111 Skin Cryo Gel Review

Does it live up to it’s interesting concept?

The description of the 111 Skin Cryo Activating Hydra Gel was delightfully intriguing it reads:

The Cryo Activating Hydra Gel is a highly active, waterless gel that works to retexture, plump, protect and balance skin. Instead of water, the base of this product is a soothing combination of Lotus Root and Aloe Vera. The powerful formula works to calm down irritated skin while refining surface texture. Energising ingredients refresh lacklustre skin and energises the complexion for a glowing complexion. This product makes a great base for makeup, and is ideal for those who seek a smooth, flawless finish to their skin.

Fascinating no?  Growing up my mom always kept an aloe plant on hand and bits of it were snapped off to rub onto skin to soothe burns, whether they were gained from touching something too hot in the kitchen or too much time in the sun. So I have to say the thought of aloe in general is a nostalgic one.  The Cryo-Activating bit?  Yeah, that just tweaks my science fiction loving core.

So I decided that despite several other moisturizers in line to try out, this could jump the line a bit and go first. Curiosity and all that.  Normally, I weigh in the jar of cream before I start to use any of it. This time I was curious about what cryogenic-cream looked and smelled like so and if it would in any way resemble the aloe from my childhood or look completely different. So I took a peep first. I unscrewed the lid and looked inside.  Surprisingly, the jar was only a little over half full.

The jar was not as full as it should have been when it arrived

This was surprising and a little disheartening at the same time.  I can say that I weighed the jar before using the cream and it came in at 6.7 ounces.  I can also say that after using the cream for two weeks, I reweighed the jar and found it weighed 6.4 ounces. So in two week’s time I used 0.3 ounces of product. The jar lists the amount of product contained within as 1.52 ounces, which means in theory the jar should hold enough moisturizer to last about ten weeks.

Since the jar wasn’t full, I am not entirely sure how much product was inside therefore my math isn’t terribly helpful.  As it is a substantial jar made of heavy glass, a good portion of the weight is jar and not cream.  I will say there is still a lot of cream left.  I however won’t be able to figure out how much cream there actually was in the jar to begin with and how much was just the jar weight until I use up the entire jar of moisturizer and back track through the numbers.

I know that sounds a little strange but as the jar of cream in question retails for $200, figuring out the amount of moisturizer and how long it will actually last me is somewhat of import. Not being able to do so in this instance is something I find especially annoying.  It is not simply that this is an expensive product, it is frustrating because I really liked this moisturizer. 

The cream itself has very little scent and what it does have is vaguely reminiscent of aloe.  It has a fairly normal cream like consistency despite its futuristic cryo and aloe base claims. Perhaps the cryo part turned the aloe part into a standard cream consistency. I would have thought the consistency would me more gel like because of the aloe base. It was not.

The texture was a slight let down, but once applied to the skin it absorbs well and doesn’t leave the skin greasy.  My skin felt soft and hydrated.  I was able to use this cream as both a day and night cream, although I did apply extra when using it at night than I did in the day.  While it is a very good moisturizer, it is not my absolute favorite and with that $200 price tag, it would need to be in my absolute top tier of products if I was going to order it. Product wise, it didn’t make the cut.

Beyond the product, there is the fact of the half full jar to consider as well. While I received this jar as part of my IPSY subscription, had I paid $200 for the jar and had the jar arrive half full, I would have been very irate, regardless of how well the cream worked.  Actually I would be even more upset if I liked it and was shorted a supply than if I would be if hadn’t liked it. 

Because it came in a subscription box and I did not pay the $200, I am frustrated but not as angry. It does make me incredibly leery of actually ordering anything from this company though. I believe that before I would even be able to consider a purchase of this cream or any other product from this brand, I would need to research their reviews and find out if such mishaps are standard or if this was a one off. In the end my final review must be that using the moisturizer was a positive experience even the science fiction name and aloe base produced something very ordinary, however given there are less expensive products I actually like better and the lack of trust I have due to the half full jar, I have to say that this will not be a product I add to me must haves list.

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