IPSY Ultimate Review December 2019

This month’s IPSY Ultimate was chock a block full of things I liked.

This month I was very pleased by my IPSY Ultimate Glam Bag. For those who don’t know it is a $50 per month beauty subscription where you are supposed to receive eight full sized products and four deluxe samples with a value totaling at least $250.  While IPSY has been around for a while, this is the third month for this particular level of their service and I think they are finally working out some of the issues.  The first month was, to be honest, not good.  The second was much better and this was really good. It gives me high hopes for January and beyond.

So first off with each box you get a makeup bag.  This month was a nicely festive silver bag that, while celebrational, did not scream Christmas so it can be used more than one month out of the year, which I like. I also like that they are varying the styles of the bag. While the first month doesn’t really bear mentioning, last month was in a train case style and this one was more of just what I think of as a standard makeup bag style.  (kind of oblong and almost looking like a shaving kit bag). I like the variation as it means I have different style bags to choose from when using them.

One big change this month was that the pamphlet that came with the products actually had the retail values listed.  They did not do this in the two month’s prior and it was somewhat annoying. I really like knowing the value, but more importantly it was sometimes difficult to tell what they were considering a deluxe sample and what they were considering full sized. This clearly has it written down. 

Oddly enough my pamphlet only lists two products as deluxe samples rather than full sized.  Neither has values listed so I won’t count them towards the value of the bag. Each of them is easily spotted as well.  The first was the Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleansing balm in the Original formula. As I double cleanse at night and haven’t tried this formula before, I am very interested in trying it out.  The next deluxe sample is the Pixi Beauty Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Mineral Bronze. I’ve tried Pixi shadows in the past and while I like their skin care, I was not terribly impressed by their shadows.  They tend to be powdery and don’t stay in place for very long in my experience.  I love the colors though so fingers crossed this doesn’t do the same. I am glad though it is a sample sized and not one of the full sized products.

The first full sized item was a Liquid Lipstick in the shade Candy Bar by Fluide (retail $16).  It is a nice brownish neutral and it seems to dry down pretty well at least on the hand.  I haven’t worn it out yet so it will be interesting to see how it wears.

a good everyday sort of shade

This box also included an Illamasqua Liquid eyeliner. (retail $22).  As I have several of these, I didn’t open it.  I know it works well and eventually I will either get around to using it or passing it on to someone else who will use it. Because I have used it before I know it is a great formula.

There was a nail polish from Color Club this month (retail $8.50) in the shade Rocky Mountain High.  I’ve used the brand before and it is a good one, but have several shades of nail polish in exactly this shade so I am passing it on so it doesn’t just dry up in the nail polish drawer.

Also included this month was the Space Case Cosmetics Seen from Space Highlighter in 1-E (value $9).  While I like space case and I think this is a great highlighter, it was a little odd to receive it as this month’s box also included a Morphe Palette (8L Lo-Fi Sculpt & Shimmer retail $25) which in addition to bronzers and contours includes a set of four highlighters. It seems an odd choice to include a highlighter with a palette that includes highlighters.  I will play around with both. While I have used Space Case before I have never tried out Morphe products. I always see the display in Ulta, but never picked anything up. So it will be interesting to try.

The Morphe Palette

I’m guessing the palette inspired the inclusion of the Complex Culture Contour and Blush Brush (retail $35). While it claims to be a multi tasker brush and does have soft bristles, I am not entirely certain about the flattened shape.  I will have to work with it, but it really does seem that it is designed solely for contouring.

This bag was very makeup heavy this month and as a transition product between makeup and skin care I received the Too Faced Gingerbread Sugar Kissable Body Shimmer (retail $32). I really like this product.  It is a nice bronzy sort of shimmer that smells fabulous and actually tastes pretty good. I really like that it is kind of a holiday product.  It is perfect for this time of year and fun to use.

I love the scent and the fluffy fluffy powder puff

Moving into skin care, I received three skin related products in my box this month.  The first is a set of four Brilliant Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Masks from Feel Beauty. (retail $35).  While the retail value does seem a little high for sheet masks, I have tried a couple of products from Feel before and absolutely loved them.  So I am looking forward to trying out the sheet masks.  Also I am sort of torn with sheet masks.  While I do like them, because let’s face it I just plain love all sorts of face masks, I don’t like all the waste of sheet masks.  So I’ve stopped buying them. I think I have one left in my collection that I might have bought, the rest come from subscription boxes. So since I like them and don’t buy them they are sort of a guilty treat when they come in subscription boxes.

In addition to the masks I also received one of my favorite products and that is an exfoliator the Skin &Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Gommage (retail $28) to be specific.  It smells nice in the bottle and I am almost finished with my one open exfoliator so I will soon try this out. The scent makes me very much want to use it.

This brings us to the final product in this month’s IPSY Ultimate Glam Bag and that is the 111 Skin Cryo Activating Hydra Gel (retail $200). I started using it when it came in as I was finished with my current moisturizer and while I will do a full review after I’ve used it for at least two weeks, I have one problem with it.  The jar was only half full when it arrived.  It was sealed and there was no spillage.  It was clear that when it was packaged it was only filled about half way. To be honest even if I adore the cream, I don’t know if I would buy it because it was only half full.  I would not trust the company to send out a full bottle and if I actually paid $200 for a face cream and it came half empty I would be very angry. Thus far in using it I do actually like the cream, but that half empty jar…

low level of the cream in the jar when opening it.

But packaging issues aside, I am very pleased with my IPSY Ultimate Glam Bag for December. What started off as a Rocky subscription level seems to be getting better each month and while I am looking forward to using all of this month’s products I find myself eagerly anticipating seeing what they come up with to ring in the new year. As for the $250 value of the box, this month the total value came to $410.50. Even if the $200 face cream was only half full that would at best knock off $100 and it would still have a greater value than advertised.  And as I said, I can’t wait to see what they do in the new year.


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