I get close, I get knocked back. I have every confidence that soon, soon (and yes I am holding a shaking fist to the sky) I will reach it and then, oh then my darlings, I will be moving to the place where my weight starts with a one instead of a two. Oh yes, I will get there.

But first I have to get past that forty pound blockade.

Which I will.

Slow and steady.

And at the end I’m making a big cauldron of mock turtle soup.

Because turtles are endangered and shouldn’t be eaten.

Plus I have a great recipe from my time living in Louisiana.

And great recipes should not languish gathering dust.

I know that’s not the moral of the story, but it will make me feel better.

There will probably be turtle stickers on the bowl. Or just a turtle bowl if I can find one. I have time to look, so i just might.

I hope everyone has a great day and I will post again later today with my Friday Face Mask. And hopefully fewer turtle soup themed thoughts. Have a good one.

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