The Palette of the Week: Natasha Denona Cranberry Palette

The Cranberry Palette

Like a lot of people, I find my eyeshadow collection growing whenever I turn my back on it. I tend to get palettes in subscription boxes, or pick them up on a whim because they are on sale. And then I find myself using only one palette repeatedly while the others remain in the drawer.

In response to this, I have decided to pick one palette per week and focus on using it. Not only will I try using it every day to see how I like the formula, but I will also be testing it to see if it deserves to stay in my drawer of palettes, or if it needs to be moved along to a new home. This way I get to keep what I really like, and what I will use.

Having decided this, I was somewhat nervous about starting with the five pan Natasha Denona Cranberry Palette. It came in my Boxy Charm Premium Subscription this month and has a retail value of $48. Personally I think that is a bit expensive for five pans of shadow, but as the larger palettes go for much more I think everything sold through the brand is rather pricey. Oddly enough I wasn’t nervous about the expense of the palette, but about the five pans. I wasn’t certain if I would get bored using just five pans for the week.

But I made my plan and I was going to stick to it.

So I used the palette all last week.

First, the packaging.

Even though it is all plastic, the plastic is substantial and not likely to crack. It is thick plastic, and I found that I really liked seeing the five pans. With the shadows themselves, there is a little fall out, but not all that much. There was a bit more kick up on the mattes, the dark cranberry especially, but it was only when I dipped into the pan, not during application. I could actually do my face makeup before applying shadows without worrying about having to redo everything because it was coated in color. while the colors are highly pigmented, they blend out well and the blending really allows for a broader shade range than I expected.

There are two mattes and three shimmers and the colors were really well chosen. For different looks I found I could layer the mattes, blending them together and then accent them with one or more of the shimmers. One of the shimmers is really pink, one is golden and the other is a more silvery hue, so there was quite a bit of variation. While I didn’t use the lighter matte shade on its own, because it was just too bright pink for me, I did use the darker cranberry without the pink. I found that because of it’s blending capabilities, I could go bold with dark color or just dab a little and blend it out, accenting it with one of the shimmers for an easy everyday look.

Because of the choices made with the shimmers, I found myself very easily adjusting the looks to suit the day and above all, I was not bored with the color story by the end of the week. I really enjoyed using the palette, it passed my week of use test and it will definitely maintain a place in my drawer. At the moment (and due to the name cranberry) it feels like a holiday palette, however I can see it also working well for the spring. Maybe the seasons will have turned when it next comes up in the rotation and I will use it then and find out.

This week I will be trying the Fairy Tales Palette Little Briar Rose by Storybook Cosmetics, with a report back next Monday.

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