Face Mask Friday: Draw it All Out

Tis the season for rich foods, sugary treats and more salt than I’ve had in a while. And my skin shows it. While I managed not to pack on the pounds this holiday season, my skin feels in need of a good detox and this sounded like just the thing.  In general I am not a huge fan of peel off masks because of the way they pull my skin, however I have used the Formula 10.0.6 Draw it all Out Skin Detoxing Peel Mask with Charcoal and Plum before and I have found that if I apply a heavier than usual layer to my skin it makes peeling it off a less painful exercise. The trick is that it takes longer to dry than the recommended time listed on the tube so the face mask time is extended past the twenty minute mark.

Luckily it is the calm between.  That’s right, Christmas is over and New Year’s eve is still a few days away. That makes this the sit and breath moment.  Perfect for an extended mask and foot soak. In the past few weeks I have neglected my feet. My poor feet.  They spend so much of their time helping me out, I feel they need something special too.

So while I am masking, I decided to soak my feet in my little foot bath with warm jets of water spurting over them and my favorite foot soak sinking in through the skin.  Then once dry rub them down with lotion and possibly give myself a pedicure.

At least that was the plan.

And it mostly worked.

During the foot pampering process, my tar like mask hardened into something that looked like shiny rubber and I peeled it off.  Technically, it dried about the time I was ready to remove my feet from the foot soak and dry them off. Unfortunately this was also the time I realized I forgot to grab a towel.  Luckily my darling dearest came to my assistance and after laughing at my mask and asking me if I was planning to either become a super villain or just start a new career as some sort of masked wrestler, he provided me a towel.  Then he went off to compose a list of names for me to choose from, should I choose professional villainy or wrestling. There seems to be a bit of a cross over.

You know for the villainous wrestler.

I suppose it should bother me that I was automatically the villain instead of some sort of masked avenger, but I suppose we all have our lanes. And when asked, my baby doll was willing to be my sidekick, so that is something. When I asked, his one question was, ‘Do I have to wear spandex?’ Once assured he did not, he was in.  You know, should I ever go on a villainous spree.

Not that I’m planning it, but it is good to know.

A few things to keep in mind about this mask;  apply extra so it doesn’t pull too badly when you peel it off, give it extra time to dry and let it dry all the way before attempting to peel. Seriously, it is just a mess if you try to take it off before it is completely dry. I apply the mask with my hands and had to scrub them to get them clean after applying ad the mask really is like tar when it is wet.  If you have a brush or spatula that you use to apply masks, this is the time to use it. When washing your hands, I highly recommend going ahead and cleaning the sink as well to make sure nothing else is stuck to it.  It is much easier than after it dries.

when wet it has a very tar like consistency.

The end result is that my skin was smooth and felt very much cleaned out.  While I don’t use this mask very often, when I have had a few too many indulgences and my skin is paying the price for my sudden switch in diet, this is a really good mask to have on hand. I use it a couple of times a year. In fact, one tube lasts me a year, which is good because according to the packaging it only lasts a year. While it will never make it into my weekly rotation, with a retail price of $6.99 it is a great post holiday reset mask for my skin and well worth keeping in the drawer.

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